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4 07 April 2014 Eimear Walsh
My skin looks very fresh after using it. I haven't seen any major changes, I'm in my early 30's so I guess its more a preventative rather than a cure! Nice product
5 23 March 2014 Elitsa
This product is great. It fits well with my very dry skins and redness. I just cleanse my skin and apply the product. Next morning i could see the difference - skin is clear, clam and natural redness is tuned down. Would definitely recommend
5 19 March 2014 Emma
This is one of my all time favourite products! I have really combination reactive skin and despite being an acid, it causes me no problem. when I used this at night I wake up with amazing skin. There is nothing else I have used that has given my skin such a lovely texture and youthful glow. I have been using it for years and have had numerous bottles and will continue to use it for years
5 18 March 2014 Ria Kiok
The best exfoliant so far!!! love it!
4 17 March 2014 Penta Veronika Juric
5 11 March 2014 Adrienne
This is a really great treatment but make sure not to get in the habit of using it everyday!! Every other day at the most but from my experience, my skin is glowing when I use it only twice a week. The texture of my skin has greatly improved and I find it definitely helps keep blemishes away. I bought the 200ml which will last me a very very long time!
5 01 March 2014 Heather
Excellent for my spot prone oily skin, just perfect even after the first go! Applied as directed after cleansing my skin, I didn't use a moisturiser to follow as I wanted the full effect and I was not disappointed! Didn't dry my skin, took away redness from spots, cleaned and tightened pores, gave a more even complexion and an almost dewy look. I love it and highly recommend!
5 13 February 2014 Samira
This is my holy grail skincare product . Whenever I use this product I get a result of beautiful glowing brighter skin, I just wish the price was a little bit cheaper.
5 31 January 2014 Deeksha
This is god-sent. Just pick it up, make this one investment and your skin will thank you like never before. I wish I could show a before and after picture. So I had bad acne at the age of 24! I tried everything and nothing worked. Alpha H is what you need. It improved my skin's texture like never before and really stubborn scarring has also lightened with time. Buy it! Buy it! Buy it! It will work miracles!
5 12 January 2014 Kristine
I was thrilled with the results from AlphaH Liquid Gold the first time I used it. It's done wonders for my skin and I'm totally sold on it. I hated wasting any by putting it on a cotton pad, so I actually transferred some into a little bottle with an eye dropper. I just drop it directly onto my skin, and hold my hand under it to catch it, so I can smooth it right on my face with my hand, and I'm not wasting any on the cotton.
5 28 November 2013 Saya
Fantastic long-lasting product! I found this product helpful in improving the overall appearance of my skin especially, in dealing with blemish scars and congestion areas on the forehead and chin.
5 27 November 2013 Annika
I absolutely love this product! I use it every other night after cleansing my face-just apply it on with cotton pad. I do not use moisturizer afterwards and, strangely, I don't have any tingling sensation as many people do.My pores are nearly invisible, skin is smoother. it doesn't feel dry or tight and in the morning skin looks beautiful
5 23 November 2013 Rebecca
AMAZING. If I was to throw out all my skin care products and keep one, it would be this Liquid Gold. Though it's pricey, it's the only product that I've really loved from the first time I used it, so it's more than worth it. For me, I see results almost immediately, leaving my skin so plump and SO smooth. I have a massive problem with acne scarring, and by shedding away the congested layer of dead skin, this speeds up the healing process by a mile (even for active breakouts too). Will continue to buy for a long time!
5 18 November 2013 Sanja
My problem was dull, tired looking skin. And I tried vitamin C masks and serums - nothing worked. Liquid gold made a difference first time I used it! I didn't feel anything when I apply it, but in the morning and during the whole day, my skin looked fresh, alive, glowing! I've been using it for a month now, and my pores are almost disappear and my skin is simply amasing! Loving it!
5 05 November 2013 Elaine Helliwell
i bought liquid gold after a friend told me about it, i am 55 next month and i cant believe the difference this has made to my skin, its as if after years of applying products my skin can finally breath, never liked wearing much makeup and with liquid gold i need less, will be buying again and i look forward to the nights i apply this amazing product cant rate it high enough
5 30 October 2013 Gemma
I bought the 100ml in January and I've only just ran out now (October). I absolutely love this stuff, it feels a little 'tingly' when you first apply it but it really does work wonders. It's helped improve the overall appearance of my skin and encouraged scars from past blemishes to fade. It really is a 'good skin day' in a bottle. My skin always looks so much healthier the morning after I've applied this. Definite repurchase!
