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Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat

4.5 71 Reviews
Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat Zoom
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5 Lynne
Does just what it says. Nails are touch dry in seconds. My manicure lasts for 2 weeks and the colour does not fade. Would definitely recommend this product.
2 Bee
I was committed to this polish when I first discovered its existence. I loved how it dried so quickly and it made doing my manicures far more enjoyable. However, there is obvious shrinking and the polish itself dries out every time you use it, making it thicker, quicker. So when I'm half way into my bottle, it's too thick to apply properly. You can obviously correct this with a thinner, but that's extra money to put into a product that shouldn't thicken so quickly.
5 Nisaa
Best thing ever. Never had problems with it. The finish is great, I always get compliments and always get asked if I got my nails done, dries fast, leaves a great shine and lasts long. I've not had problems with it shrinking, as I usually paint the edge and slightly under my nail too. And as long as you put the lid on firmly it should last right till the end. I've been using for over a year and I've just bought my third bottle, I paint my nails every week if not twice a week and I use a thick coat. Lasts a long time in my opinion. Saves time and great quality.
5 Hannah
Best topcoat on the market. Dries super fast - touch dry in 1 min, fully dry in 10. Some people have the issue with it shrinking at the tips but I find if you wrap the edge of the tip, that prevents it :)
5 Raffaella
best top coat ever
5 Oana
I love this topcoat. It makes even the crappiest nail polish last a few days. The only thing i do not like about it is that i feel that it thickens(like an old polish) quite fast. But there are sollutions for that so it is ok.
2 Katharina
NOT a fan of this. :( It does dry incredibly fast, but it also shrinks the polish a little on me, and the polish starts chipping almost right away on some nails. The nails that don't chip look great for a long time, but when they do chip it's a complete mess. Also, after having used it for a while now, it does get very gloopy and thick. I have the restore, but it doesn't seem to work all that well. Now, it just takes longer to dry, and leaves a huge bubble at the tip of the nail. The surface dries, but the polish is just kinda swimming around underneath. I've had trouble with chipping all along, though. I'll definitely not buy this again, for me it's not worth breathing in all those toxic gasses for!
5 B E
I first heard about this product over a decade ago in beauty magazines, but due to a combination of both disbelief to the reviews and testimonials, and the fact that I did not use nailpolish on regular basis at the time, I simply dismissed it and eventually forgot about it. A few years ago I landed my first job in an office where polished and manicured nails where a given, so in order to save time I happened to re-discover this product and decided to finally try it. It literally changed my life, all nailpolish regardless of quality or amount of applied layers dry within 5 minutes and as it penetrates all layers it actually provides a rock solid surface as well as an extraordinary shine when completely dry within 10 min. Recommended for all "nailpolishers", whether you only apply nail polish once or twice here and there or you do it on a daily/regular basis, to save time and amplify the quality of whatever nailcolour/polish used. (Though I have to mention that it can not be applied to the naked nail alone, as it is not an ordinary top coat- as mentioned it will penetrate the thickest of nailpolish layers without the slightest problem, however it will peel off almost immediately when applied to a naked nail. I also recommend buying the restore to get the most of this product, as this product will return it to its original consistency, so that one can use up the entire bottle rather than having to discard of it half way through as with most other nailpolish bottles). Simply put, the best nail product out there!
5 Jane Green
Excellent product.
4 Klara Drapakova
The shipment can take a while to ROI, but the product is worth waiting for, love it! Works like magic! :-)
5 Sejla Hamamdzic
5 Dasami
shiny shiny shiny that's a wish that comes true with this topcoat;)applies super smoothly and is long lasting.It is worth the money.
4 Maj-Britt Gilberg Halland
5 Nicky
Love Love Love!! Amazing! Makes your nails look like gel and don't chip or mark! I've recommended it to all my friends!
5 A.D.
Best top coat ever! Locks the color in for one week without any chips. Plus it does dry insanely fast.
5 Susanne
This i defenately FAST drying! The best I have tried til now! Easy to apply.
4 Tanja Askvik
I have used this top coat for a long time now, but this one is the first I have seen some bubbles in. Not to happy about that.
5 Helen
Brilliant glossy top coat. Dries all layers of polish underneath in no time at all. Perfect for people like me who always do their nails too close to bed time. With this product your nails stay perfect instead of waking up with duvet printed into them in the morning, Lasts really well. A definite must-have essential item.
5 Lassort Mathilde
4 Kiki
I had some pretty high expectations for this product because of all the hype. It works great; it dries somewhat fast and it's pretty shiny. I haven't had any of the shrinkage problems I feared I might run into but that might be due to me wrapping my tips. All in all I'd buy this again.
