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First Aid Beauty Face Cleanser

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5 Georgia
This product is increadible! I have only used it for a week and my face has already cleared up so much ! It reduces redness and its cleared my skin so quickly, I'm definitely repurchasing this products and more from the first aid beauty line!!!
well i think it's a great cleanser, but i can't stand the smell of it. Literally smells like vomit. I don't know .. weird.
5 Kim
I love this cleanser! It leaves my face feeling so soft and feeling fresh, I can't believe I lived without this cleanser for so long! The only issue I have with it is that is ever so slightly stings my eyes. I don't use this to take my makeup off, I use it to cleans after removing my makeup so it's not a problem for me but something to keep in mind if you have sensitive eyes; however the sting goes away after rinsing and doesn't cause any lasting discomfort. I don't think I will bother trying any new cleansers from now. I think it's safe to say that I have found the one!
5 Shahrin
From the first get go, I've been impressed by this cleanser. I had all day dirt and makeup to cleanse off and lets be honest, it's a thorough job to take it all off, this product leaves your face squeaky clean and you only need the tiniest amount! However, it can cause your face tightening sensation but I can see past this because this cleanser is quick and efficient, it beats all the other cleansers I've tried!
5 Eilish
Love this face cleanser, leaves my skin feeling so nice and I only need to use less than a pea sized amount to wash my face
5 Jessica
This face cleanser is my holy grail! My skin is SUPER sensitive and acne prone. Its also irritatingly dry so trying to find a cleanser that clears up my breakouts and doesn't draw all the moisture out of my skin but this is amazing! I've been using it morning and night for the last 3 or so months and the change in my face is so drastic. My makeup applies smoother and my skin is nearly completely clear! If you have sensitive skin give this a go! You will not regret it. I buy the 140g size and it generally lasts me 6-8 weeks which is a lot as I double cleanse at night! Will 100% purchase again and will probably buy the size up! :)
1 Veerle
It smells so bad :( it's a good cleanser, but I had to stop using it because I kept smelling the product on my face even after I washed it off. I tried this for a week, maybe I could get used to the smell but it was too strong. Really dissapointed, because I had such high hopes for this one!
4 Michelle
I use the cleanser at night after removing my make up. My skin feels really clean afterwards and I also enjoy the thick lather. However, since I have dry skin the product is too drying to use twice a day. I also would avoid it during the winter months. But it's a nice break from all my cream cleansers and I like that it's a big tube for a reasonable price.
5 paul
A MUST HAVE FOR SENSITISED SKINS! I initially had a smaller sized tube of this cleanser in a kit I purchased around Christmas 2015. Lucky I did! As a frequent user of home peels (glycolic, salicilic and lactic acids) and also Isotrex (Tretinoin) for my adult acne it is inevitable I will suffer occasional irritation. I recently had two really bad skin traumas to the point where I couldn't even wash my face (I will spare you the grizzly details! ) I remembered I had my tube of First Aid Beauty Cleaner and felt I had nothing to lose. Low and behold this creamy, concentrated wash gave me ZERO irritation, a thorough clean and helped heal my skin in days! I went on to buy 2 full size tubes plus the Ultra Repair Hydrating Serum and Oil Free Mattifiying Gel (excellent also and NO irritation ) as I was so bowled over and don't want to be without this essential product.
5 Julie
I am currently on an Accutane treatment due to Acne, and I recently purchased this product. It cleanses really well and it leaves my skin moisturised which was very important for me when buying a cleanser. It works well on my sensitive and dry skin.
3 Jasna
I found it quite drying on my face,it made my skin feel really tight (I have combination,sensitive skin). Started also using it on my back where I have a few spot and it did a wonderful job at clearing them up.
5 Saira
Now this cleanser is a bargain buy. After using so many cleansers and always trying out different stuff for sensitive skin this baby is the bomb! It clears up zits, calms skin, moisturises and has also helped after allergic reactions. Froths up beautifully with the smallest amount. Lasts forever and at Beauty Bay prices cannot go wrong. Only issue for me is I need to stop swaying :)
5 nimrah
I was surprised of how big it was, it looks like it will last me a long time, excited to use this because of All the great reviews!!!cx
5 Mary
Fantastic! I've tried every face cleanser out there - from harsh and chemically to very sensitive and organic - this is the best balance of everything! It is strong enough to give my face a good clean and remove all make-up, but doesn't dry my skin out and irritate it more. I used to struggle with acne, but when I use this cleanser along with the daily moisturiser - I'm spot free!
4 Andie
I'm always hesitant to try out new products because of my rosacea. Been using this cleanser for about 10 days now and so far so good. I love that from this I finally get the squeaky clean feeling which I haven't been getting from all those ‘super extra gentle’ rosacea products, and my skin has been okay so far. Considering it is winter there is only so much I can expect from any product.
4 Lauren
Leaves skin feeling extremely smooth after use. Smells a bit odd but not so much to put you off the product. Really good product and did not break me out which is good
4 Evaaaa
Very nice consistency and I think my face is a lot more clear after using this! Although I hate the smell, I would repurchase it.
5 Priyanky Sivarajah
4 Maria
Love the texture and feel of this, but the smell really is a little like something that is burnt.
5 Elle Mac
This cleanser saved my skin. I've used proactiv for years but recently my skin went haywire. It was dry and flaky and breaking out badly on the lower half of my face. Which was a shock because I'm usually oily and breaking out once a month. So I stopped proactiv and went straight to this and the moisturiser (without spf) but still used my toner from proactiv and what a difference. two weeks in my breakout is barely visible, it is clearing up the hyper-pigmentation caused by the breakout and my skin is back to it's combination state. I am definately re purchasing this and looking at getting other things too. It has left my skin feeling supple, yet clean whilst returning my skin back to it's original state. LOVE LOVE LOVE it!
4 Lior
Quite good. Didn't give me a very fresh feeling after using though.
4 Kerstin Kempf
Works perfectly, but the smell is rather bad
4 Tove Hellerstrom
5 Marie
Love, love this product and brand. Your skin feels very clean and fresh afterwards and you only have to use very little amount of it.
5 Sofia Aslan
I have oily and dehydrated skin. I use it every night with my clarisonic brush and it does not leave my face tight after washing it.
5 Emily
I've been looking for a good cleanser for a while and came across this on youtube when a beauty guru was saying how good it is, so I decided to give it a try and its amazing!! It really cleans my skin and makes my skin feel really also reduces the redness of any blemishes!! It also works well with the Daily Face Cream from First Aid Beauty!! Will purchase again!! :)
5 Amy
clean really well without drying or irritants, my hubby with acne prone skin likes this very much...
4 Tania islam
This cleanser lathers well, you only have to use a pea-sized amount to cover your whole face. It seems to remove makeup well, and it's non-irritating and didn't dry out my skin.
5 Bex
I really like this face cleanser! It makes my skin feel smooth instantly, even when it dosen't have the moisturiser applied! I also noticed my skin looked a lot clearer and reduced the outlook of spots

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