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Nailtiques Protein Formula 2

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5 Sophia
This product is incredible. After 1/2 weeks you notice a massive difference. My nails are so weak they bend but from using Nailtiques they are now rock solid and super long and healthy. Also works fantasically as a base coat once you stop using it as a treatment, and helps keep polish on for longer. Reccomended to all friends and family and they have all gone crazy for it.Definetly purchase
3 Miss Yvonne Walker
Brilliant, my nails look lovely and strong and healthy looking.
5 Kathy
Have been using this product for 4 weeks now and can't believe the improvement. They are actually growing and looking much healthier and stronger. Will definately be buying more. Worth every penny. Highly recommend.
5 Lisa Hicks
Brilliant stuff. Noticed a difference after a week.
5 Willow
Having had thin peeling nails for as long as I can remember, and covering them for years with acrylic/gel, I finally decided to give them a break and a chance to breathe. They were a complete state for a few weeks until I came across this game changing product. I know it has lots of positive reviews, and that to me, sounded like it could be too good to be true. It arrived quickly and after 2 weeks application my nails look incredible! Definitely worth the money- it dries so quickly and to be honest I can't believe the way it has transformed my nails!
5 Sheila Rogers
I have been using nailtiques now for over 4 years, after suffering split and chipped nails, you can see improvement within 2 weeks it does exactly what it says, I recommend it all the time when people comment, and a bottle goes a long way too.
5 Indie
My nails were awful: dry, weak, peeling and very very short. I was so ashamed, I was always hiding them. I have tried a lot of products and nothing helped. This is a miracle. After two weeks I can see a progress very clearly. They got a healthy nail form and even grow few milimeters! It's the first time I can look at my nails without shame. I am very happy that I found this product and thank you for your reviews and posibility to deliver it to my small country!
5 Dotty
I have been biting my nails, badly, since I was a child. I am now 49! They were terrible, like thin tracing paper, ripped constantly when trying to grow and a real mess so I always just gave up. Tried everything possible and every conceivable product on the market (it feels like). Tried this and can't believe it actually works. My nails are now growing and really strong. Don't expect overnight results - give it a couple of weeks and you will definitely see the difference. My only criticism, like other customers, is that the last 8th of the fluid becomes rather gloopy as it has been exposed to air. Therefore I would recommend getting the smaller bottles and when you come to the end, pour the last drops into little container, bit at a time, so you can still use. Would this stop me buying it? Absolutely not. It really does work.
5 Margaret burford
Amazing difference in such a short time. Would highly recommend it .
5 Sandra Bell
This is also a wonderful product and repairs weak ,bitten nails
5 Denise Anders
My nails were in a dreadful state after over 30 years of acrylic nails. I have NEVER been able to grow my nails. Used 2plus to start with then continued with 2. My nails are amazing. They are strong, they look good too. I'm so impressed with this product. I have recommended it to family and friends and will be buying it for my daughters Xmas stocking.
5 Michelle Jones
This is The best nail product I have ever used. I started for a couple of weeks do formula 2+ as I had taken off gel extensions my nails were paper thin and totally wrecked. Then after my nails were healthy again I'm now on this maintenance formula 2. It is fab. I have never in my life had consistently fab nails with length for over 6months where I have to file them down. These products have totally transformed my nails.
5 Jo Hawkins
My nails were a right mess, years of having acrylic extensions, biting and generally abusing my nails had taken its toll. For the first time ever my NATURAL nails look AMAZING strong, smooth & healthy all because of formula 2. I've been using daily for two weeks and the results are 2nd to none. This product is a true find and I for one will be using it for a long time to come.
5 Maggie
OK - just about to order two more - another for a friend. I can't believe this product and how it works...was recommended to me too...and tg it nails look fab after years and I mean years of hiding my fingers from view....they are beautifully painted now and commented on regular, in fact people think they are gels.....Oh no guys - all my very own thanks to Nailtiques 2...brill xxx
5 Sophia
OMG, this product has change my life in terms of my nails. I've always wanted long, strong, beautiful nails and have been trying to grow them forever... But once I've found this product, my nails have never been longer. Seriously- buy this product, try it out and follow it consistently as instructed and I guarantee your nails will change dramatically. Life changer.
