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Mario Badescu Acne Repair Kit

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5 millie
yes!!! im so happy with this kit! ive been using the products for less than a week and i can already see results. the drying cream is fab!
5 Lily
This kit is totally worth it, honestly.The dying lotion is AMAZING
1 Zeenat
This product has not worked at all for me .. to say i am dissapointed is an understatement - money wasted ! Refund please .
3 amy
Just bought this and really excited to give it a go!
5 GG
I've been using this kit for 6 months and I think It's excellent !! My skin is normal to oily skin type, and I would say It is acne-prone as well. I think buffering lotion works best for under-skin pimple, white head or cystic acne because It gets really deep into your skin to treat the beneath part and that may make the skin feels irritated as first, however I don't think It does prevent future breakout, you need to use constantly for at least 3 months to see the full result. The drying lotion works wonder for cysts, nodules or pustules, after picking or removing those you can use the product to prevent it to come back in the future, the least satisfied product might be the dry cream because firstly i don't like the smell, however it's not that of a big deal, I think it does conceal your acne so you can use it under you make up not really as a concealer but more like a treatment and sheer coverage for your pimple, especially cystic or white head acne, I would suggest to leave the cream for 10' before putting makeup products so It won't move around !! Overall these are THE BEST anti-acne products I've used so far, I'd suffered from severe acne and went to many dermatologists, tried many products and treatment but I found out these myself and cleared my skin myself ! so I think you should give it a try !!
4 Shelly
I love to use the drying lotion and the buffering lotion hand-in-hand - effective solution for acne in one night (I don't mean the acne disappears suddenly, but they look less reddish and bumped). However the drying cream seems to set a stage for the acne eruptions. This is really disappointing :(
5 Raeanna
Honestly I love this kit. My skin has cleared up a lot. The drying cream works really well, but does smell a bit
5 Victoria
This kit works amazingly!! Honestly the best products I have ever tried for my skin. The drying lotion is especially good at getting rid of spots overnight, very good and worth the money 100%
5 Louise
I have tried many different treatments for cystic acne. Nothing has worked as quickly as this kit has on cysts and surface spots. The smell is very medicinal and refreshing. Definitely buying again!
5 Tami
5 stars for drying lotion. Buffer wasn't helpfull at all. Drying cream is nice.
5 audrey
works better than other acne creams
2 Deborah
I wanted to love this product so much, but it really fell flat for me. The drying lotion dried up whiteheads after 3 days with continuous application and didn't work much better than using toothpaste or a normal spot treatment from boots...the drying cream didn't seem do do anything and neither did the buffering lotion (I used them for over 2 weeks and didn't notice much difference at all.) if you're thinking the kit, just go for the drying lotion.
5 Natalie
So in love with MB products! This even helps with the horrible under the skin cystic acne bumps - saving me from hideous adult acne. Thanks MB and Beauty Bay!
5 Glo
Bought this a few months ago as my skin was having random breakouts. I can say the drying cream has been skin is so clear at the moment. I used this product at night as it doesnt all disolve into skin. The smell is not that bad in comparison to the results. Started seeing results 2days after use by the 4th day people were asking what I was using as my face had cleared up. Would defininaty recommend this. I now use it every 3/4 times a week. However i havent actually used the other 2products as i have been happy with this...but great to have an option as i was unsure which to buy.
4 Mateus Augusto
It's a good kit for people with different types of eruptions. For me, the drying lotion was the best of the three products, but I'd say the buffering lotion really helps with cystic acne, although I was hoping for faster results. As for the cream, I use it a lot, but I'm not sure of how effective it is, but my forehead is clearer anyway.
4 Qian Sun
works better most other acne treatment products
5 Marianne
This kit saved my life ! I have been suffering from acne since I was 10, and now I'm 22 and began to have cystic painful acne, awful ! I was desperate to find something that actually work on me and heard lot of good things about Mario Badescu range, so I tried.... And no more cystic acne for me ! I didn't get cystic acne anymore since I'm using those product and my whole acne is clearing up so fast ! I just love the kit and products and will definitely buy again !
4 Becki
I was torn between purchasing the drying lotion and buffering lotion so eventually decided to purchase this kit to get both, plus the drying cream. The drying cream has actually turned out to be my favourite so far - after two weeks of using it on patches of small under the skin bumps on my chin and forehead, they have significantly reduced. It doesn't smell great and doesn't rub in completely but that's fine for over night - and to be honest, the fact it's not heavily scented to counteract its actual smell gives me more confidence in the product. The drying lotion definitely reduces the severity of big spots over night, but still not sure if the buffering lotion does anything. It's quite hard to apply as it's very watery, but I'm going to persevere. All in all - definitely worth a try if you're happy to part with the money.
5 Racheljit Kaur
This is a very good set for acne prone skin. I use all 3 depending on what kind of pimple i'm dealing with. The drying cream works wonderfully for those pesky small bumps on my face. It does have a funky smell but doesn't bother me. It last FOREVER as you only need a tiny bit. I use the buffering lotion for more painful huge zits and lastly my favourite the drying lotion. A quick fix!!
2 Raquel Mendes
Honestly, didn't like any of the products! The drying lotion is WAY too drying and irritating and doesn't really help pimples heal faster and does absolutely NOT heal whiteheads overnight. The buffering lotion is just useless and the drying cream does very little.
4 Deb
Drying lotion is absolutely fantastic! Had a massive spot right in the middle of my forehead (looked like I was trying to grow a new head!) and it disappeared overnight! Haven't found much use for the drying cream/buffering lotion though so I'm knocking off a star
5 Imsurenla Longkumer
It's a great kit, but I think the drying lotion and buffering lotion are most effective. The drying cream makes skin flaky.
5 Kate
Drying cream - too heavy/sticky!Buffering Lotion- didn't really do anything!Drying lotion - very good :-)
5 Michelle Elphick
Miracle Treatment - instant results -kind to skin -no redness - would highly recommend - giving it a try.
5 Mike
very good
5 Annabe Lowe
Fantastic results! Would recommend this to all acne sufferers. I noticed results in just 2 days!
5 Iman
Amazing products. I could see the difference within the first 2 days of using these products. Definately would recommend this to people suffering with spot prone skin and acne scarring.
4 Robyn
I don't have acne but get troublesome spots and this set does help to speed up recovery time and dry spots out. It doesn't work instantly but really makes a difference. Normally I don't see any improvement no matter what I do.
5 Saha
wow, i cannot believe the results of these products! It only took 3 days for me to start seeing results and now i just cannot imagine living without it? I've tried many products from high end and low, and this has got to beat them all.
5 Scarlett
I cannot believe how much my acne has improved since I started using Mario Badescu's products, esp. this kit. I never even used to get so much as a pimple when I was younger, but since I hit my 30's, acne has been a real issue for me. No longer, thanks to MB. I'd recommend it to anyone with problem acne.

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