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Alpha-H Exfoliation Experts Kit

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4 Svetlana
I have dry and sensitive skin, so I was afraid that these products won't work for my skin and will leave it red and irritated because of the acids ingridients. However, after first use I was pleasantly surprised that these products didn't cause any discomfort in my skin. Most of all I've liked Gentle Daily Exfoliant because it's really very gentle and has left my skin bright and glowing, it was immediate result, so from now this product is my must-have. I haven't notice any difference between Micro Cleanse and any other scrub or exfoliant, which I use weekly, but can't say nothing bad about it either, so for me it's some regular normal product without some miracle results. What about Liquid Gold Smoothing & Perfecting Mask, I have ordered this kit primarily because of this product, but was a little bit dissapointed. This mask makes my small acne spots more visible instead of smoothes as it says. The amount you get is more than enough to really test this products. Gentle Daily Exfoliant has really impressed me so I am not dissapointed in Alpha-H and planning to test its other products.
5 Diane
Your skin will thank you for this kit! I have used this kit before and when I stopped using it for a while, the difference was clear. This kit makes my skin radiant and is improving my hyperpigmentation/uneven skin tone rapidly, I can honestly say that this has been the best my skin has ever looked! Now, when I choose to wear makeup, I only need light coverage foundation. If it helps, I'm a 20 y/o female with Oily/Combination skin, whereas my mother has Normal skin and it worked great for both of us. PROS: - Appearance: improves skin tone and radiance quite quickly - I saw a difference within a couple of days and it was only a matter of weeks until people started complimenting me on my skin and enquiring what I was using! My mother even started using it too! - Longevity: the kit lasts long, the first time I bought the kit, it lasted me from mid-December to mid-February (so this definitely justifies the price) - Ease of use: it may seem confusing at first, but the kit gives clear directions as to use of the products. The gentle Daily exfoliator is to be used daily, the Micro-cleanse exfoliator is to be used twice a week and the Mask is to be used once a week (I like to use this when there are special occasions). CONS: - Cleanser: The directions on the actual Gentle Daily Exfoliator state that it is to be used 'after thoroughly cleansing the skin', but there isn't a cleanser that comes with the kit! It would be nice if one was provided, albeit at an small extra cost. Nevertheless, I just use any gentle cleanser I have in my arsenal (and it's not an expensive one) and this hasn't affected the results I achieve from the kit. Anyway, Alpha-H is a great brand and I have also started using the Liquid Gold Radiance serum, so let's see how that goes!
5 Natasa
A great way to try Alpha H's exfoliants. My favorite is the Liquid Gold Smoothing Perfecting Mask an amazing product with a great immediate glowing result. The gentle daily exfoliant is also a great one. For me is better to not to use the products more so often as in the product description because I have sensitive-combination skin. Great value.
4 Maria
Un buon kit per un'accurata esfoliazione della pelle. La grana è migliorata. Io ho la pelle mista e per chi come me consiglio di non usarlo più di 2 volte a settimana Translation: A good kit for a thorough exfoliation of the skin. The grain is improved. I have combination skin, and for people like me advise you not to use it more than 2 times a week
5 Sarah
Got this kit 4 months ago and after finishing both of the exfoliators I am extremely glad I gave Alpha-H a chance.My definite favorite is the gentle daily exfoliant since it's non-abrasive yet delivers a great, glowing result. This one lasted me about 2 months, averaging 3 uses/week.The Micro Cleanse worked perfectly as a rougher substitute for the gentle daily exfoliant, however, as it is an abrasive product I would not recommend usage more than maximum 2 days/ week. This lasted me 4 months, usage averaging av once a week.
4 Nyla
In terms of strength this product delivers with immediate results. I had an immediate glow after one use, which for my hyperpigmentation was great. However, if you have sensitive skin a few times a week is probably enough. This is a great way to try Alpha H's mannual exfoliants without commiting to the full size products. The amount you get does last a while as the products are strong you dont need so much. Excellent value.

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