Discover the magic of Orofluido and awaken the whole beauty of your hair. Orofluido is a beauty ritual for all hair types. Featuring an exquisite blend of natural oils, Argan Oil, Linseed Oil and Cyperus Oil, the Orofluido range will transform your hair giving it a silky, shiny and sensual look. The results are truly astonishing, in fact you will have to try it to believe it!

Try the Orofluido Hair Oil – a beauty elixir for the hair, which not only smells divine, but also leaves hair glossy, healthy and deeply nourished.

Orofluido products are an exquisite mix of natural oils

Argan Oil:
From the Argania spinosa fruit, Argan oil makes hair incredibly silky soft, whilst making it incredibly light - this is down to it's richness in Vitamin E and Essential Fatty Oils (which echo the composition in our own skin).

Linseed Oil:
Works to seal the hair cuticle, resulting in smooth hair, that reflects light and gives amazing shine!

Cyperus Oil:
Adds softness and volume to hair, and leaves it soft, manageable and flexible. Sourced from the Cyperus plant which has grown in Egypt for over 4,000 year, this offers hair natural production against free radicals.