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Alpha-H Liquid Gold Discovery Collection

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Alpha-H Liquid Gold Discovery Collection Zoom
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5 Jenny Verrall
Fabulous products. A great tester kit and I will be buying them in larger sizes.
4 Bree
I love Alpha-H products, including these. Unfortunately it seems the pump in the Liquid Gold Intensive Night Repair Serum is too week for the product. I have bought this set twice, the first time the pump worked for almost half the bottle, the second time it didn't work at all. You can open the container, but the product turns into gel after a short time, so this product is totally wasted :( for some reason the pump works fine for the Liquid Gold Perfecting Daywear, I think this product is thinner. I have been using the Alpha-H skincare regimen for 3 months (including the Micro Cleanse Exfoliator). I find I get less "deep" pimples. I have yet to see a change in the number/size if my blackheads. I have fairly sensitive skin, so I had second thoughts on applying Liquid Gold, but it turned out fine, now I use it overy other night, and my skin feels softer. Remember to put on sunscreen when you use glycolic acid products (Alpha-H has a great one). I find the products absorb quickly, leaving a non-greasy surface. The cleanser feels so gentle, it is a cream cleanser not a soap. To add gentle exfoliation use a dampened face cloth to remove (Pai has one at a great price). I love these products and will continue to buy them, and probably expand my skincare routine further with this brand. 4 stars because of the faulty pump, not the product itself.
5 Siri
If you got acne-prone skin, sun damage, dull skin, or any other skin concern you will probably love Alpha-h skin care. I bought this kit, because I wanted some nice aha product. Your can easyli use this kit with other brand, or as I did fall in love and only use alpha-h now. My skin finally is acne free, my sun damages in my forehead are getting smoother, and my acne scarring is actually fading away (old acne scar). For the first time I can go without much makeup on without feeling to concerned about my skin. The kits are an easy way to try out the product, and the price is right. Remember to wear a nice spf at daytime over your aha product.

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