5 24 October 2013 Kaithlyn
When I first received my package (it was a Tuesday), I couldnt wait to put it on. That night itself after cleaning my face, I wipe this so-called-awesome-product on my face. I do not feel any tingly sensation on my face like what others claimed, I was thinking maybe my face has gotten used to Glycolic Acid since I have been using Mario Badescu Glycolic Acid toner for few months now. I have to admit that the product does not seem to do any difference on my face after waking up the next day. I was a bit disappointed because I read that many others could see difference itself the next day. I continue using it on Thurs and Sat, still not much difference, and this time I am truly disappointed. So I thought I should just keep using it everyday for 5 continuous days because I am a very impatient girl. It has been after 7 days now, slowly I am really seeing the results. Now I will only use it every other 2 days. What I am trying to say that this product does not work magic on everyone (it depends) after only a few application, But now my skintone is more even and the scars on my cheeks are so much lighter. I couldnt wait for the day when I can finally say goodbye to foundation. I am going to recommend this to every girls I know! PS: I also used this on my bf's face too and he said that he did felt the tingly sensation and the huge pores around his nose are better now. They were so much worse before.
5 15 October 2013 Elena
Great product! I reeeeeally should have got the bigger version.
5 13 October 2013 Sophie
Brilliant stuff. Feels bizarre to swipe over your face, and I hate the loss of product through the application, but works wonders : ). Almost all my acne scarring. pigmentation is gone, and new spots seem to disappear before they can ever become something. Pure gold.
5 11 October 2013 Angelica
This stuff is now on my Holy Grail-list. Purchased it because I wanted a more even skintone and to get rid of some stubborn acne-scarring.. and it didn't disappoint me. My pores are less noticeable, my scars are fading and my skintone looks more even, it just feels delicious! The only thing I regret about it is not buying it sooner. LOVE!
5 11 October 2013 zizi
I come to review when I finish the whole 100ml bottle. This is just fantastic. I've suffered acne all over the face for more than 3 years. I have tried so many products including the medicine from doctor's suggestion. They all didn't work or just work when I'm using them. Liquid gold is the only thing that I don't rely on, but still want to repurchasing it. I just bought the 100ml one. When I finish the bottle, All the acne has gone from my face. At the same time, my skin quality just leveled up. It is a bit pricy, but just work like a miracle.
5 06 October 2013 Maja
Great stuff, results after just 1 applying, great for my acne prone skin. Pure gold in the bottle!
5 24 September 2013 Nicola
Fantastic product... I have used this product for a month now and the results really are INCREDIBLE.. i have dry skin with the occasional spot.. I also had some weird bumps that were there for years - GONE! skin looks incredible, I will be using this product forever.
5 17 September 2013 Stephanie
So glad I bought this. Have been using this stuff for about a month and I have noticed a significant improvement in my skin. It wasn't immediate but it's definitely noticeable. I have had quite noticeable scarring/pigmentation on my cheeks and jawline for a couple years now and Alpha H has been the most effective thing I've tried. Scars are getting lighter and my skin just looks more even/smooth. Can't wait to see what this does long term.
5 09 September 2013 Suzie
Hands down best product I have ever used. Wish I could use it every night! The mornings after I have I wake up with such a difference to my skin, especially that time of month I get cystic acne. Normally I'm also super-reactive and am irritated by most products (rashes and/or breakouts), but I've never had a problem with this product, even using it every other night. It's been my personal miracle in a bottle!
5 07 September 2013 Karuna
Name says it all.. I just used it twice and I can see remarkable difference.. Love this product!!
5 23 August 2013 Alyssa
I love this stuff. Liquid gold indeed!
5 19 August 2013 Rashi Agarwal
This product has completely changed my life. I havent had a single spot for 6 months now, after I started using this. Nothing else had ever worked. This stuff is amazing. Worked brilliantly on my acne scars and makes my face glow!
3 18 August 2013 Bernice
I have been using this product for about a month. Kind of disappointed not to see the fantastic works of it according to many. I will continue to use it and hopefully my skin will look slightly more amazing by the time I finish this bottle. It doesn't irritate my skin much, only need very little to apply on a cotton pad. One down side is that it is very hard to tell how much of the product is left due to it's packaging.
5 15 August 2013 Sarah
Absolutely amazing product. Nothing has worked on my cystic acne like this stuff. I will never go without this!
5 13 August 2013 Mira
Best thing ever! Enough said xx
5 07 August 2013 Elizabeth
I can't fault this product, the results are noticeable! This will always be part of my routine along with other alpha-h products, it has dramatically improved my skin texture and helped my acne.
5 07 August 2013 Josefine Sapire
This really is a wonderful product. My skin has been so greasy and hard to treat since being both dry and oily. I was sceptical of using this without any moisturizer after, but it has really changed my skin totally. Now I have a matte finish, and even if I get sweaty my skin stays fresh. I highly recomend this. Ive been using it together with the Balancing Aloe Cleanser and the Exfoliator cream a few times a week. Im never changing brand again.
