Mario Badescu Acne Facial Cleanser 6oz

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Mario Badescu Acne Facial Cleanser 6oz

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5 Axelle
This is the best thing ever!!! After 2 days i have already seen a big difference this is a miracle. Favourite product.
5 Leah
I've been struggling with oily skin, mild acne and pimples on my forehead, since I'm now 16 this was coming quite a concern to me, after trying countless facewashes and getting negative results I eventually bought this because of the good reviews, after 3 days of washing my face with this every day and night, I got clear results and could see my acne starting to disappear, I highly recommend this product that is truly from the gods!!!
5 Anonymous
Miracle in a bottle. My mom told me my face has gotten better after 4 uses! and I definitely see the difference too. Would definitely recommend to people with acne. It dries out your skin a little, but it doesn't matter because you see great results! i would recommend to use a moisturiser right after use :)
5 Olivia
Honestly amazing. Saw results within day 1. Dried my skin out a little- So would recommend a good moisturiser.
5 Irene
Love this cleanser, don't think I'll switch it out for anything else in a while. It helped get rid of the small cyst type acne I had on my forehead.
5 Diana
Great product!!! Helped my skin so much. Got the starter bag and will now continue this routine. Nothing helped me until I found this,great price and easy to use!
5 Jessica
I normally never get acne, maybe one pimple every few months. But a while back I had breakouts and I don't know why but I bought this cleanser and a lot of other Mario Badescu products. I liked this cleanser! I'd recommend to anyone with skin problems. I love Mario Badescu, really affordable and great products.
3 Julie
A good cleanser, though I found it a bit too harsh on my combination skin, so I would not recommend it to someone who has a tendency to get dry spots! But otherwise a very good cleanser which within a few weeks cleared up some of my acne!
5 Shanna
I highly recommend this product. I suffer badly with breakouts and blackheads using many products over the years but this by far is one of the best. After a few weeks using it my skin has improved in so many ways including my uneven skin tome. This product is great.
5 Elisa
This is a very useful product for someone who is looking for a cleanser for mixed skins. I will repurchase it for sure
5 Eleni
The best cleansing gel I have ever used. This helped to completely clear my skin up from all of the acne bumps I used to suffer with. The bottle lasts absolutely ages too, amazing investment compared to other more expensive brands!
5 hayley
one of the best things i have used, dosent make my skin feel tight after using it and its helping with break out of spots
5 Amy
This gel has changed my life! My face has never been more clear, I haven't had such smooth, plump skin since I was like..10? My face is smooth as a babys bum! This stuff is a life saver, emotionally. I now never ever feel the need to wear makeup. I have tried SO many other products, and nothing compares to this. NOTHING. I will be using this for a very very long time.
very good for oil skin,wash very clean,and whitout foaming ,not very dry
5 Kartika
I have been having mild pimple, popping up every once in awhile and scars... Ever since I started using this facial cleanser,my skin has actually improved over time. Scars fade a little and not as many breakouts as I used to have. It also helps to lightly cleanse your face if you have make up on. Been using this as a facial cleanser ever since I started!
5 kerry
The best cleanser I have ever used. It's non drying and a little goes a long way. I hardly ever have to order it but I wouldn't use any other cleanser now
5 Julie
I really love this cleancer from Mario badescu, i dont have so much acne, but after i start using this my skin is so clear! I also use more product from the Mario badescu. Drying lotion , Spesical mask for oliy skin, Anti acne serum. And today my Silver powder and Whitening mask come. Also I buy today Special Cucumber Lotion Its recommended to use after Acne cleansing and last thing I buy Almond & Honey Non Abrasive Face scrub. I love that beautybay have great price on product because in Norway is not so chip. For my pack I need to wait 7-10 days. Love you beautybay and Mario badescu product.
5 Shin Yun
I was suffering from severe acne broke-out since July 2013. I had acnes all over my cheeks, forehead and chin. Then until February 2014, I was introduced to MB products by my friend and I just give it a go, thinking that the situation couldn't get worse anyway and hoping for miracle. Until now I have been using this cleanser and MB special cucumber lotion for about 1 month and I do see the effect that it is working! There is no serious breakout, only a few tiny here and there, I would say my condition is improved by 90% now! I am just so happy for it and I would definitely recommend this to people who have acne problem.
5 Aneesa Shahzad
I would reccomend this product to anyone with acne. I suffer with severe acne and this product has helped to calm it down a lot. It also great to get off my make up whirl deep cleaning my skin. Decided to invest in a good cleanser and I heard about Mario badescu. I've only been using it for two weeks yet I've already seen an amazing result. Really pleased and I think this product is worth it for it's price. Doesn't stop breakout but helps to downside it. The only downside is, that it does dry out my skin after use.
5 Aimee
Love this product! I use to use proactive but found it was harsh on my skin, this is just as good but my face has no reaction!
3 Martina
A good cleanser indeed, it does its job quite well, but it's too invasive (especially if used daily as I do) and it DOES dry out the skin even though I have an oily one and it smells alcohol.
5 Sarah
This is the best cleansing product I've ever tried, I just bought my second bottle and my skin has never been better. I don't have acne, but i take a lot do medication that make me break out and this has been a life saver. It doesn't foam but still leaves the face clean and soft. I highly recommend this product.
5 Claire Kerry
This is a must have - i can not possibly live without - anymore!As soon as i run out my spots come back to haunt me. I use this everyday and every night. It leaves my skin spot free. I find it doesn't dry out my skin like some high street brands- it's my perfect combo for me!
5 Jekaterina
it is the best cleanser i have ever had, cleanser feels quite thick and luxurious, (i hate then cleanser is too waterly), cleans make up very well, skin is soft, doesnt dry skin.
5 Emma
This is the best facial cleanser I´ve tried so far! I´m 25, and still got problems with acne. I can´t say that my skin is flawlessly perfect, but this one in combination with special cucumber toner and drying mask has done wonders! I also use the moisturizer for oily skin and I can go a whole day without feeling greasy. One bottle last half a year for me.
2 Alice Blycker
It does make my face feel nice and clean, removing all make up, without feeling dry. BUT, and this is a big but, it does nothing to prevent my breakouts, I actually would go as far as to say that I have more spots now than before...
2 Ida Christine Dalum
Doesn't really seem to do anything for my skin. Just kinda.. feels like a regular soap? I've switched over to activated charcoal bar soap instead - cheaper and it works wonders!
3 Hedwig
It´s quite good and I do have slightly better skin. But haven´t had an amazing difference. I use MB´s Special Cucumber Lotion too. You definitely need more of MB´s spot control stuff for it to work really well. Smells absolutely gorgeously though!
3 Martha
It's a good cleanser! My skin is clear and soft. It doesn't dry skin!
5 rowena
I love this product.It keeps your skin clear and shine free!
5 Claire
Love it!! Keeps my skin clear and fresh, can't be without it! x
3 Julie
it's oke

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