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5 26 March 2014 GEORGIOS
Great lotion from M.B. Leaves my skin silky!
5 28 February 2013 Rachael Pickering
I bought this product because I liked the fact it was gentle but contained 2% alcohol. It is kind but does get rid of left over make up and grease etc. I would definitely buy this product again. I purchased the Ensyme cleansing lotion, buffering lotion, drying lotion and drying cream and after only one week by skin has never been clearer. I suffered with congestion around my chin area (hormonal) and also those horrible blind spots and the Mario Badescu products have totally changed my skin, I am left with only one under the skin spot and a few red marks from big spots healing! I am so happy I cant stop raving about the products! There is a way to have clear skin! (also cut out sugar in diet!!!!)

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