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bareMinerals Blemish Remedy 1g

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bareMinerals Blemish Remedy Zoom
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4 Nina
Definitely recommend. I am now ordering my 3rd pot of this. My skin generally isn't too bad but goes through bad patches and it works well as a treatment you can use in the day (not all sticky and gloopy!). It is not thick enough to cover the spot but provides a dry base for concealer. I find it works well to swirl/dab it in.
5 chris
Works perfectly on my oily skin. I love it.
5 Rosie
I bought this concealer after reading a lot of good reviews. I have suffered with acne for 6 years now and started using this concealer around 2 months ago and I have run out so I have just ordered another pot(I use it twice a day). The first thing that I must point out is that it does not smell bad at all, just of tea tree, which helps to dry out the spots. Also it does succeed in helping the skin, I have barely had any large painful spots since I started to use it. I apply it in the morning before putting on my bare minerals foundation and before bed. I have noticed that if you put it on a spot before it has reached the surface of the skin, the spot will go away quickly before the spot erupts. I would advise putting it underneath foundation or concealer as it mainly works to help the spots, not so much as a full coverage concealer. Overall my skin looks much clearer and healthier, so I would definitely recommend this product. Now I am just waiting anxiously for the next pot to arrive!
4 Pauline Singh
Products very good
4 kim
I have only had this product for a couple of days, I do notice a difference on the blemishes I have recently been trying to get shot of, it is helping them to heal a lot quicker than they normally would. It does smell a bit odd, which I expected due to the sulphur, I can cope with that if it gets rid of zits, but I just hope no one else notices ,because it is fairly pungent!! I would recommend using this under another concealer for better coverage as it only gave me a light coverage, especially for redder areas. also found a little bit drying.
5 Ksenia
Great product, works on me!
4 Charrile
It works, but not very easy to use.
3 Tanja
Covers up nicely, but doesn't do that much. Although starts to tingle if you put it on a blemish and doesn't make the blemish bigger, which concealers usually do.. Smells a little funny but you get used to it !
5 Kath H
I bought this to treat my own 50yrs hormonal skin. Over Christmas, my son was having skin problems so I offered him this blemish remedy as it does not have chemical or perfumed smell. He found the treatment effective and took it back to uni, so now I need another one for myself!
4 Kath
Not bad at all.Calming and soothing, and even covering the worst - but not completely.Liked it - especially when I need to wear make up. Feels better to start with this one.
5 Raquel
It works great on blemishes, treating and covering them at the same time! I take a little bit of it with my finger and massage a bit on the blemish that I want to treat and in a day or 2 it's gone! The pot is tiny but lasts a long time. Plus, the brush has great quality and I use it to put concealer on.
4 imathea
So tiny! Smells kinda funny and dries out the skin, but works on blemishes and have great coverage! :)
1 Michaela
This is not covering up anything, but it does kind of get the blemishes away... wierd
5 tweakle
love this product. used to have to buy and have sent over from america but cant be without!

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