5 Iulia Cazan
Excellent top coat, dries nails in 10-15 minutes!! the only disadvantage is that when you reach half of the bottle or more the product became thick and hard to use. From this reason I recommend purchasing together Seche Vite the thinner Seche Restore which is also available on BeautyBay. By adding two drops of this thinner you will restore your half dried Seche vite top coat.
5 Maja
This is the best top coat I have ever tried! It locks in your nail polish and it gives it a wonderful shine as well. I've worn a Ciate nail polish with this top coat over it for 11 days and I only had tip wear. Amazing!
4 Shanice
This product is the best top coat I have ever purchased. It dries amazingly fast and is ultra shiny which I love!! My only issue is that it sometimes peels and falls off taking the nail colour with it too!! But I still love it
5 Iva
i think it was my best buy of the year! it dries freakishly fast, it takes less than 10 minutes. easy to apply, no smudges. best top coat ever:)
5 Nika
Great product!
5 Rosie
Amazing product! This was used at Topshop WAH nail bar and it's kept everything in place, and is so glossy. Only been 48hrs, but I normally have a chip by now. Very quick drying! Unfortunately I paid £11.95 for the product there and then as I didn't know how much it would cost online - could have saved £4 if I'd ordered it here! Will buy again for sure.
5 Stefania
This is by far the best top coat on the market!! I have tried almost everything, and when I first bought this I was amazed!! It gives a perfect shine and last really really long!! Definitely worth it!!
5 Daniela
I really love it. It lasts a long time
5 Martina
This top coat is the best one I've ever tried, it drys your nail polish super fast and it leaves a shiny finish:)
5 Maya
Seche vite is an amazing product.It gives a perfect shiny finish to every manicure.It prevents the nail polish to chip and really makes it last longer . I also feel that it is so thick that it gives extra protection to my nails.Once you try it, you'll never go back to any other top coat.And indeed it really does dries fast, so it's so easy to use!PERFECT!
3 Gazza
Pros: dries quickly, has a very nice glossy shine and it's quite thick, so that is levels out any unevenness of the nail or of the polish coats underneath. Cons: it sort of pulls from the nail's edges, resulting in a slightly worn-out look from the second day. Also it seems to me that the high-gloss finish dulls rather quickly. I don't dislike it, but I don't know if I would repurchase.
4 Molly
I adore this product, by far the best top coat I've ever purchased! Not only does it give a really nice shine, but my nails take so much more time to chip when i'm wearing this. My only complaint would be that if you don't wait enough time for your nail polish to dry, Seche Vite can cause it to smudge a little.
5 Thit
This top coat is the best one I have ever tried. It turns every nailpolish strong and glossy, even ones that used to be streaky and flaking by themselves.. It dries so fast! I'm in love!
5 Tina
When I use this people keep asking me if I'm using shellac, it's shiiiny and pretty!
5 april
best top coat in the world and the only one that dries in seconds love it x
5 Felicity
Genius product, as someone who has a bad habit of painting her nails late at night this is a must have item - it is the only top coat I have come across that effectively dries the nails so you don't get sheet impressions on them overnight. Lovely glossy finish too.
5 Lucy
I was a bit dubious when I heard that this was the best top cost ever - how good could it be? I have never been so pleased with a purchase in my life!! It goes on so smoothly, dries super quick, and my manicure lasts all week, without a chip. For me, I normally have to redo my nails twice a week, and there is absolutely no need for this with a Seche Vite topcoat! Believe the hype, I would 100% recommend!!
5 Anna
Amazing!!! It turns your DIY mani and pedi into PRO ones.
5 Alicia
can you say holy grail? It has completely changed my manicure, all my nail polishes look prettier and shinier and amazing. It is love!
5 Lisa
this one has a nice structure ! i love its shining ! if u colored ur nails badly u can put this topcoat and your nails will look great and shiny !
5 Delphine
I absolutely love this top coat!! I have never found a polish that dries so fast!! Also it shines really nice! Favorite top coat forever :)
5 Carri
In french "seche vite" means "dries fast" and it really does! What else could you ask from a topcoat? Well maybe some shine and color boost! Dont worry because Seche vite does it all. You end up with shiny gel like and dry nails in less than ten minutes! Major!
5 Jessica
This top coat is just amazing! My nails stays beautiful for days and it dries so fast after applying! :) It makes painting your nails even more fun to have a top coat like this one.
