Usually 'break', 'damage', 'shatter' and 'nails' in one sentence would mean an emergency manicure and a hefty prescription of OPI Nail Envy! However, OPI Shatters are here and they are about to change your whole way of thinking!


OPI Shatter is a revolutionary new way to paint your nails! The revolutionary OPI Black Shatter top coat burst onto the nail scene last year, instantly selling out worldwide. OPI Shatters are top coats for your manicures that separate, crackle and shatter as they dry, revealing the colour underneath and giving a unique nail art effect. Very easy to use, they give eye catching results in seconds!


Applying OPI Shatter is really simple:
1. Apply your manicure as normal, with your favourite base coat and two coats of your favourite colour.
2. Once the polish has completely dried, apply one (and only one!) coat of Shatter, quickly covering
the entire nail.
3. Try not to overlap the Shatter polish too much and only apply one coat.
4. Now watch it separate as it dries!
5. If you want a gloss finish, finish with a coat of your favourite top coat



We recommend experimenting with OPI Shatters to get the effect you love best! Here are some of the tips and tricks we've picked up along the way:

- Generally, the thinner the coat, the smaller the shatter pieces are. The thicker the coat, the chunkier the shatter effect tends to be.
- OPI Shatter shatters in the direction of your brush stroke. So mix it up! Try painting it on diagonally, in a zig-zag or as a swirl and see which effects you can create.
- Experiment with colour combinations. Generally the bigger the contrast between the nail polish and the Shatter colour, the better the effect. But if you want a more subtle look, try Black Shatter over grey, or Silver shatter over white. Anything goes!
- The shinier the nail polish you use, the more random the Shatter effect will tend be. If you use a glitter or holographic polish underneath, you'll tend to get more even and lined up Shatter.
- Make sure your nail polish is completely dry before applying OPI Shatter. Even slightly soft nail polish will ruin your Shatter look and instead look blotchy and uneven!
- Black Shatter is matte. This looks great as it is, but put a glossy top coat over it to give your whole manicure a super shiny finish.
- Finally, don't worry about how neatly you apply your Shatter. Any missed spots or unevenness won't be noticed once it has Shattered!