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Mario Badescu Alpha Grapefruit Cleansing Lotion 8oz

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Mario Badescu Alpha Grapefruit Cleansing Lotion Zoom
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5 Grace
I absolutely love this cleanser. I have never used one as part of my regime but I got a free sample of it and have been using it every morning and night for a week or two. I have just bought a big bottle as it's amazing. I have very dry skin and after using this cleanser my skin is so soft and feels nourished without any oiliness. Highly recommend this product!
5 Nora
Very gentle wash I only feel safe using this over any other body wash honestly. My leg skin is prone to bumps and red dots all over and this has not 'helped' yet but it definitely does not dehydrate the skin. I use it in conjunction with weekly salt scrub and chemical exfoliation and Alpha Skincare BHA Revitalising lotion daily.
5 Christin
I love this Cleansing Lotion, got it first as a complemetary sample, just haven`t received it yet ( after a hole month has passed, almost) Doesn`t in anyway dry your skin out. Will keep on ordering this. You`ll absolutly love it guarantee.
5 Cat
Got this as a free sample , and I don't know how I've coped with out it! Recently started on hormone contraception which overnight gave me bad acne and oily skin. One use and my skin has never been so good! Leaves your skin soft and extremely clean looking and feeling
5 Hannah
I got this as a small sample after placing a big order on beauty bay. It also came with the Mario Basescu shower gel and it is truly amazing. I have really dry and sensitive skin and since using the product it's really helped my face become clearer and looking more radiant. I will definitely be purchasing this product once my bottle has ran out!
5 Vittoria
I LOVE this toner! it smells AMAZING, and I will surely repurchase it again especially because of the smell; I have oily skin and it does not cause me breakouts; it just calms my skin and does not dry it!
4 Pinky
I have oily but sensitive skin with acne problem. I don't think it helps with the skin texture but it's calming and really fresh even after many layers of application. I like covering my skin with cotton pads soaked in this tone.
This Lotion is really good for my dry sensitive skin. I doesn't dry out my face and it leaves it really soft and polished, perfect for all the treatments that I put afterwards.
5 Nafisa
Skin feels really nice after use & smells lovely!
3 sofia
My skin felt really smooth after using this toner but I did not see any differense.
5 Ines
Just bought the full size of this after getting a free sample. I can't decide which I love more now, the seaweed cleansing lotion or this one. They both smell amazing, cleanse beautifully and leave my skin super-soft. For now I'm alternating but I dread the day I have to choose!
5 Mafalda
I got this as a sample and what I can say is that it is a great lotion. Sometimes I feel that lotions can dry your skin a little bit, but not with this one. Very comfortable.
5 Hanne
Definitely recommend this toner for those with combination skin. Even on my superdry cheeks it felt lovely. Calms and refreshes, and smells nice too. Will repurchase!
4 Silke
This cleans my skin without drying it out.The smell is a little odd though, it reminds me of really old soap. I love the way it works, just not too fond of the smell ;)
5 Sina
I am so in love with this product, words don't even do it justice! My skin is combination and very sensitive. I also suffer from redness and the occasional breakout, but most of the times 'things' just start heating up under the surface and never really become a pimple, but rather remain an annoying bump just for fun. This lotion really helped with the redness, reduced the extra oil I got around the sides of my nose and even got rid of the 'bumps'. And for some reason it still managed to soothe the dry parts of my skin. Never gonna be without it again. Simply amazing!
5 Zoe
I just love this product! I got a sample and now I am going to order a bottle. I love the way it smells it refreshes my skin and makes it glowing without drying it. 5 stars!
5 livi
This product is amazing! i got a free sample of this never heard of the brand before and after the first use i noticed a massive difference in my skin, it took away redness and helped clear my acne. I now have to buy the full size bottle. MUST have!!
5 Ashleigh
I cannot rate this prodct highly enough, within one use I noticed a massive difference - it calms any redness on the face, reduces spot size and yet it feels refershing - alot of products I have tried in the past leave a stinging tingly sensation - this just makes the skin feeling and looking amazing - a must buy!
5 Mimi
I love Mario Badescu products! My skin is getting clear and glowing again, wonderful.

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