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Alpha-H Gentle Daily Exfoliant 50ml

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Alpha-H Gentle Daily Exfoliant Zoom
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5 KB
I bought this ages ago and found it didn't do much of anything. Then I started using a retinol and it made my skin extremely flaky (not necessarily dry but just flaky). The flakes are just highlighted when I wear make up or use sunscreen, it was infuriating. My skin is also very sensitive so I don't like to use very abrasive scrubs especially in the morning since my face gets very red. I decided to give this another try since I already had it and its AMAZING! It's a powder so it doesn't make my face red but it lifts off the flaky bits of skin and leaves my face looking smooth and fresh. So glad I had this. Back to buy more :)
5 Yazmin
This is a very good exfoliant it removes dull dead skin and leaves skin smooth and matte yet not dry, it quickly brightens skin, I mix in with my daily cleansers it's amazing.
3 Sireen
used this diligently multiple ways...on its own on clean skin as well as mixed with a cleanser. Unfortunately it didn't do anything for me. I would recommend "micro cleanse" from Alpha-H instead
3 Evie
I don't feel that this does anything really for my skin, it feels nice but it doesn't really have any effect on blackheads.
5 milla
Excellent. I especially like the clay base. It is gentle but still does the job well leaving my skin soft and smooth.
5 Sweet dreams
Pleased I found Alpha-H. I have just purchased it and used it next morning..What a difference it made. I will continue purchasing it, in fact I have placed another order to give to my daughter who is getting married soon.
5 Marija Debattista
This product is really good! I love to use it in the morning when my face is kind of waking up. It just makes the face look much brighter and cleaner! It also makes the face smoother as it gets rid of all the dead cells! Definite repurchase!
5 Karolina
Great product. With Alpha-h I got rid of the problem of contaminated skin. Complexion is brightened and cleaned. I use together with Liquid Gold Smoothing
5 Sam
This is my first Alpha-H purchase and I am very impressed! It works so well and my skin was just unbelievably soft (like a baby!) straight away after use. My skin felt really clean, soft and smooth. I use it at night after removing make up and cleansing. Love it and definitely buying more from this range!

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