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Mario Badescu Acne Facial Cleanser 6oz

4.5 75 Reviews
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5 Rosina
Brilliant gel cleanser!! I use every second day in combination with the Mario Badescu Glycolic gel cleanser. I have combination skin and hormonal acne - has really helped to clear this up without being too harsh.
5 Josie
I had been struggling with under-skin spots on my forehead and tried several face washes with no luck. As soon as I started using this they improved and after a few months had disappeared completely.
1 Aaniya
Had very high expectations after reading reviews however it did nothing to help my acne, in fact my spots are worse than before. Don't bother wasting money!
5 Rhiannon Boardman
I have suffered from medium to severe acne for 4 years now. Since buying this a little over a month ago my skin is completely clear! I used to have constant breakouts and so my face was very textured and now is completely smooth! I cannot recommend this product enough
5 Yasmin
Since I've been using this cleanser my skin has become clearer and clearer after the worst breakout I'd had in a very long time. My skin now looks so so healthy and youthful, I honestly can't believe it. Have been using in conjunction with the glycolic gel which I also think is fantastic. The cleanser has a lovely texture to it, it actually feels really comfortable and soothing on the skin. I've also noticed my skin looks plumper after use especially under the eye area, I'm guessing this is due to the hyaluronic acid. Won't be needing any other cleanser from now on!
5 Erin
I couldn't recommend this enough. Doesn't over-dry, lightly scented, great value for money. Not only did this clear up my mild/moderate acne, but this has prevented break outs from reoccurring. I've had prescription medication which doesn't even come close to how good MB skin care is.
5 Emily
I've paired this with the Special Cucumber Lotion and feel like they make a good combination. I'm usually wary with cleansers as my skin reacts easily to products, but this has been completely fine and very gentle on my skin. Impressed!
5 anon
I had to leave a review on this! I have been using this for almost 3 months now morning and night in conjunction with the cucumber toner and the oil free moisturiser. It is honestly a miracle worker! I visited my dermatologist yesterday and after suffering with acne for 5 years, she told me I finally had no active acne on my face. I also have extremely sensitive skin and all of the MB products I have used have been so gentle on my face yet the most effective! I am over the moon. I swear by Mario Badescu products!!
5 Rebecca
Saved my skin. Absolutely fantastic for getting rid of closed comedones and rough texture. Honestly one of my favourite products, a proper holy grail.
1 Lisa
I had even more breakout with this cleanser, 2 massive and painful spots on the cheek after 2 weeks of using this. Not sure what really causing this but I think it is too harsh on my sensitive skin and causing dryness.
5 Elle
I have been suffering with severe adult acne for months now and feel like I have tried everything to get rid of the sore blemishes. This product is an absolute miracle worker, I saw a difference after one use! I use this product of an evening after using the St. Ives exfoliating scrub and then use a thick over night moisturiser. When I wake up my skin feels amazing, my acne isn't sore and itchy anymore and the texture of my skin has evened out. Will be repurchasing again and again.
5 Anonymous
This is a great product! After just 2-4 days it's changed my skin! It looks clearer and overall much brighter! Defo buy again!
4 Laura
Bought this because of good reviews and I wanted a product with salicylic acid but I found out after I'd bought it that salicylic acid is considered pointless in a face wash as you rinse it off before it gets a chance to exfoliate. It doesn't take off mascara or dark eye makeup or lipstick but cleanses the rest of my skin fairly well. My skin has improved since I bought it but I bought it when my skin was particularly bad and changed a lot of products when I got it so I can't say it is definitely this. It doesn't dry my skin out and overall I do like it.
5 M
Just bought my second bottle of this acne gel cleanser. I love Mario Badescu - this skincare brand is a holy grail for me. I have oily/combination blemish prone skin and the acne cleanser gives my skin a deep clean and is so gentle at the same time. It feels so fresh afterwards and I see results of my skin clearing up within a fews days of using it morning and night. The best thing is that my last bottle lasted around 9 months so a little goes a long way and you definitely get your money's worth. If you have acne or blemish prone skin try this - you won't be disappointed.
5 Hannah
Wanted this for my oily skin that breaks out quite a lot, I read the reviews of people saying how 'life changing' it was. I've had it for 2 weeks, I have noticed a change but not THAT much of a change. Its good but not perfect. Has not made my skin extra dry. I will be trying the full bottle before I make my final judgement, it could just take a while to take to my skin!
5 Lyn
I had tried everything! For a year I had acne over my forehead, cheeks and chin. I had always suffered from spots but not like that! I used this cleanser and within weeks my skin was looking better. It worked wonders for me.
