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Alpha-H Liquid Gold Perfecting Daywear 50ml

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Alpha-H Liquid Gold Perfecting Daywear Zoom
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5 Ieva
BUY IT - YOU WON'T REGRET IT! :) WARNING!!! VERY LONG REVIEW AHEAD!!! :) I always thought how can people love some face or body products that they call it their HG and they swear to never change it again. Well, now I found mine. I guess there's always the very first time for everything. I never had any problem with my face skin. Like, ever. But.. there's always that small, but big at the very same time - BUT. Few years ago my face started to get pimples. Or whatever you'll call it. So, my whole life never having something like this, plus a bad habit to scratch all wounds or anything I have on my body did not help either. I tried many, MANY products.. nothing helped.. well, I admit that I thought they did for a week or so until everything healed and then, not longer than 3 days (seriously, there was only like 1 or 2 times in whole 2-3 year period that my face has been clear for 3 whole days), so then after those few days BOOM!! everything comes back, but worse. EVERY SINGLE TIME IT GOT WORSE. I tried drying it, I tried moisturizing it, scrubs, all kinds of creams, miracle stuff, essential oils (which are good, but for other skin stuff, not my problem, although I still use it and will continue using it :).. My sister-in-law even gave me a face cream that's also a bit on a pricey side, RM120, it is called ROYAL EXPERT WHITE CREAM, supposedly pretty big deal as no one ever complained about it, it even helped them so much with all skin problems, but me? Heh, not for me. Yes it helped until everything healed, as usual, pretty fast actually, but then again, everything worse and worse and worse. BUT, finally my prayers were heard as after I bought Avene's Cleanance K, which helped a bit, but made my skin VERY dry, as very moisturizing cream was absorbed into my skin very fast and I had to use approx 3 times more than I used usually.. and very rarely, actually.. So when I was searching for reviews about it, I found a girl named Laura (call-of-beauty-xo. blogspot. com) mentioning Liquid Gold, but somehow I was drawn to this instead of original, because of added moisturizing/bronzing effect :) P.S. - just in case you would get to read it one day - THANK YOU, LAURA, FOR MENTIONING LIQUID GOLD IN YOUR REVIEW! also, hopefully you got to buy it already as it is amazing! :) SO, WHAT I WANTED TO SAY ABOUT THIS SERUM is that only in one day it made my face clearer, finally radiant (after few days I guess I will not need any make up anymore as my skin looks amazing already :D ), so little make up was needed on my face to cover the redness that it actually amazed me AND my husband (not the make up part that amazed him, just so you know :). My husband, actually, was against buying it, as he started saying if I still trusted what people reviewed as many, and I do mean MANY other creams/serums and other stuff I checked upon did not work out for me, some made it even worse. BUT, he also was amazed by it's effectiveness and we both agreed that I will not stop using this serum unless they discontinue it, which I BEG OF YOU, ALPHA-H OWNER, DO NOT DO IT, FOR ALL OF US, as it is a real liquid gold for the ones who use it. Yes, it may be a bit pricey, may be cheap looking bottle, a bit sticky feeling on face, a bit stingy on skin, BUT, again this small but big BUT, it is so worth every penny you spend on it, every tingle you feel. If it helped me this much in just one day, which was way more than I expected and I expected A WHOLE LOT, then you should give it a try too, as I believe you will not regret it :) Phew, that was a very long review.. Sorry about that :) I also wrote exact review about Night repairing serum on luxola as both of these products are amazing and made dramatic changes to my face skin just in one use.
5 NJ
Great product. My sensitive skin did not react to it.
4 magda
It goes on smoothly, evens out skin tone and does act as a bronzer ( i was a bit surprised when I glanced at the mirror and saw how tan my face was, but it washes off so that's not a problem). It seemed to help my foundation last longer. Out of the three alpha h products, i'm using this would not be a must for me, whereas the night serum and liquid gold are a miracle. So if i reserve a 5 for these 2 (because they are amazing and nothing compares to them), I'll give this a 4.
5 Sue
A great add on to the Liquid Gold, leaves the skin so smooth, the tint was a worry but not that noticeable once applied, planning on getting the night serum to boost the effectiveness of the programme
5 Tara Adams
I got this last week, and have been using it daily in conjunction with the night liquid gold serum, and the cleansing oil of this range, which I also got a week ago. I was a bit concerned about the colour element, but although you can see the bronzing elements in the liquid, (and you can definitely see it when you cleanse after with the alpha-a cleansing oil yum!), it is not really a full on tint, it just evens out your skin- you would use this alone or under makeup or bronzer/tints for added effect. I am not normally a person who is able to maintain skin routines, but I absolutely love this! The effects have been fantastic in just one week. I live in New Zealand, so the weather here is harsh on your skin, I turned 40 (boo!) yesterday, and I can honestly say that within a week of using the alpha-a combination, (just the day and night liquid gold serums and the clansing oil), that my skin is plumper, softer and indeed dare I say looks younger than it has done in the last 2 years. Am definitely a convert for this range. My skin doesn't feel discomfort when using this, although I got the cleansing oil a few days after the serum, and i could definitely feel a tingle when using both, i guess this proves they both work well together- its not uncomfortable, just that you can feel it working, although I dont have overly sensitive skin. This stuff works!

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