5 28 July 2013 Krista
Wow. I was truly surprised at how effective yet gentle this product is. I have Rosacea and usually stay away from AHA's, but I've had no flare ups whatsoever with this. It has noticeably reduced the appearance of my pores and softened my fine lines. It seems expensive, but one needs so very little. I've been using it for almost 3 weeks and the bottle still looks full.
5 26 July 2013 wanderlust
I use this 2x a week as part of my nighttime skincare regimen. I also use this directly (applied with a cotton swab / Q-tip) on forehead bumps (sebaceous hyperplasia) that I've had for years. It seems to help make them a whole lot smaller. Hopefully with continued use, the bumps will disappear.
5 23 July 2013 KI
This stuff has completely changed my skin, for the better. I used to really struggle with blind pimples, blackheads and large pores. I've used this in combination with the microcleanse for six months and now have much clearer skin, and only sometimes get small whiteheads that clear quickly. I didn't see an 'instant' massive improvement like some (and I think the effect on old scars and pigmentation hasn't been as good as I'd hoped), but enough change that I have kept going with the product this long and it was worth it! Not as excited by other products in the range but this one + the microcleanse are essential for me.
5 22 July 2013 NJ
I have sensitive skin and hypoallergenic products from brands like Simple would trigger rash/redness/eczema on my face. A beautician from Ambience recommended me this product. Love it. My skin feel smooth and fresh.Thank you.
5 10 July 2013 Ina
Reordered the bigger bottle this time! The product really is a miracle worker and reduced my acne scaring and large pores. The skin looks and feels rejuvenated the next morning. Don't forget sunscreen though!
5 07 July 2013 Alin
Great product! You apply it as simple as a toner, but when you wake up in the morning your skin is moisturized. Indeed, reduces the pores. If you have this product you don’t need any other item for reducing pores.
5 06 July 2013 Jaclyn
This is probably one of the best products I am currently using for my skin. I use it once or twice a week at night after cleansing and when I wake up after using this my skin looks and feels amazing. Very clarifying, but gentle. I have sensitive dry skin and this doesn't cause me any problems. Pricey but worth it. A little goes a very long way so you get really good value for the price!
5 06 July 2013 Silvia
I got this product in biggest size. It is amazing for spring and summer nights, or when we don't feel the need to use more than one product to go to sleep. In my 40's.
5 03 July 2013 KL
As the name says, this product is amazing! My skin feels and looks better than ever before, my pores are smaller and my skin feel refreshed, great!
5 03 July 2013 caroline
classic. epic. love. i have combination to dry skin that tends to be dehydrated and would literally rip off if i didn't use moisturizer after cleansing. never had to use anything over liquid gold, even in the winter. from the very first use on my skin looked like after a 2 week spa fest. and it gets better and better. the only time i don't use it is during beach holidays.
5 30 June 2013 Ana
The liquid gold is a really great product. It makes your skin feel tightened and refreshed after you put it on freshly cleansed skin. I use it 2 times a week and notice a difference. You can feel the product working as it tingles when you put it on! A really great product for a a little pick me up.
5 04 May 2013 Ana
Previously I used the smaller version (100ml) and was super happy with the results. My skin glows the next morning and i even have matify a bit as at times it can be too much :) I don't use this in summer but can't live without it when it's colder. Alpha H is a line of products where it's hard to go wrong...
5 04 April 2013 Emma
Amazing!! I absolutely love it, makes my skin feel so nice when I wake up and my pores have reduced so much since using this. Will definietly be repurchasing.
5 04 April 2013 Katherine
I've been using this for about 3 weeks and my skin looks amazing! My skin is no longer flaky, and after I wake up the next morning my skin looks plump and not irritated at all. I will definitely be repurchasing this!
5 08 February 2013 Laura
Up until recently I never really thought that skin products could dramatically improve your skin and then I tried Alpha H. I was wrong, within days my skin felt smoother, softer and looked less red. I have quite sensitive skin and it didn't cause me any irritation at all. It's magic in a bottle! The other Alpha H products are great too, highly recommend.
5 31 January 2013 Laurence
After watching and reading so many reviews I finally took the plunge and got it, so glad I did! After the 2nd use I noticed my dry skin looked smoother, fresher, the redness around my cheek area has lessened and my face is more radiant. My moisturiser seems to be absorbed better and my makeup goes on like a dream.Highly recommended!!
