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Dr. Brandt Flexitone BB Cream 30g

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Dr. Brandt Flexitone BB Cream Zoom
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5 Trudi
I was sent a sample of this cream with a previous order, I have never come across anything like this before. It is amazing, we are all searching for the one foundation that works. We all have drawers of products we have tried and never match our skin tone, look no further this is THE PRODUCT. It covers lines imperfections and all magically changes to suit your own skin tone. My search is now over I only need one product to cover and conceal and it makes my skin radiant try it.
5 Kat
LOVE this product so much, gives my skin a beautiful glow as well as a slightly tanned look (for this reason it is very important to rub it on to your neck as well!). Good/Light coverage, but even if it doesn't cover everything it really evens out your skin tone. Only minus is the smell, reminds me a lot of self tanning lotion.
3 Caro
Having tried and liked Dr Brandt products before, I gave this a try after running out of my usual BB cream. After following the instructions exactly, and shaking the tube really hard before each application, I was disappointed to find it doesn't match my 75% pink skin tone at all. After leaving it on it made me look like I had a put on a base two shades darker at the jawline. The finish and coverage are good, it lasts well but the colour adjustment simply doesn't work for me.
5 Han
I am a male and have a some red spots in my face. I tried the this BB cream and I really loved it: my face looks fresh and flawless. But don't forget to shake the tube before use. Also like the idea that it has built in sun protection!
5 Rosie
Great product! Have been using this for ages and has very nice coverage. When you apply you think it's greyish but colour adjusts very quickly to your skin colour. Don't forget to shake before applying. Has very good sun protection too!
5 Kirstie
Excellent product. I bought this BB cream simply because it was the only one I could find that didn't contain Iron Oxides (I have a severe allergy to nickel and react to the iron oxides) I have been wearing it every day for a whole week and NO reaction at all! No swollen, red or itchy eyes!!!Allergy aside, I would still recommend this product, nice colour, texture and coverage! Ten out of Ten!!!
5 Anne-Marie dean
Totally love this product-looks natural,but must remember to shake the tube before applying. Normally I get it in the USA as very difficult to find here in the UK so delighted to find it on beauty bay:-)
5 Rafaela
I just cannot live without!! =) I love it!! =)
1 Lisa
Im always dubious about 'one colour fits all' products as I have very pale skin. I put this on and turned a funny orange/brown shade, not flattering at all.
5 Jas
By far the best ive found. even coverage great colour on light to med skin tone. spf 30 also is great. People finding the colour to be inconsistent must remember to shake well before use as it instructs on packaging. LOVE THIS CREAM onto my 4th tube
5 Tina
I tried a lots of BB creams but this one is my favourite.
5 Fernanda
great product, with nice coverage and lots of protection. it's still impecable by the end of the day.
4 Annemarie Lykke Larsen
This is a very fine BB cream. Blends well, looks natural and has a good coverage. Remember to shake well before use.
1 Lily
It started out a tiny bit too dark for my skin when I first squeezed it out, but after rubbing it in it turned my face a browny-orange! I have light skin, so that could be it.
5 sue
I Love this cream! , it has great spf protection , great coverage , it firms ,brightens and makes my skin look flawless!! , if you have more pink in your skin tone or marks left from blemishes , this is the cream to use for everday perfect coverage and protection. I highly recommend it .
1 Talita
I had exactly the opposite impression: with me, it starts out really dark, and continued too dark for my skin (I have really fair skin, C1 color of MAC's Face and Body, for reference).
4 Lauren Thurston
Excellent product, It starts out white but as you rub it in becomes your perfect color. I love it and will defiantly buy again. But it does occasionally dry your skin out.

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