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4 24 January 2013 hayley
it is a good product the only fault i would give this is that it is quite sticky on my face other than that overall is a good product
5 03 January 2013 Janette
This is the best sunscreen / moisturizer I have ever used I have Rosaea and it actually soothes not irritates my ski. Works all day and doesn't feel greasy. I am fair and use light. The mineral really feels different to any other sun screen I have used.
5 06 May 2012 Eleonore Janvier
I love this product, I live in Barcelona and use it everyday. I have fair sensitive skin and I have no problem with this product. It also gives a very nice healthy glow!
5 27 March 2012 Angela
Brilliant sunscreen, I first used it on holiday in Australia and it provides first rate sunscreen whilst giving the skin a healthy/non-greasy glow! I have really sensitive skin and this has caused me no problems whatsoever. Perfect for the summer months instead of make-up and greasy sun creams!
5 08 March 2012 JeTaime
My skin is very sensitive, somewhat dry. This sunscreen doesn't irritate when I apply it around my eyes. My skin color is pale with pink undertones but the "Light" color works fine because the coverage is sheer. Hint: try using toner or moisturizer before applying this sunscreen if you find it difficult to blend.
5 23 September 2011 Anita W.
This product is all the rage in Australia where I use to live. So I tried it. It gives a nice natural tan color (I use the medium), can be used around the eyes & also provides great long-lasting sunscreen protection. I highly recommend it! Using it daily it lasts about 3 months. It can be a bit thick, but I rub it in my palms first then dab it onto my face.

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