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1 19 November 2014 Olga
It just holds back the pimple from being a whitehead..after 3days of use pimples still there other than drying em out..pimple goes away after pushing it
5 20 August 2013 Sarah
In terms of an acne prevention product, I give it top marks. Quite a mild treatment so not sure how it fares on existing acne. However when used every evening before bed, this product has really helped to keep eruptions at bay. Another great product from MB!
4 12 January 2013 julie kristensen
this is such a good problem! i suffered from blackheads and acne in my t-zone, butt after using this for 1-2 weeks it almost disapeared completedly!
3 29 July 2011 anne
Not been using it long. Face was upset first few nights but calmed down a bit now. Am using in conjunction with drying lotion, so fingers crossed I will keep blemish free.
5 15 April 2011 LadyG
Brilliant stuff. Milder than the buffering lotion but great for clearing up congested skin. I don't know what I did before I used Mario Badescu!
3 01 February 2011 Nina
Helps remove acne, but when i apply it, it feels sticky. I also used it i most of my face and it dries out the skin. Norway

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