2 Sal
Was recommended by a makeup artist, first impressions was that it made my acne flare up more and that the cleanser irratated it :( other hand the packaging a cute
5 Hannah
I've only been using this stuff for a week and I'm OBSESSED. I have bad acne prone skin and this has done wonders with clearing up my skin and fading scars. I'm definitely ordering more
5 Halima
I have combination/oily skin along with small bumps and acne on my forehead and cheeks. I have tired many products (cheap and expensive) and this product along with the drying lotion has completely changed my skin. I immediately saw results after two uses and my acne has been clearing up (a little goes a long way). Will definetly buy again along with the drying lotion. Happy I discovered this skincare line.
5 Laura
My favortite cleanser! Helped a lot in reducing breakouts and doesn't leave the skin dry or squeaky after using it.
5 Jill
Am 42 and struggling with hormonal spots which are leaving scars. I started this on the advice of a friend and am really pleased with the results. The oiliness around my T zone is much better and I think the blemishes are also fading. Was worried that it would annoy my sensitive skin but so far so good - wold recommend!
5 Lois
I really like this, hasn't stopped my spots completely but has calmed them down soooo much. Works better than anything else I've used. It reduces redness, takes swelling down and really does prevent spots. Some do get through but I find they're a lot smaller than what they used to be so I'm happy with the results and would purchase this again. It totally smooths the skin out which I really like about it. The smell is fine. Deffo recommend.
2 Jade
I would love to be able to say I love this but If anything my acne has gotten even worse. I went from having small bumps to huge red painful spots all over my face. The cleanser it's self smells amazing and definitely makes your face feel clean. I have combination skin but this dries out the face and almost feels like it's burning so a good moisturiser is necessary.
5 Emily
I have been using this now for about 3 weeks and this is hands down the best I've seen my skin in a long time! At night I will go over small blemishes with the drying cream.. great products! Great results!
5 Maxine
Been using this face wash for 3 days now and my skin looks and feels amazing. Along side the face wash I use the Mario Badescu cucumber cleansing toner and the results are amazing!!!
5 Casey
A-mazing! Got this as a Christmas present with the Magnitone facial cleansing brush, along with the Mario Badescu Soecial Cucumber Loation and my skin has never looked so good! It's so soft and my breakouts have stopped! I used to really suffer around my chin area and since using this I've not had anything, I truly feel confident without make up again! Life saver!
5 Anon
WTF!!! This is some miracle working stuff. I received it after an extremely long wait (1month) but I would say it as definitely worth the wait, my skin feels and looks so different. I've never suffered from acne, but do get the odd spot now and then, but this has transformed my skin. My skin looks so much more healthy after only 3 washes. I wouldn't recommend using the product without the Mario badescu special cucumber lotion because it helps rebalance the skin and get rid of the oiliness.Also I had a bad allergic reaction to hairspray which left scarring and I can already see it fading away, even though I had been using proactive plus it didn't lighten the scarring.Use a good moisturiser too as it does tighten and dry your skin but you will definitely see results within a few uses.
1 Ahad
Literally doesnt do anything for acne, in fact makes the skin worse, i get spots after using this!
5 Tatiana
badass face cleanser!! it can sting sometimes or cause abit of heat on your face after using it but omgg it does wonders! in love with mario badescu products, has generally been the only thing to save my skin! buy buy buy
1 Natasha
Can't believe it! This product has given me more spots...not worth the money
5 Axelle
This is the best thing ever!!! After 2 days i have already seen a big difference this is a miracle. Favourite product.
5 Anonymous
My skin type: combination, cystic acne, normal spots, black heads white heads, the whole works.I wanted to try this for a month before I wrote a review, I take this seriously. I didn't change any other part of my skin routine so I'm sure the results were due to this cleanser! it is great for acne. It helps with clearing skin, it doesn't completely stop breakouts (obviously) but in my opinion it speeds up the recovery process very much! it also slightly lightens redness from fading scars! it also seems to work very well with preventing breakouts since using this product alone breakouts reduced by about 60%! I don't find this to be harsh at all either, I use it with a clarisonic to really get a deep clean and its really worked for me I really reccommend this product
5 Leah
I've been struggling with oily skin, mild acne and pimples on my forehead, since I'm now 16 this was coming quite a concern to me, after trying countless facewashes and getting negative results I eventually bought this because of the good reviews, after 3 days of washing my face with this every day and night, I got clear results and could see my acne starting to disappear, I highly recommend this product that is truly from the gods!!!
