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OPI Drip Dry Lacquer Drying Drops 9ml

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OPI Drip Dry Lacquer Drying Drops Zoom
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5 Jessica
This is a brilliant product especially if you are short on time and want fresh painted nails. It doesn't affect the polish as some quick dry nail products do. Overall, I would highly recommend it.
5 Marianne
When it comes to my manicure, I'm always applying a base coat, 1 or 2 coats of nail polish, and then a top coat so it takes a lot of time to get dry. With this product you just have to put drops and the polish get dry super quickly ! It quite instantly gets touch dry and the total time of drying is really reduced. It is very smooth and doesn't irritate your skin, very good product, will buy again !
5 Camila
Professionally, this saves me a lot of time with clients when they do their manicures! Just a to drops and the nail is almost instantly dry! Personally as I have long hours and not much time to take care of my own nails, i can fix my nails jus before I go to bed and still have my nails look good the next day! Love it!!

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