First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream

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First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream

$9.50 - $22.80
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5 Anamaria
This cream is amazing!!!! My skin is so smooth and soft after just using it once.
5 Emily
I, just wow. I am 32 and have had problem skin like eczema and acne off and on since I was 15, I have never been so surprised by a cream as I was by this! To be honest I was not expecting much from this since I have had high hopes for products before and they have rarely lived up to their description, this one is an exception. It hydrates my skin (I have combination skin) perfectly without being even the slightest greasy or making my skin feel tight and dry, keep in mind that it is now winter and very cold were I live so I am used to having cracked skin parts of the year no matter what cream I use. At first when I used it I thought, well this is nice but we'll see when the breakout starts, as they always do. Still nothing after a few breakouts more than the occasional spot and I actually think the eczema has cleared up a bit (!) already, overall the skin is not as reactive and itchy as it has been with other moisturizers I've tried. I am amazed and so happy to have invested in a bunch of FAB products, I really feel this skin care line is for me. Worth the price for sure!
5 Kathleen
I really love this cream. It fixes Everything and makes my skin super smooth and not greasy.
5 Louise
Love this cream!! My skin is ridiculously sensitive and I also suffer from excemza/breakouts and this hasn't caused any reaction at all. Leaves skin really moisturised. Now purchasing the big pot!
5 Carolyn
Amazing moisturizer, I have very sensitive skin and Rosacea and usually have trouble with everything “for sensitive skin” anyway. But this has actually helped reduce redness, my acne goes away faster and I heal faster. It also moisturizes very well, I have no more dry patches and my skin texture is much better. It does have a slightly whipped consistency so there is a little less in the tub than you might expect and it is expensive for me, but it’s too good to care.
4 Fleur
This cream doesn't make me break out and it's really moisturizing. On most days I use the Peter Thomas Roth - 10% Glycolic Acid Moisturizer but when my skin needs a break or feels too dry, I always use this. Works fine and would definitely recommend this.
5 Zee
This cleared my eczema completely! After trying everything for 3 years, even prescribed/steroid creams. Life saver!
2 Victoria Evans
It was nice at first, really does hydrate. Though felt very synthetic and burnt because of all the alcohol in it and caused my skin to become more Sensetive. Wouldn't buy it again
5 Zoe
My skin is super sensitive and acne-prone while being relatively dry so I always worry about applying moisturisers. That being said, this cream is excellent. It sit relatively lightly on the skin, works really well and hasn't caused any breakouts. I'll definitely be repurchasing!
5 Liza Hansson
best cream I ever used! Been looking for a cream that works for my skin for years before I found FAB
5 Brooke
DREAM CREAM! This works wonders on my skin, my acne-prone oily skin might i add. I have combo skin, with some dry patches occasionally and needed a cream to suffice without sacrificing soft skin for pimples. A++
5 Ioanna
skin felt great!! not very heavy so great for summer too! but for oilier skins during summer great for night time!!
5 Marie
A really good moisturizer for dry skin. Had helped me with some red, dry spots in the face, which is almost gone now.
5 Stephanie
I have such a hard time trying to find moisturisers that do not irritate my skin and this one is perfect!! It does not leave that thick heavy greasy feeling some ultra moisturisers can have and it sinks into your skin instantly and makes your skin feel so smooth! I also use this for my hands before I go to bed and I always wake up with soft hands! I will definitely repurchase this product over and over again!!!
4 Tracey Dowers
5 Tatyana
Cream very much to all our family, odourless, very quickly absorbed, not bold. Really good heals for weather skin, inflammation. Father Mazal face after shaving, said that the wrinkles were smoothed, i.e. cream more and rejuvenating.
5 Tea Matija
good for dermatitis i have all over my body, although i though it would be richer in texture. i have dry skin so i have to apply it few times, but it works well on sensitive skin.
5 alison
I have eczema and been having rashes, super dry skin. This came through the mail just the right time! It calms down my skin and moisture great, it smells and work exactly like Elizabeth 8-hr cream, but at a lotion consistency!!
5 Elisa
A safe and excellent choice for really sensitive skin which reacts to all the skin product that should be safe but doesn't what they promise. I always have this cream just to be sure in case a cream I use cause me reaction
5 Sue
A wonderful standby for dry, itchy skin, also great for healing pimples when they get to the dry skin stage, would recommend this especially for sensitive skin.
5 evelyn
i think its the best for my sensitive skin!!
5 pluto
Excellent moisturizer for problematic skin. I was suffering from severe dermatitis on my face and this saved me. Do try if you have flaky skin.
5 Michelle
My legs are extremely sensitive - especially after shaving/waxing. This cream relieves any sensitivity and soothes shaving rash really well. It's not greasy at all and soaks into my skin really quickly leaving it soft and supple. Definitely a must have - and such great value compared to similar products on the market!

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