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Alpha-H Beauty Bay Anti Ageing Discovery Collection

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5 Martina
Fabulous!!! Excellent speedy delivery and loved the cute bag the products come in. Perfect travelling sizes for my upcoming holiday. Would highly recommend xx
5 Alexandria
A great starter kit for exploring with makeup Alpha H
1 kseniya
Terrible smell of oil a day cream. All tubes frayed.
5 Kallia
This anti-aging kit is the best idea ever. It gives you the opportunity to test all the Alpha-H star products and experience their combined effects.
4 Chloe Mccluskey
5 Mel Carne
I have been a beauty therapist for the last 15 years and we do facials 4 to 6 times a day with electro facial equipment. I actually noticed the clients who come to us with a very oily skin and used the Alpha H, a great improvement in their skin. It is very important before using these products to go to a sympathetic and experience therapist to clean out all the congestion from your skin with the electro facials, this will get rid of all the dead cells and excess sebum, and use the alpha H afterwards to balance the skin. This is a genuine comment.
5 Ria Kiok
I got these and got hooked on liquid gold! best set to try if you want to have a go with alpha h
5 Fanny
This set is in great value which I could try quite a few of their best selling products! I love the Balancing Cleanser the most by now and must buy a normal size product. Will start using the Liquid Gold next week (as I just had my laser facial yesterday, better try it a bit later).
3 Fae
Despite all the glowing reviews here, I don't find anything special or worth the hype about Alpha H. I don't see any difference after using the product.
4 Yuliya
Not bad. Best Product of the entire collection - Liquid Gold An overnight resurfacing and firming lotion. I think to buy in full size. This collection is a great way to test Alpha-H!
4 Laura
I had acne for years, and now that that's finally under control, the main problem of my skin is the lifeless look and feel of it. Based on all the wonderful reviews, I bought Alpha-H BeautyBay Anti Ageing Discovery Collection expecting miracles from it. But I'm sad to say that I have not noticed a change in my skin condition. Top products for me were probably Micro Cleanse (Left skin sooo soft! ...but only for a hour or two), Essential Hydration Cream (Liked the smell, reminded me of liquorice for some reason..) and Daily Essential Moisturiser SPF50 (spf, enough said). So just to wrap this up, I found no fault in any of the products, but when it comes to finding the solution for my lifeless skin, I'll keep on looking. This collection is a great way to test Alpha-H!
5 Gloria
Value for money as I could try some best selling products from alpha-H. After this trial set, I would buy the normal size to continue except the micro cleanse... I like the LG, moisturizers and balancing cleanser.
5 Emily
I wanted to try some new skincare in an attempt to improve my blemish prone skin, and found this set perfect for testing the Alpha-H range. It's good value for money and gives you plenty in each container to assess its affects on your skin. The Liquid Gold, Micro Cleanse and Balancing Cleanser were fabulous and I cannot fault them, and the Essential Hydration Cream and Daily Essential Moisturiser were effective. I now know which items to buy in full size.
5 Alina
The package is a great way to test Alpha-H and a wonderful gift for friends who are skeptical in using new products. All of them are really good face products.
5 Ankita
Overall A Great Kit To Try Out Some Of The Best Products From Alpha H...Great Value...And Wonderful Package From Beautybay...You Guys Are Doing An Absolutely Wonderful Job...Keep Going :)
5 Nina
Great products and value for money, definitely a good buy!
5 Kirsten Marcussen
This is a brilliant way to try out some unknown Alpha H products. I have only tried out liquid gold. The combination is amazing, your skin will love this and you can see the difference in just 2 days. My skin has some very large comedones and they are now on retreat due to the combination of this set. I would recommend Alpha H to everyone with skin problems. Try it, it works ;o)
5 Miffy
This is great set to try out Alpha-H products. I have sensitive and combination skin, with eczema and acne (worse skin combination ever!) and this has definitely helped improve my overall skin condition. Obviously I don't apply any of the AHA products on areas where I have eczema, but the entire set has lightened some scars and made my face slightly more radiant.
5 Frida
Amazing value! I absolutely love the Liquid Gold and Balancing Cleanser. Will repurchase both of them in full size. Haven't used the other products as much, but they all seem good. Especially the moistuiser with spf. Great kit!
5 Dominique
Great products and presentation. Great value and very good way to try out more of the Alpha-H products. Love the full size Liquid Gold.
5 Shirley
great value for money! wanna try out alpha-h's products after reading reviews online. The set contains most of their best products, the cleanser is gentle but effective, used it with my clarisonic and it's great. been using the liquid gold every 3 night for about 3 weeks now, the skin has not glow as much as people were saying, but think it does keep the blemishes at bay. Also love the moisturiser with spf, very moisturising and the hydration cream, both are non-greasy and very moisturising. Really recommend using the whole set together if you are going to try out the liquid gold.
5 Katrina
This is excellent value and perfect if you are like me, and want to try out using products with AHAs but don't want to fork out a lot of money and then not be suited to the products. I have really sensitive skin, but found that all of these work really well with my skin. I have had lots of compliments since using these and will definitely continue to buy all of these. The Liquid gold is full size too, which is excellent value as you don't use much. Highly recommended.

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