1 Sandra Thomas
Very dissaponted,have been using for 3 weeks an nails are still breaking and peeling,waste of money!
5 Rose
I always had weak nails. Always peeling and breaking. Then I got gel polish done on them and after it was removed my nails were even worse than before. Then I started using the nailtiques formula 2 plus. My nails are unreal now. It took about 2 weeks using once a day but can't speak highly enough of this product. I recommend it to all my friends.
5 Rita
My nails were thin and kept peeling even after treating them with nail strengthener so I wanted to finally find the solution. After only a few day using Formula 2, my nails are strong, healthy and thick. I just love to look at them :)
This is the best product I have ever used on my nails .Strongly advise you to give it a try. A product I would never be without. Also excellent service from BeautyBay.
5 Stacey
Amazing product highly recommend ! Only been using this 1 week and my nails are really strong.
5 Kim
WOW - I have been using Formula 2 for a little while now and never thought that my nails could look so good. People actually comment on them, thinking that they are false when painted. I have recommended to loads of people. I don't normally bother leaving comments/reviews but hey everyone is quick to criticise right so why not give credit where it is due. I'd be amazed if this product didn't work for someone!
5 Chelsie
Wow!! I have never wrote a review on anything before but I feel like I have to with this product..I love it! My nails were so short, soft and kept peeling (very unappealing) I have tried everything to help, and nothing seem to worked. I got this product and it was the best thing I've ever bought. I have only been using for a week but already my results are FANTASTIC. My nails haven't peeled once and they have became a lot stronger even from 1st application!!!!!! They have also grown. I already have quite nice looking nails after just a week of using, and I can't wait until they finally fully grown!! 10/10 I recommend this to everyone
5 B.
Fantastic product. As a nurse I'm constantly washing my hands and using hand gel which really damages nails, as a result my nails have disintegrated over the years becoming very soft and flakey with layers splitting halfway to my cuticles. I'd been using shellac and acrylic nails intermittantly also making it worse. I've already noticed a huge improvement in my nail condition from the first bottle, only 4 nails are still splitting but they not longer reach back more than 2mm so are growing out. My nails are stronger and look very healthy. I'd tried other products before that just didn't work but this really does, follow the instructions and the results are amazing! Note to other nurses etc - alchol hand rub removes the formula so its best to just use soap and water. The laquer does rub off the tips of my nails by the end of a shift but my nail stays intact beneath so I just apply a new layer over the top.
5 Yvonne
Brilliant product. I've been using it for two years now and regularly get complimented on my nails. After having good nails all my life they suddenly became flaky and started peeling. A friend recommended this product and I've never looked back, they were restored to their previous good condition very quickly.
5 audrey
I started off with formula 2 plus.... my nails were that bad. Years of spending thousands on false nails just made my own ones dreadful. I persevered and 3 months my nails are beautiful. 12 months using this superb product I'm on formula 2! It was money well spent. I now can do my own nails in fantastic designs... heaven
5 Dafni
amazing product!!i have been using this product for weeks and i have noticed a huge difference!!my nails no longer break!!i finally found THE product that does miracles to my nails after spending so much money.although it's pricey i would still get it!!i would really recommend it!!p.s. i have no gain by leaving this review but i always look at reviews before buying anything and it helps me a lot!hope this was helpful !!:)
5 Janice Wilson
A superb product. It really does work. Noticed a remarkable improvement with first bottle.
5 Pam
First time in well over 10 years, I actually had my nails admired ! They had been peeling, soft and I couldn't grow them. Recommended by a friend, I bought formula 2 and have had fantastic results ! Tried many products before, but this is the only one that has worked.
5 Linn
My nails have been horrible for years - split ends and very weak. Bought this one and for the first time in years I have long and strong nails - highly recommendable!!! Used it every day at first, now its more every second day. My nails don't split into several layers anymore - they are strong and healthy and I love it! Just bought a new jar - the big one this time!!
5 Justyna
Fantastic as a nail hardner, conditioner, top coat as well as base coat and what is very important for me nailtiques formula 2 stops my nail polishes to chip!!! Amazing product!
