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Alpha-H Multi Perfecting Skin Tint SPF 15 Light-Medium 30ml

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Alpha-H Multi Perfecting Skin Tint SPF 15 Zoom
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5 AlphaholiK
I have been using Alpha H for about 18 months now but Beauty Bay is a recent discovery. All orders made online. Delivery within a couple of days and kept informed of their progress so was able to arrange alternative delivery on the day, when I was at work. Overall, I can not praise Alpha H products highly enough. My once oily, acne and cyst prone skin is transformed! The recent addition of the Multi Perfecting Skin Tint, in place of my foundation, means that I'm no longer clogging my pores with make up during the day, undoing all the good work that Alpha H has done and improving my skin still further. It took me a few days to realise that less is more with this product, which has the added benefit of not looking caked. The concealer in the lid is great for covering any area of redness and concealing dark circles under the eyes. Again, less is more (I apply with a small detailing brush). I usually leave to settle for a few minutes and then I find that I need only a minimal amount of a very fine translucent powder (although I'm not sure that is actually needed at all, rather a habit of finishing with a powder). Provides a fantastic, natural finish and I'm wearing my amazing Alpha H skincare all day. Brilliant! Would definitely recommend Alpha H products and Beauty Bay. Thank you!

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