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Alpha-H Eye Deal Solutions Kit

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5 Tarah
small amount goes a long way I am still using it for the past 6 months, I like using the absolute eye complex in the morning its so refreshing and a pick me up feeling. I use the Age Delay Intensive Eye and Lip Treatment Cream at night before I go to sleep. For me its about taking care of my eyes, result wise my dark circles aren't as apparent as before to the point I can get away with not putting concealer under my eyes when I put on my make up. I use the gentle cleanser if I have a night out and have to remove make up gently without waking up with panda eyes. Its all about taking care of your skin, this eye kit is a great place to begin when it comes to eye routine.
5 Nazareth
I've never spend this much for a skincare product before so you can imagine I was a little reluctant parting with my money and felt guilty when it arrive. However I have had dark circles for 20 years and it got worse during this time. I read the review for Alpha H eye complex and I read and heard review for other products they have, so i decided to take the risk part with my money reluctantly. When i received it, I expected it to be much more bigger for some reason. So I decided to be frugal and make sure that i spread it thinly all over my eye so it would last longer. It felt cool as you apply it. It is like aloe-vera type consistency and when it dries it lifts my lid up for a bit. However that didn't last. I expected changes with days or a week of apply it and nothing happened. So disheartened for wasting so much money for no result. I regretted buying it. I little peeve so I left it unused. After a few weeks I decided to just used it up because i hated seeing it as i opened the drawers reminding me my mistake for buying it. This time i applied liberally so to get rid of it quicker. After a few days, i couldn't believe my eyes. lol literally... my dark circle has lessened, the big difference was the LINE that look like a dark crater with eyes in the middle, have plump up. The like is less prominent. I did try and figure out if it is because of this gel or is it because i drank more water. So i went back to drinking my normal water and weeks later i still see the difference. The lip and eye cream was great but used it more for my lips and it is really good. I found it was too heavy to put on my eyes. I carried it around me so I can use it whenever i re-apply my lipstick or in case i need it. I had it for a week and went missing so that's how far my input on this product go. The cleanser that goes with it is so small. It doesn't leave my skin dry or give me breakout which I'm prone to. Although it does feel a little oily. I swear by it taking all my make up off, even my mascara. I do use a hot flannel and place it over my face to warm my face up and gently take it off. I've done this with other product that is the same type and this comes out the tops. I do feel that the pack was small so I can accurately test it and say that it won't break you out. Price wise i don't know if its worth it. If it gets cheaper I would buy more of it as it hasn't lasted me that long.
One of the best eye care sets. All of the products were amazing! Thank you beauty bay!
5 Fanny
love this kit, it's in great value (which the same size individual product cost much more if you buy individually!) All the products inside this kit is great!! It really helping my eye free from the dry wrinkles! thanks Alpha H!

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