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Alpha-H Skin Solution Kit Normal To Oily

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Alpha-H Skin Solution Kit Normal To Oily Zoom
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1 Kristýna
even though i love alpha-h's liquid gold this kit was an absolute disaster for my skin! i have normal to combination skin and it made it all dry and flaky! there is nothing really moisturizing in this kit, it is only drying. not worth it at all.
4 Charlotte Dennis
I was using it every 2 days and only after a week, I was seeing results. My skin was much clearer and my redness had calmed down. However, I didn't know I had sensitive skin until I used this. The micro scrub made my skin tingle but I thought this was normal but I used the mask for the first time and my face was burning! I actually have a burn on my cheek from it so be careful and make sure you check what skin type you have. It was working great until I used the mask but don't use it for sensitive skin!
2 Dee
I was excited to test out these products, however within 2 days I developed an allergic reaction all over my face especially on my neck, &colletage, chin as the products instructed it should be used in these areas. I don't usually have sensitive skin and have trialed many products, never having a reaction to any in my entire life, so I'm not exactly sure what ingredients in Alpha H's products would cause me to have such an adverse reaction. I'm not sure if it was all the products or just one or two of them that caused this, but it is very unfortunate this has happened. Although I had the reaction, straight after using the cleanser, exfoliant, mask and creams, my skin was clear, smooth and had a healthy glow, so I'll give it 2/5 for that.

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