5 Rosie
This is brilliant stuff!! I've been using it for over a year & now my nails even get admired for the 1st time in my life! And I'm quite old! I'm pretty sure they improved even after 1week. My nails were weak, peeling, splitting, horrible, stumpy, ugly things until I tried this. I used it for a while exactly as per instructions, now I use it as a base top coat my nails are long strong. I'm pretty sure they improved even after 1week. I would recommend it to anyone, it's just marvellous. I wouldn't be without it.
5 Sara
Love this stuff. My nails feel so much stronger when using this. Amazing!
5 Patricia Kirycos
Has improved the strength and appearance of my nails immensely. However don't expect fast results. It does take at least a couple of months + regular usage - I used about 2 bottles - before the best results. Hopefully it will continue!!
5 Lisa
I have fought all my life to have strong nails and finally have found something which works. I use it as a base and top coat and cannot recommend it highly enough. My nails have even survived the gardening. A must for all weak and split nails.
5 Janet Farrell
4 Jean Rowbotham
Would have been excellent but I had an email to say the item had been despatched 3 or 4 days before it was actually despatched. I have already filled in a survey for you a week or so ago.
4 Cecilia Ives
5 Janet Almond
I have high hopes for Nailtiques 2.My nails have been awful for over a year and I have tried numerous products. So far, my poor peeling nails look much better. I have been putting a new coat on each day, it drys really quickly, which is a bonus. It is too early to tell if my nail quality will improve, but I am pleased that in the interim period they look so much better.
5 Sybil O'neill
I find this product improves my nails and makes them stronger
5 Maria Ines
This product best on the market to restore nails. I have recommended to many people with complete success
5 Rita Hamer
5 Sally Cummins
nails have never been so good since I started using formula 2
5 Matt Naylor
5 Christine Knox
2 Olive Condon
Still no improvement in my nails
5 Customer
Perfect - fast delivery
5 Lorraine Howells
Brilliant product. My nails were 100% better after just one week. I would recommend.
5 Beverley Humphrys
5 Elizabeth Yates
It's the best nail formula I've tried. It does exactly what it says on the tin!! <br/> <br/>Many thanks
5 Anna Piechocka
5 Samantha
I've used this for a couple of weeks now and not had a single chipped or broken nail!!! It applies really smoothly and dries to a pretty glossy finish. Well worth the money and I can now, at last (!!!), stop looking for my perfect nail strengthener! Highly recommended!
5 Alexa Davis
efficient service
5 Karen Farr
For year I used to have weak, bendy, flaky (double) nails. I had to keep them short as they just broke with any length to them. Bright nail varnish just looked awful on my nails - I longed to have long elegant nails I could file and shape. I had tried various 'remedies' to strengthen my nails over the years - including eating a cube of jelly a day!! Then someone recommended Nailtiques. I bought a bottle with no real expectations. After a month of using Nailtiques my nails were visibily stronger and starting to grow! I have been using Nailtiques now for 3 years. I use it as a strengthener but also as a base coat. I now have long lovely nails which I can paint or just leave natural with my Nailtiques base coat on. I would recommend this to anyone - its brilliant!!
5 Maya
I've been trying this product for over a month and I can really tell a difference. I have had peeling nails for years and I couldn't grow them anymore. No other treatment seemed to work, but this nailtiques formula 2 did a great job. Within two weeks, I could tell the different layers of my nails were growing back as one. They also look very healthy and the tips are white. Just be careful to use as directed (that is every day without polish until you start to see an improvement) and to moisturize your cuticles as they may tend to get dry.
5 Bernadett
The best for peeling nails. It really helps and works great as a base coat as well: doesn't make the nail polishes peel or chip at all. I repurchase this over and over.
5 Conni N.
If you’re just a bit like me, you’ve tried almost everything to restore your poor, poor nails without any results, and you’ve kind of lost hope through the years, despite of all the hype of any products. But if you should give it just one more try before giving up, this really is the product, you should spend your money on. It’s a bit expensive, but I almost dare to guarantee you, that you won’t regret it. I bought my first bottle this spring, and I used it as described for about a month, but nothing really happened, so I thought that this was just another over hyped product. However, having spent my money I also had to use up the bottle, so I decided to use it very consistently as a regular base coat. My nails have been a real mess for years, but now, after about 2-3 month, my nails really are that long, strong and beautiful as I’ve always wanted them, but never had them before. It is a kind of miracle, and as a “polishaholic” I’m now taking revenge for all the time I couldn’t wear nail polish. That is, I change my nail polish every 3rd or 4th day, and even though I use polish remover with acetone my nails keep up being strong and beautiful! Just give it O.N.E. try!
