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First Aid Beauty Facial Radiance Pads 60Pieces

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5 brooke
I use these in the mornings before school/work etc instead of washing my face(because i never have enough time). I love them, other exfoliating pads I have used leave my face slightly red but these don't do that. They are gentle enough to not irritate my skin but they do brighten and exfoliate my skin. Also First Aid Beauty is an amazing brand in the first place so whats not to love.
5 Emilie
Having very sensitive skin due to rosacea, I love that they are fragrance-free. Extremely gentle yet effective! Can see the effects on dry flaky areas immediately. Really helps with spots and healing too if a spot appears once in a while. Love!
5 Sian
Lovely product! Although the product hasn't give me flawless skin (still have areas of redness and acne scars which will take more than an acid toner to resolve!), I feel my skin has been clearer (in terms of little white bumps on forehead, jawline etc.) which I'm super pleased with. I find it's not too harsh and leaves my combination skin type feeling refreshed without over drying. I use this as an AM acid toner after cleansing and it provides a great base for serums/moisturisers without feeling like you have tonnes of product on your face.
5 Lisa
Absolutely and totally amazing. I will never be able to live without these now, they have given me dramatic results in the space of just a few weeks. I used to try every product on the market, with nothing working....these do exactly what they say - they brighten, tone, exfoliate and reduce pore size. Only need to use once a day at night to wake up to fresh and clear skin
5 Anita
I started using this recently, but I have already witnessed some great results. My skin is tends to be somewhat dry and flaky, but after using this a few times, the flakiness has already gone down quite a bit.
5 sanna
Product is nice, works great and doesn't break me out. I use this after I have cleaned my face and then I apply moisturiser.
3 Sami
really happy with the product. It makes my skin feel smoother. Would prefer not to cost so much.
5 Jasna
Amazing, definitely buying them again.
5 Ali Lightbourne
Really pleased with this product, and its immediate effect. I'm trying to be consistent with use a couple times a week as well as makeup removal occasionally at night. Best to use at night and remember to use spf the following morn to protect from sun damage
5 Agnese
Loved it.
5 Nika
I am on my fourth can of this and will keep restocking! It is a good AM acid toner and ok priced too. Can't say I have noticed dramatic results by just using this one product, as my routine is very varied and I try to incorporate quite a few products and switch them around so that my skin gets all the love I can possibly give.
5 Maya
I love this product it really does what it says and I feel really fresh when I have used these pads will defiantly re purchase
5 Angela
A great affordable acid toner that's also great for travelling! One of my favourites along with Pixi Glow Tonic.
5 Nadine
I am very happy with this product! After a month of using it once a day after removing my make-up, I've noticed that the skin on my forehead, which was very uneven, improved dramatically. Now, after two month of regularly usage my skin has finally become clear, smooth and bright. Inspite of lactic and glycolic acids in the product my sensitive skin doesn't feel any irritation. That's why I have repurchased this product!
5 Suhada chowdhury
I purchased after the skin expert Caroline Hirons mentioned this . Absolutely love it use in ever night after I cleanse. Reduces pores and skin feels so refreshed and clean . This is a cheaper option than cane Austin pads and they do the same thing ! There is no smell to it either ...
5 Deborah Keogh
These pads are not too harsh and only tingle a bit on me rather than sting my skin. They have really improved the overall texture of my skin. At first I used them every day but now I just use them 2 or 3 times a week to maintain the results.
4 Jenny
Amazing, skin is super soft, refreshed and glowing after. Only small gripe is they smell awful!
5 Henrietta Karmel
this is amazing! help the process of acne scars fading a lot quicker!
5 CleanLines
I don't usually leave reviews but this really warrants it! Fantastic at smoothing the surface of the skin and clearing pores. Total gamechanger for my acne prone sensitive skin. Makeup goes on like dream after using these. I find using one at night us sufficient and could even use them slightly less often. These pads have done for my skin in a week what I've been trying to achieve for the past decade! And I take my skin care pretty seriously.
5 joana
Extremely gentle on the skin and really works at leaving your face and neck smooth and silky. My skin is brighter and clear.
4 morenike
great product for my acne, helped clear my skin and leave it soft, also the product is not harsh on the skin.

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