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Institut Esthederm Photo Reverse 50ml

4.5 10 Reviews
Institut Esthederm Photo Reverse Zoom
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5 Shokoh
I love esthederm
5 Emma Reynolds
After suffering from skin cancer and having two tumours removed I must now use a high protection to protect from sun, other products on the market I have tried leave a white residue and have a thick or sticky consistency, this product is light and absorbs into the skin nicely leaving it feeling soft and more importantly protected from the sun.
4 Eva
Nice product, have used it in harsh sun days and my skin has stayed protected. I use it on the back of my hands too as i dont want to get pigmentation spots from the sun. Can leave a bit of an oily feel on the skin however i dont mind it personally. Great for summer!
4 Cassandra
This is possibly the best sunblock around in terms of protection and pigmentation reversal, which I can attest to. However, personally I find it greasy and with regular use over the summer I ended up with a number of really painful spots which resulted in blemishes. If an oil-free version came about with the same incredible properties I would give it not 5, but 100 stars!
5 Cristina Villa Del Campo
5 Yee Yee
Best sun product ! There is no tackiness nor any white residue. It came out from the bottle as white opaque whipped cream-like texture that will disappear into your skin instantly. It has slight refreshing tangy citrus fragrance that will dissipate fully after around half an hour. I like its light texture and easily spread with fingers yet won't highlight on dry patches since I have very sensitive and dry skin. You won't feel like wearing a mask and in fact it feels like your second skin. It is now my must have and always wear it alone or under my make-up as primer during special occasions. The product arrived fully sealed in perfect brand new condition thanks to BeautyBay.
5 Greece
One product worth buying. The cream does not have the greasy feel factor which is fantastic! It easily settles on my skin right after application. I have sensitive skin on my face and this product doesn't cause me to have pimples.
4 Laura
I will buy this product here from now on- best price and speedy,free of charge delivery! I'm really nicely surprised, considering in Spain this costs some €16-20 more!!!
5 Su Ming Lui
Really does what it says - this product does protect skin from the sun and it did help to lighten my freckles. Amazing stuff that I would buy again.
5 Lynn
Love this brand, their products really do work, not just some big marketing write up! This truly does protect your skin FULLY from the sun and lightens those nasty dark areas. No more stressing while out and about in the sunshine! You will not tan at all with this, if you want a tan with no more lightening of your dark areas, use Photo Regul instead.

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