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5 24 November 2013 Mirela
Vesper is a dark purple colour with black glitter in it. In the bottle it looks like a dark brown colour, but when you put it on, it looks like a plum colour. However I get the best out of this polish by applying 2 thin layers, and I'll repeat myself: 2 THIN layers! If you apply 2 thick layers you get a very dark purple colour where you can't really see the glitter. The two thin layers make a really opaque coverage and a very interesting nail polish :) If you like textured polishes and purple shades, I would recommend you to buy it. Vesper has become one of my fave nail polishes.
5 29 September 2013 Lauren
A lot of people seem to dislike this colour but I can tell you as long as you apply it right it's one of the most amazing and unique nail polishes you will ever see. To get the best out of this polish apply twice at first and then add a third coat when you have the time to give it extra sparkle. The quality of O.P.I, is as you would expect amazing but the liquid sand formula is even more long lasting than usual. Like Vesper, this colour is sassy, mature and mysterious and well worth the buy.

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