Antipodes Hallelujah Cleanser 200ml

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Antipodes Hallelujah Cleanser 200ml

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3 Anastasiya
I had such a high expectations on this cleanser and the whole series of Antipodes( cleanser, toner, cream and mask), but it gave me HUGE allergy! my skin can't heal for 10 days by now! My skin oily,but extreamly sensitive and reacts almost to everything, but after cancelling products that gives me allergy my skin heal very quickly(1-2 days)! After Antipodes my skin is like sandpaper.It's kind of dry,but there is a lot of tiny pimples that gives uneven texture. No matter what i do it just doesn't go away. The smell of patchouli is too strong for my liking. skin feels moisturized after using, so if you're not allergic to anything then this cleanser might be good for you, but not for me((
5 Kami
I'm a loyal Antipodes customer, but only recently tried the Hallelujah cleanser (gotta love the name). Oh wow! This cleanser really deep cleanses without stripping away oil. I love it! The most amazing thing is that your skin not only looks fresh but also feels moisturized. A keeper. Antipodes never fails me!

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