Nailtiques Protein Formula 2 Plus 7ml

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Nailtiques Protein Formula 2 Plus 7ml

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5 Laura
For the last few months my nails have been very weak and would peel like crazy I have no idea why. I have been using this product for about a week and my nails are so much harder already and none of them have broken or peeled since I started using Nailtiques. Would definitely recommend this product.
5 Lynne
I only tried false nails once, but was left with flaking,brittle and soft nails.This combined with the after effects of chemo and drugs, I thought I would never have decent nails again. I am amazed at the effect this wonder product has had almost from day one! I am so grateful and will pass the message on to my fellow sufferers. This is the best place I have found for this product,the service is excellent and the prices very good.
5 The Princess
This product is the best I have ever used on my nails. I have really soft nails which normally rip at the sides for no real reason other than not being strong enough. I have been using the formula 2 plus for approx 6 weeks now and my nails have never looked better, felt so strong or grown so long - so much so that I am now confident to go without my precious Shellac which I normally dress my nails with. I have tried the Opi nail envy and many Sally Hanson products but this has by far given me the best results. I have even recommended it to the girl who normally does my nails!
5 Gweneth
Through having to take prescription drugs to aid Arthritis my nails suffered badly all flaking not a good one to be had, then I had a manicure at a Hotel in Ireland and the manicurist recommended Nailtiques. I bought it then and I've used it ever since my nails are in beautiful condition now and I'm often asked if they are false, which I take as a compliment! I've recommended to quite a lot of my family and friends who all say the same2 It's marvellous and I never thought I would ever be proud of my nails again. Well done Nailtiques I wouldn't want to manage without you!
5 Anne Garvey
After coming thru breast cancer my sessions of chemo left me with the thinnest nails ever, I've been a big user of nail envy over quite a few years but this time it made no diff, I tried this a couple of years ago and couldn't believe the diff it's changed my thin non-growing nails which are now the best they have ever been THANK YOU x
5 Guri
Absolutely amazing, you will not believe it until you try it. I've always had bad nails, tried most, and finally found the solution here
5 Maggie
I've had dreadful nails for 50 years, flaking,peeling and dry. I've probably tried all the products on the market without success and have just discovered Nailtiques. Absolutely astonishing results ! My nails are long, strong but flexible, shiny and moisturised. They look fabulous. Will recommend to everybody.
5 Linda Anderton
I have tried all sorts of different products over the years and this is the only thing that works, it does what it says on the packet, my nails are fabulous, would recommend anyone to try it.
5 Eleonora Bernardi
The only nail strengthener that really works. I strongly reccomend it to people with weak and brittle nails!!
5 Susan Potts
I have tried lots of different things on the market to help me grow my nails for the last 50 or so years and nothing does the trick like Nailtiques. Try it, you won't believe the difference it makes.
5 Scarlett
AMAZING!!!! My nails have always been weak, soft and flaky and they are fabulous - strong, long and healthy. A friend recommended this product as I commented on her 'false nails' she informed me they weren't false and were gained with this product. Admittedly my nails must have been in bad condition and I had to buy a second bottle before I noticed improvements. Now I am so proud of my nails. This product is genius!!!
5 Chelsea
I've had weak, split nails due to having acrylics most of my life, I've tried so many different nail remedies and this is the only one that seems to work in a few weeks!
5 Ann
I have had weak, splitting nails all my life and have tried countless remedies but this is the only one that works. My manicurist recommended it and I'm so glad she did the difference in just a few weeks is amazing. If you have weak problem nails just give it a try and I'm sure you will be addicted.
5 Bridget
Amazing product, really works.
5 Matilda
This is the best thing I have ever tried! All my life I've had weak, peeling nails and I've tried almost every remedy there is with limited or no results. I've used this every day for 3 weeks now and almost all my peels have grown out and there are no new ones. My nails feels stronger and harder when they are naked too. When this bottle is empty I'm bying the formula 2 in full size for sure! Apart from being a great strengthener it's also an awesome base coat. I've 'cheated' a little with colour polish a couple of times and it was the best base coat I've ever tried. No stains, no chips for 3-4 days.
5 Hannah
Having tried multiple products aimed to strengthen nails, I can say this is the only one I've found that actually works! Infact I've had to start filing some nails down because they've become too long! Sometimes I follow the given instructions, however I usually just use this daily as a base coat (underneath a colour polish), removing it each night and replacing it again for the next day. I still get a couple of broken nails now and again, but this has made a drastic improvement to the strength and length of my nails. Have already purchased more bottles of this and the lower 2 formula.
5 Faye
This is the first product that has really worked for my splitting, weak nails, and I am so happy to have found something at last (and at a reasonable price). I have applied the product every other day for the last month (removing the nail varnish and starting a new application once a week)for the last month, and have noticed a visible improvement.

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