5 Teresa
This one is the best top coat I`ve ever tried. Every (also low bud) nailpolish will last you at least 4 days without chipping. Dry`s very very fast.
5 Sofi
Without a doubt the best fast drying topcoat in the world. It leaves nails looking incredibly shiny and dries completely within 10 minutes of application, it is dry to the touch after only a few minutes though.
5 Emese
Best top coat ever!
5 Priscilla
Been using this top coat for some time now and I have not turned back or turned to any other top coat. By far the best one I tried and dries unbelievably fast!
5 Helle
LOVE IT ! The best top coat I have ever had.....
5 Emma
Best top coat I've ever tried. It makes any nail polish of mine last for up to a week without chipping or peeling. It smells very strong though, but it's something you get used to quite quickly. A really great product that is really worth the money.
5 Mishelle
This stuff is like magic, the best top coat I have ever tried :) will forever repurchase
5 rosie
by far the best top coat i've used - before i would always smudge my nail polish straight after doing it but i don't have that problem anymore - amazing quality!
4 Blaire
Great top coat, I found that it did chip and peel though, but it is a lot better then anything else I have used
5 Rose
The best nail dry fast/top coat I've tried. I got a sample and i'll definitely purchase this product. It dries really fast, you can put nail polish and after a few minutes you can get organized and go out... and the nail polish shines and stays for a very long time... recommended...
5 martha
seche vite is the best top coat i have ever used, its amazing! it prevents chipping and gives a beautiful shine to all of your fingers!! 5 STAR PRODUCT!
5 Eloise Wilson
Only one word needed.... Brilliant!!
2 Magdalena
it looks really fabolous..and dries fast...but in my case it is peeling out the second day..if I use the same nail polish without the top coat(or a cheap one) then it stays 2-3 days without any damadge. Still..using it as I really like the shiny finish on my nails.
5 Silvia
This is the best top coat, hands down. I've been using it for over a year now and I love it. It dries many layers of polish in just a few minutes so it's also perfect for nail art. Nail polish stays glossy and shiny, and it doesn't chip.
5 amber
best top coat, my nail polish normal wouldn't last a day but now it last up to a week with this top coat xoxo
5 Mille Katharina Hassenkam
Really good! I like to do konad designs, and most top coats tends to smear them. But not this one, because of it's soft brush gel teksture. It is also very fast drying and long lasting!
5 veronique
c'est incroyablement génial, topissime ! ce produit sèche presque instantanément.
5 Lisa
I have been using this top coat for years - it is truly amazing. I've been in bed 10 minutes after painting my nails no smudges or knocks. I always take it for a manicure or pedicure it just saves so much time. LOVE IT!
5 Raquel
I absolutely love this product... it really works!! :D
5 Carmen
Best top coat ever! It's long lasting and drys fast (the smell is a bit strong but that's something you can get used to), my nail polish stays looking fresh for up to a week!
5 Kelly
Amazing product! Fab shine & long lasting - both in and out of the just never seems to run out so a great investment. Beats any OPI top coat hands down. Apply generously for better results.
5 Mimi
I have to agree with all the ladies here. But, being a skeptic I did my own little test. In total 5 layers of polish [including this top coat] with no drying time in between and YES it dried all the layers & NO bed sheet marks on my nails next morning. Every single nail perfect, love this. Thank you Beautybay :))
4 Michelle
This does dry very quickly and definitely speeds up my manicure time! Although it smells really really strong - I have to use it with the windows open! My nail colour looked really glossy when this is on top and it hasn't chipped even when cleaning my rabbit hutch and doing house work. It hasn't protected against tip wear though which was disappointing!
5 Elvire
It smells really really strong but...IT'S AMAZING!! My nail polish stays a week, even more on my toes (4 weeks without any chiped nail)
5 Vania
This is what allows me to do my nails at night, they dry super quickly and I can just go to sleep and wake in the morning without any smudges or sheet marks on my nails. The best top coat!
5 Julie
This top coat is great! I never thought it would make that much of a difference, but it really does! Being very impatient, I have a hard time waiting for my nailpolish to dry and usually make dents in it. But this top coat goes on like a dream and cuts down drying time a LOT! Definitely recommended.
5 Natalia
Positive: high glossy finish, dry quicker than most of the similar products in the market and for sure makes your manicurre last longer! Negative: it smells like hell, and it does contain toluene. But I don't mind so for me it's a 5!
5 Heather
This is the best thing ever invented for nail connoisseurs, excellence is it's first name!! The gloss, sheen and drying time is second to none, every lady who loves perfect nails cannot do without this product..............A MUST HAVE in every girls manicure box.

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