5 karen
My absolute must have product! I painted my nails a lot and work in a library with dusty dry books and my nails were actually peeling apart in layers. I tried lots of other rock hard type products which made them even more brittle but this stuff is amazing. My beauty therapist friend recommended it and I love it! My nails are healthy and strong even without it now!
5 Victoria
I've been using this product for a while and my nails look amazing. When used as a base and top coat it keeps varnish chip free and looking great for at least 5 days! Worth every penny.
3 Silje
can't really tell any difference...
5 Vanessa
Fantastic product, totally transformed my nails that had ridges and were weak and splitting. Seriously: this is a must-buy miracle item!
5 Anna
Skeptical at first, but it really works! I never thought my nails would look this good!
5 Bridget
Amazing stuff, really works. No more peeling nails!
4 Sue
A nail biter for almost 60 years, I thought that I would never achieve long nails. With only two weeks use, my nails are longer and stronger than ever before. The only downside is that my cuticles are now dry - time to buy some Nailtiques Oil Therapy!
5 Lucy
This is a great product for anyone that suffers from weak nails. Mine are normally pretty strong, but after using a budget nail product, they began to suffer from peeling and splitting. Even after one application, Nailtiques made them feel a whole lot stronger and tougher. Perfect!
5 Judith MacFadyen
I bought the 7ml size to try out, as I wasn't sure this would do anything. I've tried nearly every nail strengthener going, and this is the first one that I would recommend. After 10 days my nails are back to where I want them to be, and I am looking forward to painting them again!
5 Ashleighp
AN ABSOLUTE MUST BUY - DO NOT HESETATE!For year I have been trying nail products to help with the dry, peeling nails - nothing worked and I mean NOTHINg. Not even the well known brands such as O.P.I could help resolve my problem nails. An then I came across Nailtiques - and WOW it really is AMAZING - for the first time EVER I have beautiful long strong nails
5 Hazel
This peoduct is marvellous. My previously healthy nails were ruined by a so called 'nail technician' on a recent cruise. She over buffed them resulting in soft, peeling breaking nails. I started using thid stuff a few weeks ago, and my nails are already long enough to wear polish! I shall keep them short until the damaged part has grown out, I am delighted
5 Bex
I've only been using this a couple of days and already I can tell the difference this has made to my nails, they're already stronger and are looking so healthy - I actually like looking at my nails now! I'm really looking forward to seeing the results after a couple of weeks - thank you beautybay :)
5 Esther
This is pure magic! for the first time ever I am able to do a french manicure, because for the first time in my life, my nails are long and strong. highly recomended!
5 Muggi
THIS IS the stuff, nail dreams are made of. I have use it the last 5 years, I have a kid, garden and cleaning to do. And Nailtiques helps me having super long nails.
5 susan stott
I am 45 and have never had such long, healthy, wonderful nails. Only problem i have is they split, my fault! as i am not used to them and forget i have them and still do things like opening ring pulls!!! I have just re ordered from here and will try to learn my lesson haha
5 Lynn
Wow! I cannot recommend this enough. Nearly a year ago my nails starting peeling and after trying several products I thought they would never recover. Two weeks of using this and they are on the road to recovery. I think it truly is a miracle product.
5 Helen
this is an amazing product. My nails constantly split and flaked and when i started to use this, i noticed an instant improvement. Initially i used it as a base and top coat and when all the flaking had grown out, i now use it regularly as a base coat only. People think that my nails are false..but they're not, they're all mine..!
4 Grete
After a long search on the internet I went for this product to help with my peeling nails. Though the problem is not totally solved after ca. 6 months of usage (1-2 a week for first 8 weeks and now on the problem nails ca every other week), the condition of my nails is notably improved. I would recommend to others with the same problem.

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