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Mario Badescu Buffering Lotion 1oz

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3 Grace
I'm an 18 year old female, and I've had cystic acne for around 3-4 years now. I really don't know what's causing it, but it may be hormonal. I've tried a ton of products for my skin and nothing has really helped my cystic acne besides chemical peels (I get Vi Peel). But I wanted to find something that would work in between the peels and would actually be an effective spot treatment. I was hoping the buffering lotion would be as magical for me as it seems to be for nearly everyone else who's tried and reviewed it. Of course, with my luck, I'm kind of disappointed in a way. Deep down I kind of knew this wouldn't be my magical fix for getting rid of cystic breakouts (I've gotten my hopes up before about a lot of other products, and am always left disappointed), but I can't help but be upset about it. I've tried it for four days now. It's not completely ineffective, it does seem to help to an extent. It seems to kind of stop my cystic spots from getting bigger, which is fantastic but it also stays red and turns into a hard bump under my skin rather than go away like most people said theirs did after using this. If I catch a new cystic spot right away maybe it'll work a lot better, but I'm just not really experiencing the amazing life changing results everyone else seems to be. Fortunately though, I haven't experienced any dryness or irritation from it either, which I've seen some people mention before. I'll still keep trying it, but I think it's kind of obvious it's not that final step I need in my skincare routine to finally get clear. I know how discouraging it can be to read a sort of negative review about a skincare product that seems to have so much promise, but this is just my own experience out of many other people's successful ones. I'd still recommend it, because obviously it's helped a lot of people and maybe it could help me too if I keep giving it a few more tries.
1 NL
After researching many products I settled on this one because of all it's glowing reviews. Unfortunately, I have found this lotion to be completely useless for my cystic acne. It does nothing to reduce the redness or swelling, and I absolutely HATE the consistency of it. It's so runny that it's very difficult to apply- I'm surprised no one has said this. I was expecting it to be thicker so you could apply it to one place and have it stay there. Overall I'm very disappointed.
5 Student
This product is AMAZING!!! I have always been concerned and paranoid about my skin around my chin area as it was always lumpy with white heads that weren't actually white heads. I used this product 2 nights in a row and the difference was already visible. As well as my other Mario Badescu skin products from Beauty Bay I have added this buffering lotion into my night time regime. Def my new essential!! Yes pricey, but honestly, it's completely worth it!!
4 jordan crystal
settles spots and reduces scars and redness i use this alone with the drying lotion my skin has never looked this good after having acne for about a million years ahaha give it a try, does last a while just the smells quite strong
5 Maddie
I started getting very hormonal skin in my back, really painful cyst like spots. I was so embarrassed to wear backless tops. Within a week of using this along with the pink lotion my spots went! They are completely under control I only use it now when I need too. It's like it got rid of them forever. I'm now using other skin items in this range as really love it.
5 Julia
I'm in my mid twenties now and my skin has never been better. I have suffered from acne pretty much all my life. Trying out different things like glycolic acid, AHA, fructose peelings etc. This product is a life safer! It cleared up my skin in only 1 night! It prevents new deep / cystic spots to form and clears up the existing ones. I recommend this product to every one who has trouble with acne or spots. It doesn't even noticeably dry out your skin.
5 B
By far the best product I have used. Ive had cystic acne on my forehead for 2 years, and nothing else helped but this lotion. I had to use it over 3-4 weeks to see results, and i applied it every night, or under my makeup. I am now acne free!
5 Caroline
Fantastic ! I was suffering so badly ! To the point where I was hating looking at myself in the mirror and then bought this and its incredible believe the reviews its amazing and works a treet
1 Laura
Did not work at all. Been using for about 2 months and have not seen a difference. I have acne and hyperpigmentation and this did not stop the acne from arising or even prevent it. It did nothing!
5 Lin
I used this consistently when I was experiencing cystic acne and now I never looked back. My skin has cleared up with the occasionally pimple during TOM
3 Laura
I used this every morning and afternoon for 2 months and I liked the consistency. it wasn't too harsh on my skin. It did help a little in reducing the amount of breakouts on my cheek and chin area but there are still new pimples occurring, so I'm not going to refund this.
5 jill
Seems to be working well fro hormonal type spots and I also think previous scars are fading.
5 Erin
I've suffered cystic acne on my chin for years an could not get nothing to clear it up apart from this it's amazing it's actually changed my life!! Could never go without now!! ??
5 Shelly
I've been using this for 5 days and WOAH!I have been getting horrible, painful, deep cystic acne for years. The pimples are large, angry and leave red marks for months afterward. This has cleared an outbreak of 5 large spots, reduced redness and generally made my skin look less sore in 5 days. I can't beleive how effective this has been. I even tried it on a couple of lumps I've had on my jawline for about 6 months and they've disappeared. I really hope this keeps on working.
