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5 10 September 2013 lynn
This really works as a base and my nail varnish does not 'bleed' through. Will buy again and again.
3 29 July 2013 Frida
Not sure if this is my favourite basecoat, but it's pretty good. I like the rubber cap and the finish, it dries super quick too.
5 13 July 2013 Raquel Mendes
Been using this for a while and I loooove it! The rubber effect is wonderful. It does help me extend the polishes duration on my nails.
5 24 June 2013 Sonia wilding
Love this base coat applies great and dries quickly my polish last about a week and only starts chipping on the edges. Wouldn't be without it and lasts a very long time and hasn't gone tacky in the bottle yet!
5 21 February 2013 Sheila
One of the best base coat I have used.
5 27 January 2013 Olivia
this is by far the best base coat I have ever used, im onto my 3rd bottle of it because I always use it :)
4 05 January 2013 Annika Koljonen
If you apply your nail polish before this basecoat has dried it'll help your nail polish stay longer, but just a day or two.
3 19 October 2012 Georgia Davey
I had hoped this product would help solve the problem of chipping nail polish; unfortunately it didn't seem to be any better or worse than other undercoats I've tried. Having said that, I didn't use it with Orly polish so it may perform better with like products.

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