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3 12 November 2014 ft
Nice on travels, easy to apply due to the pump. It's great as a cream-moisturizing and applying SPF in one step, albeit it's a bit greasy.
1 04 August 2014 Sidse Mogensen
Like the sunscreen, bought two but both pumps broke. The first after two uses and the second when I opened it for the first time. Will not reorder.
3 14 June 2014 Kirsten
Love this product but... The dispenser broke within a week.
4 06 June 2014 Joanne
Great product. Easy to apply, absorbs well and provides a good base for makeup. I couldn't find anything to verify the SPF of 50+ but I figure even if it's not completely accurate it wouldn't be far off (I've been reading Which? consumer tests on other suncreams - some of which tested as lower SPFs than stated on the bottle). I'd give it 5 stars if only there was information on the bottle about how good it is at filtering UVA light.
5 21 May 2014 Irena Buxdorf
5 14 May 2014 Kallia
Excellent product. Not sure if it provides both UVA and UVB protection.
4 25 April 2014 Kathy Warden
Seems good - effective sunblock. But I'd forgotten to check the ingredients so hadn't noticed it contains parabens so will just use it up and then continue to look for a good non-paraben moisturiser with SPF.
4 10 July 2013 Ina
A high SPF is key if you use AHAs and this one protects the skin very well. It feels lightweight and not as greasy as your normal sunscreen lotion from the drugstore. It also serves well as a make up base. Might be a little bit too oily for people who are prone to breakouts.
5 22 May 2013 Sarah
I usually cannot stand moisturisers with SPF. I have combination skin and any SPF products usually feel like they are clogging my pores and my face is like an oil slick by midday. This one is amazing! It feels quite thick and has a shiny finish straight after application, but give it a minute to sink in and it is like it was never applied - my skin is beautifully matte (but not unnaturally so) and I feel like it actually controls the oils on my face throughout the day and I no longer need a specialised oil-control primer. I cannot rave about this product enough, and now that I have finished my trial size I am ordering a full size as I will use this forever or until they stop making it!!
5 19 March 2013 Ann
I really love this one. I never had a SPF Cream, cause always when I tried them, they are so sticky and thick and I hate the feeling beeing glued with cream all over. So I gave it a go and thought I cannot loose anything. Though it has a high protection its very smooth and not greasy or sticky, just a nice cream that protects. Make up is going well above it.
3 02 January 2013 Elisa
I got this moisturiser as part of a Liquid Gold kit and it didn't work well for my skin type. I have sensitive combination skin and this product caused me breakouts. It is probably just a matter of skin type, on my mum which has very dry skin worked great, that's why I rate it 3. Anyway I'm in love with this brand, I'm keeping trying different products to find those that suit my skin.
5 04 October 2012 Katrina
I love this moisturiser. You need to wear a good sun cream if you are using AHAs and this is excellent. I find it non-greasy, sinks in quickly and works really well under makeup. My skin is extremely sensitive, but not oily or dry and this is works really well. Lots of sun creams cause me to break out in rashes and sting, but this doesn't. I love it.
5 12 June 2012 Paula
Really nice moisturiser. Best bit about it is high SPF. The consistency is creamy-watery, lightweight but bit oily, yet you need to use quite a bit to protect whole face. Works well as a base for makeup. Great for dry skin, not sure if its good for oily skin types, does not mattify in fact makes skin quite shiny.

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