5 Danielle
This has to be the most amazing acne treatment I have ever used! I wish I could attach photos of my skin before and after! I noticed dramatic changes after a week and now I don't need to wear makeup! It's incredible
3 Eilish
I have very sensitive skin and this did not work for me, only used it twice and my skin reacted, I would advise not to get this if you have sensitive skin. Disappointed as I was excited to see if this worked on my acne prone skin, but couldn't continue using it :(
5 Justina
I've been waiting for nearly over a week to finally sit down and review this beauty! I have had severe subclinical acne for about four years now, and have gotten through a numerous amount of daily acne gel tubes with little to no help at all for my skin condition. I also splurged on a Clarisonic, which again, didn't do much. After discovering the brand, I did some research, and found myself interested to try out their products. I couldn't be more happy to have purchased this (not so) little one! I've only used the cleanser for eight days as of today, yet there's a noticable difference. I also pair this with the Aloe moisturiser, so that my skin does 't produce any excess oil, as it's quite oily to begin with.
5 Anonymous
Miracle in a bottle. My mom told me my face has gotten better after 4 uses! and I definitely see the difference too. Would definitely recommend to people with acne. It dries out your skin a little, but it doesn't matter because you see great results! i would recommend to use a moisturiser right after use :)
5 Olivia
Honestly amazing. Saw results within day 1. Dried my skin out a little- So would recommend a good moisturiser.
5 Jessica
This has got to be the best cleanser I have ever used, and I have tried a lot of different cleansers! within a few weeks my skin cleared up and with continuous use my breakouts have become less noticeable and less often. its gentle to the skin although sometimes it stings a little but I think that's just where my skin is a very dry sometimes. all other cleansers I have used do not match up to this, and a little goes a long way!
5 Bella
Love love love this cleanser, this has made a huge difference to my skin, I won't be switching anytime soon.
5 Nina
Amazing cleanser, after 3 weeks of usage my skin has cleared, I only have some blackheads left. It doesnt irritate my skin or leaves it dry, it's great. I'm not buying anything else but this!
5 heidi
Been using this every day for the past 3 weeks and it has worked amazingly for me. Don't think I'll ever use any other product again my skin feels so clean after using it and is starting to really clear up!!
1 Anh
I did not read carefully the ingredients. This product contains paraben which is very harmful to your health. I have to throw this away.
5 audrey
love this so much!!
2 Maryam
Really not impressed at all, didn't do anything remarkable, didn't feel like it was particularly cleansing. Also was really hard to get it to lather.
5 Natalie
So in love with MB products! This glides on beautifully and is helping to minimise my adult acne! Thanks MB and Beauty Bay!
5 Suze
Well I actually got send this product my mistake (I ordered the Glycolic Foaming Cleanser), but Beauty Bay was very good about it and told me I could keep this product (Customer service was amazing), so I thought I might as well try it, right? Well, I have to say the first few times I didn't really like it because it doesn't really foam up and it doesn't leave your face squeaky clean. But at the same time my skin started to clear up really fast. I think this gel cleanser is just really gentle, but affective. I used too associate clean skin with a very tight feeling after showering but this is just so comfortable. It shows that you don't have to dry your skin out to clean it. I just ordered my second bottle of this stuff because I love it so much. My skin feels soothed and since I have cystic and hormonal acne that is amazing.
5 Irene
Love this cleanser, don't think I'll switch it out for anything else in a while. It helped get rid of the small cyst type acne I had on my forehead.
5 Diana
Great product!!! Helped my skin so much. Got the starter bag and will now continue this routine. Nothing helped me until I found this,great price and easy to use!
5 Jessica
I normally never get acne, maybe one pimple every few months. But a while back I had breakouts and I don't know why but I bought this cleanser and a lot of other Mario Badescu products. I liked this cleanser! I'd recommend to anyone with skin problems. I love Mario Badescu, really affordable and great products.
3 Julie
A good cleanser, though I found it a bit too harsh on my combination skin, so I would not recommend it to someone who has a tendency to get dry spots! But otherwise a very good cleanser which within a few weeks cleared up some of my acne!
5 Shanna
I highly recommend this product. I suffer badly with breakouts and blackheads using many products over the years but this by far is one of the best. After a few weeks using it my skin has improved in so many ways including my uneven skin tome. This product is great.
5 Elisa
This is a very useful product for someone who is looking for a cleanser for mixed skins. I will repurchase it for sure
5 Eleni
The best cleansing gel I have ever used. This helped to completely clear my skin up from all of the acne bumps I used to suffer with. The bottle lasts absolutely ages too, amazing investment compared to other more expensive brands!
