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5 20 July 2014 Karin
My boyfriend had developed an allergy to the sun – a real intolerance, sort of rashes, like a bad reaction – we tried everything and nothing seemed to help. He was not able to get any sun until I saw Lisa Eldridge talking about this product on her youtube channel. I ordered it and his problem was solved instantly after the first use. This is such a brilliant product! I am so thankful and happy for him. I already ordered another bottle.
5 19 September 2012 Becki
For the last few years my skin has broken out in a nasty, itchy rash after spending a few hours in the sun, meaning sunbathing was off the cards. Doctors have diagnosed conditions from heat rash to a sun allergy... However on discovering this product, the problem has almost entirely disappeared! If you have any sun sensitivity at all I urge you to try this!

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