5 30 January 2013 Josephine Murdoch
This arrived in the post about a week ago, I've used it four times and already my skin has improved dramatically. I have very sensitive, dry skin which flakes off a lot. I'm also very acne-prone, prone to redness, and hyper-pigmentation. Since using Alpha-H liquid gold my skin tone has resumed to it's normal colour, banishing all signs of redness. It has become smoother, and little dents in my skin left behind by spots are becoming smoother. Red acne scars are beginning to fade, and I've noticed I've been getting fewer spots. In fact I haven't developed any new big spots, like I normally do, just small blemishes on my forehead which fade quickly. It has also helped spots I already had when I started using it to fade. Just a miracle product to be honest. Having used bio-oil for years and noticing very mild differences over a bloody long period of time, this has blown me away with how quickly it works. And I hear it's meant to work more wonders the longer you use it... I can't wait!
5 28 January 2013 anita
Iv bought this after reading all the good review and have to say I'm very happy with this product. It smoothes out my skin and I wake up with almoust what you could call a glow :) the only downside is that my skin can get quit dry so I recomend a good moisturizer for the nights when you are not using this.
5 28 January 2013 chris
Started this after reading great things about it. No kidding, my dryish flaky skin is miles better, smoother, brighter, younger looking. Can't live without this.
5 20 October 2012 georgia
amazing product,skin looks overall a lot better,brighter and healthier.
5 14 October 2012 Cat
I love this product! I was worried as my skin can be sensitive and the thought of putting it one my cleansed skin before bed without a moisturizer was terrifying as i can have dry skin! But after applying it i felt no great need for a moisturizer and the next morning oh my goodness! Skin was so smooth and clear and just overall glowing! Highly recommend!
5 08 October 2012 Kerri-Lee Miller
I truly love this product. I'd seen some rave reviews on blogs etc. and was a little sceptical, having just come off of heavy acne medication. And let me tell you, those rave reviews were spot on. It is truly a wonderful product worth every penny spent, I must mention however that I use this alternating with the night repair serum. The dry flaky skin I had as a result of the medication, disappeared, the little red acne scars are lightening, this does not break me out and dare I say it I see a visible difference to not only my wrinkles but to the texture of my skin overall. Then add the little bonus of mega volt radiance. I could wax lyrical for hours but bottom line, my skin has never looked better. I recommend this highly.
5 04 October 2012 Katrina
Looove this product. I have sensitive skin, and was a little nervousness to try, but was recommended it on a beauty forum by fellow sensitive skin suffers and I'm so glad I was. I'm not prone to breaks outs, however I do think my face is sun damaged. After 2 weeks my skin feels a lot smoother and more radiant. My husband has told me how bright I am looking and people have commented on how good I look. I only use it 2-3 times a week and the sensation is tingly but doesn't hurt at all. Just make sure you wear a strong sun cream during the day as your skin can burn easily. The Alpha-H one is excellent.
5 16 September 2012 Marie
This is definitely a miracle product. I have very bad acne scarring on my chin area. I've tried more than my share of products to get rid of them but this is definitely a winner for me. I've been using it for 2 weeks now and there is a major improvement. I'll keep using it until it (hopefully) clears out everything!
5 11 September 2012 June T
Wow. My skin has become noticeably clearer, firmer and smoother in less than a month. It was somewhat uncomfortable the first few times but it was worth it. Even the boyfriend wants some on his face (but I am very reluctant to share :P)
5 10 September 2012 theoni
I've only used liquid gold 3 times and the results to my skin just amazed me.My complexion is clearer and brighter.A higly recommended product!
5 15 June 2012 Jennigui
I love this product. It is highly recommended in some great beauty blogs and it has made a world of difference to my acne prone skin. I still get breakouts a little bit, but the horrible cystic acne is way behind me. Also, I feel this product is a reasonable price. Just ordered the lg serum, can't wait to try it.
5 08 June 2012 Mazilu
Great AHA product, I use nightly every other night leading up to every night after a couple of weeks and have had no sensitivity and dry skin, although I do exfoliate once a week. My complexion is clearer, I have no blind pimples nor breakouts. My foundation glides on smoothly. I've been very satisfied with this product.
5 13 March 2012 Elana
I use this as an intensive treatment 2-3 times a week, and my skin has never been brighter!
5 19 February 2012 gemdreams
If Alpha H say, new skin begins, they telling you the truth as I am amazed by the results I got from just using balancing cleanser with aloevera and liquid gold every third night and my skin has become really really soft, bright and clear and it has only been two weeks. I have spent big bucks on Elemis, Decelor, Clinique, clarisonic Estee lauder.love it.
5 18 February 2012 Grete
I started on this with some Collagen light treatment because I have… sorry, I had large pores. Definitely works and my complexion is more even toned (less read).
5 27 May 2011 Georgie Cassidy
Oh Liquid Gold.... How do I love thee? Let me count the ways - I love the way you make me glow, I love the way you make me feel, I love the way you have given me confidence to not wear foundation to work for the first time in 4 years... Seriously, if miracles in skin care exist then this is it! I'm only scoring a 5 because I can't score higher!

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