5 hayley
one of the best things i have used, dosent make my skin feel tight after using it and its helping with break out of spots
5 Amy
This gel has changed my life! My face has never been more clear, I haven't had such smooth, plump skin since I was like..10? My face is smooth as a babys bum! This stuff is a life saver, emotionally. I now never ever feel the need to wear makeup. I have tried SO many other products, and nothing compares to this. NOTHING. I will be using this for a very very long time.
very good for oil skin,wash very clean,and whitout foaming ,not very dry
5 Kartika
I have been having mild pimple, popping up every once in awhile and scars... Ever since I started using this facial cleanser,my skin has actually improved over time. Scars fade a little and not as many breakouts as I used to have. It also helps to lightly cleanse your face if you have make up on. Been using this as a facial cleanser ever since I started!
5 kerry
The best cleanser I have ever used. It's non drying and a little goes a long way. I hardly ever have to order it but I wouldn't use any other cleanser now
5 Julie
I really love this cleancer from Mario badescu, i dont have so much acne, but after i start using this my skin is so clear! I also use more product from the Mario badescu. Drying lotion , Spesical mask for oliy skin, Anti acne serum. And today my Silver powder and Whitening mask come. Also I buy today Special Cucumber Lotion Its recommended to use after Acne cleansing and last thing I buy Almond & Honey Non Abrasive Face scrub. I love that beautybay have great price on product because in Norway is not so chip. For my pack I need to wait 7-10 days. Love you beautybay and Mario badescu product.
5 Shin Yun
I was suffering from severe acne broke-out since July 2013. I had acnes all over my cheeks, forehead and chin. Then until February 2014, I was introduced to MB products by my friend and I just give it a go, thinking that the situation couldn't get worse anyway and hoping for miracle. Until now I have been using this cleanser and MB special cucumber lotion for about 1 month and I do see the effect that it is working! There is no serious breakout, only a few tiny here and there, I would say my condition is improved by 90% now! I am just so happy for it and I would definitely recommend this to people who have acne problem.
5 Aneesa Shahzad
I would reccomend this product to anyone with acne. I suffer with severe acne and this product has helped to calm it down a lot. It also great to get off my make up whirl deep cleaning my skin. Decided to invest in a good cleanser and I heard about Mario badescu. I've only been using it for two weeks yet I've already seen an amazing result. Really pleased and I think this product is worth it for it's price. Doesn't stop breakout but helps to downside it. The only downside is, that it does dry out my skin after use.
5 Aimee
Love this product! I use to use proactive but found it was harsh on my skin, this is just as good but my face has no reaction!
3 Martina
A good cleanser indeed, it does its job quite well, but it's too invasive (especially if used daily as I do) and it DOES dry out the skin even though I have an oily one and it smells alcohol.
5 Sarah
This is the best cleansing product I've ever tried, I just bought my second bottle and my skin has never been better. I don't have acne, but i take a lot do medication that make me break out and this has been a life saver. It doesn't foam but still leaves the face clean and soft. I highly recommend this product.
5 Claire Kerry
This is a must have - i can not possibly live without - anymore!As soon as i run out my spots come back to haunt me. I use this everyday and every night. It leaves my skin spot free. I find it doesn't dry out my skin like some high street brands- it's my perfect combo for me!
5 Jekaterina
it is the best cleanser i have ever had, cleanser feels quite thick and luxurious, (i hate then cleanser is too waterly), cleans make up very well, skin is soft, doesnt dry skin.
5 Emma
This is the best facial cleanser I´ve tried so far! I´m 25, and still got problems with acne. I can´t say that my skin is flawlessly perfect, but this one in combination with special cucumber toner and drying mask has done wonders! I also use the moisturizer for oily skin and I can go a whole day without feeling greasy. One bottle last half a year for me.
2 Alice Blycker
It does make my face feel nice and clean, removing all make up, without feeling dry. BUT, and this is a big but, it does nothing to prevent my breakouts, I actually would go as far as to say that I have more spots now than before...
2 Ida Christine Dalum
Doesn't really seem to do anything for my skin. Just kinda.. feels like a regular soap? I've switched over to activated charcoal bar soap instead - cheaper and it works wonders!
3 Hedwig
It´s quite good and I do have slightly better skin. But haven´t had an amazing difference. I use MB´s Special Cucumber Lotion too. You definitely need more of MB´s spot control stuff for it to work really well. Smells absolutely gorgeously though!
3 Martha
It's a good cleanser! My skin is clear and soft. It doesn't dry skin!
5 rowena
I love this product.It keeps your skin clear and shine free!
5 Claire
Love it!! Keeps my skin clear and fresh, can't be without it! x
3 Julie
it's oke

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