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Alpha-H Liquid Gold Intensive Night Repair Serum 50ml

4.5 12 Reviews
Alpha-H Liquid Gold Intensive Night Repair Serum Zoom
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5 Maria
Very good first impression :)
4 Nataliya Lyalyuk
Such a great serum! Good for ageing skin as it restores elasticity and evens out skin texture. But the pump is terrible: paint peeled off quickly, cap broke.
5 NIcky
I just love this! My skin has changed dramatically since using Alpha-H products. Started with Liquid Gold and have now added this serum for alternate nights, makes my skin so soft and radiant. No more black heads, no more break outs and plumper skin and even skin tone. Recommended!
4 Sonya
Great product!! Makes skin look clean and smooth!
5 Nadine
This is just the best product of all time! Got my 5th bottle and I am just excited to get my next. Glow and smooth skin and acne scars that disappear just as fast as they show up. I am just in love with this baby, definitely recommend it
5 Robyn
After noticing the first signs of aging over the past year I thought I would tackle them head on and try and delay them as much as possible. I purchased this on a whim and im glad I did, my skin looks literally airbrushed after putting makeup on. Its just firmer and I have already noticed a difference in my most bothersome lines after two nights. I do recommend but its so expensive, but I cant deny it does work.
1 Candace Allen
I REALLY love the Alpha H Liquid Gold, it has made such a great difference to my skin, so I was excited to try this serum out. Unfortunately my skin just doesn't like it. The first time I tried it my skin felt like it was burning all night and was extremely tight, dry and sunburnt-looking for the following 3-4 days. I tried it one more time a few weeks later with the same result. My skin isn't overly sensitive and I have never had any adverse affects with the Liquid Gold, so I'm not sure what it is in here that's causing the reaction, but something just doesn't work for my skin.
5 Tatiana
I am 45 years old and I bought it because the high concentration of Glycolic Acid . After few months using it and looking old pictures before using the serum, I can see the difference,my skin is firmer and brighter much more uniform. I will not stop using it, now I am using max. 1 night per week just to keep the results. Yes, it is worth to suffer the sticky and gooey feeling to get the wonderful results. I super recommend!
5 chris
Have started using this along with Liquid gold on alternate nights. A little tingly at first but am very happy with the results. I have sensitive skin so was a little wary but I have had no reactions at all. Quite the contrary, it seems my skin is less prone to redness. Excellent product. Will try other alpha h products too to be sure.
5 Tara Adams
I got this last week, and have been using it daily in conjunction with the day liquid gold serum, and the cleansing oil of this range, which I also got a week ago. I am not normally a person who is able to maintain skin routines, but I absolutely love this! The effects have been fantastic in just one week. I live in New Zealand, so the weather here is harsh on your skin, I turned 40 (boo!) yesterday, and I can honestly say that within a week of using the alpha-a combination, (just the day and night liquid gold serums and the clansing oil), that my skin is plumper, softer and indeed dare I say looks younger than it has done in the last 2 years. Am definitely a convert for this range. My skin doesn't feel discomfort when using this, although I got the cleansing oil a few days after the serum, and i could definitely feel a tingle when using both, i guess this proves they both work well together- its not uncomfortable, just that you can feel it working, although I dont have overly sensitive skin. This stuff works!
5 Kerri-Lee Miller
I use this alternating with the Alpha H Liquid Gold and this has been a power combo for me. My skin has no dryness, the texture is leaps and bounds better, my wrinkles are smoothing out nicely and my skin is radiant and glowing. I am in love with this range and would highly recommend it.
5 Mimi
I wasn't expecting any miracles, purely bought this because of the high concentration of Glycolic Acid & Vitamin A. Now my skin is firmer as my smile line's are diminishing! Over all texture is smoother and brighter. I am willing to put up with a mild discomfort twice a week to get fabulous skin! This has become my Holy Grail of ALL skincare products.

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