Dr. Lipp Original Nipple Balm For Lips 15ml

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Dr. Lipp Original Nipple Balm For Lips Zoom

Dr. Lipp Original Nipple Balm For Lips 15ml

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5 Romy
Love this lip balm! I've always had chapped/dry lips and found that many products don't actually hydrate my lips, however this one is amazing! I always put some on before I go to bed, and it's my go to balm in the morning before work. Consistency does take some getting used to because it is very thick..but it does work wonders :). Invest ladies!
5 Fabienne
Amazing product! I got a very dry and peeling bottom lip and this balm does wonders.
5 Sandra
Fantastic product, my lips are terribly dry, prone to chapping and peeling. I apply this at night and it has really helped keep my lips hydrated and has improved their condition immeasurably.
5 Cara
Brilliant lip balm, which actually hydrates. It's very thick in consistency, but looks like a sheer lip gloss when applied. I don't use it everyday only when my lips are really dry and after a week of use they are back to being hydrated.
3 Sabrina
It's ok, it does what is says, but my lips aren't too dry so I don't think I get all the great benefits that people talks about. I wont buy it again, just because I think I can ind something cheaper for my lips that don't need a lot more help.
5 Michelle
An amazing lip balm! I apply it before starting on my makeup and remove it when I'm ready to apply lipstick. Hydrates your lips without you having to layer a whole heap on. I've always had a problem with my chapped lips but this balm seems to fix it almost instantly!
5 Esther
This is one of the most hydrating lipbalms for my chapped and superdry lips! I will use the Bite agave mask every night before I go to sleep, I wake up with supersoft lips. Than I'm going to wash my face, put my make-up on and right before I use any lipstick or gloss I put a bit of this balm on my lips, whipe it a bit with a tissue and put on my lipstick. My lips finally feel moisturized throughout the day, even if I put on new layers of lipstick (even matte lipsticks!)! Amazing stuff ;)
5 Line
Excellent lip balm, which actually hydrates. It's very thick in consistency, but looks beautiful and almost sheer lip gloss alike on the lips. I use this before I go to bed or if I want a slight sheen to my lips.
5 Anna
Very nice lip balm. Really helped my super dry lips. Keeps them hydrated and soft for a long time. Yes, it's pricey, it's quite thick, you can't wear it under lipstick, but you need only a small amount of a product, it lasts on lips for a few hours and there is no need to reapply it all the time.
5 Christine Puntoriero
I have used this lip balm for many years, but no longer work in the city so I've found it easier to buy online. Really doesn't compare to any other lip balm I've tried. I use it every day and never bother with lipstick.
5 Rachel
Amazing product. Got it as a sample and now can't get enough of it. Great as a clear lip gloss as well. Lips were less dry after one use, unlike other balms where you have to have multiple applications. Buy! Buy! Buy!
4 Elena
Really helping my chapped lips, but a little bit too sticky for my taste (also impossible to use under some kind of other lip product).
5 Karina
I was a complete lip balm addict, I have tried everything under the sun. Then I tried this, I won't leave the house without it and I will never buy another lip balm! Tube lasts ages, my ONLY gripe is that I have had a few looks from people if they catch the word 'nipple' on the tube, but hey ho!
5 Anki Ho
It's good. My dry lips become more moisture.
5 Stephanie
It is definately the best lip balm that I've ever used so far. It doesn't smell nice. Other than that, it is super moisturising and it is so thick and it stays there for many hours so I don't need to reapply it constantly. I will keep buying it. Hopefully beautybay will carry it forever.
5 Liz
THE BEST LIP BALM EVER!!! I have extremely dry lips and have tried many lip balms and moisturisers. Nothing else moisturises my lips and keeps them that way for the whole day. I definitely recommend this product.

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