5 Katie
I get hormonal cystic acne on my chin. If I apply this when a cyst is developing, it stops it. If I apply the buffering lotion to an already formed cyst, it reduces healing time by 66% (roughly). This is literally the only thing that's worked for me (tried 3 different types of the pill, topical and systemic antibiotics). My mum also suffers from Hidradenitis suppurativa (like cystic acne but worse, and occurs on the body) and was told by her doctor there was no treatment and surgery was her only option. She tried the buffering lotion on a whim, and it's the ONLY thing that works. It's actually improved her quality of life.
3 Scarlet
I've had mixed success with this product. I felt as though it started out great and would truly zap my cystic pimples, but over time I'm starting to think that it doesn't make too much of an obvious difference. Perhaps using it in a preventative sense would be a good idea for people who know when their cystic acne is likely to worsen.
5 Holly
I have bought a lot of Mario Badescu and this one is my favourite. Not as harsh on your skin as the drying lotion/mask but works just as well! It does have a strong smell and its like water so you can lose a bit trying to apply it with fingertips as they recommend.
5 Vanessa
This stuff is amazing! I've never suffered from severe acne but due to a diagnosed hormone disorder I suffered from painful cyst-like spots on my face from time to time which I tried to reduce with the buffering lotion. Trust me - the moment I notice any irritation on my skin, I directly applied the lotion and over night it literally disappears. It's gentle, yet powerful. Highly recommended!
5 Andrea
Trust the reviews! If you have struggled with acne, this is the product you have been searching for; try it and you will never look back! This clears acne-use it as directed, it is brilliant. I have always struggled with acne.. niggly spreads of spots at hormonal times. This sorted out my onset of painful and confidence crushing hormonal cystic acne that has started to appear each month. Use this, you'll be able to go out without foundation etc. in just a week or two. Amazing, lasts ages and great value. Thank you, Mario Badescu!
4 Efh
I bought this product less than 3 weeks ago and i am really impressed. I have an acne problems over 15years, i remark that when a new pimple comes out and put on the lotion the next day its much more better. But i think it is too expensive for his quantity.
5 Jodie boj
Amazing product, brings out horrible deep under the skin spots that never pop. Allows them to surface and pop resulting in a quicker healing process and shorter spot life
5 Ayla
This product is amazing!! I have the worst oily and acne prone skin and nothing seems to work. I have tried every brand out there. I decided to give this brand a go and it has made my blemishes completely disappear!! It actually works! i am so happy with this product and would definitely recommend. I apply this product before I go to bed every night.
5 siiiyn
LOOOOOVE THIS! I hav cystic acne, and this have helped me so much. Most of my blemishes got smaller and less painful Consider det prize and the product it self 5 stars.
5 jodie
I could not recommend this product more! I have suffered with acne for the past 3 years and this is the only thing that keeps those painful under the skin spots at bay. Yes it's not 100% effective, i get the occasional under the skin spot but by applying the buffering lotion nightly it speeds the healing process up. I am a sceptic when it comes to acne treatment as nothing has ever worked for me before, but if you are on the fence about whether or not to purchase this product... do it! You certainly won't regret it.
5 Anna
So far so good! Over the past 6 months I had developed hormonal cystic acne on my chin and a recent pending outbreak of about 4 led me to panic and impulsively purchase this lotion. I'm glad I did, I've used to for 2 days now at night and although they are not completely gone they are smaller, not painful and not visible or red which leads me to think they're disappearing. Fingers crossed it continues this way!
5 Jenny
Couldn't agree with the last comment more this lotion is absolutely brilliant! I suffer from the occasional large painful cyst-like spot on my face and within a day of using this lotion it has reduced in size and the pain of the spot has gone away and within two days it has almost gone. It is amazing I have never used such an incredible spot treatment! Highly recommend!
5 Lisa
This actually works! I get hormonal breakouts on my chin, they're big and painful and always leave a scar. I would start using this nightly about a week before my period comes and it actually helps to prevent those deep acne from enlarging from all the inflammation underneath the skin. I don't think anything can stop those hormonal breakouts from forming, other than hormone treatments like going on the pill, but this definitely helps to keep them as small and go away as quick as possible. Only downside is the strong alcoholic smell. I suggest dispensing a couple of drops into the palm of your hands first, let the alcohol evaporate a bit, then dab onto the affected area with your finger tips.
4 Mateus Augusto
I think almost everyone have mentioned it, but it is really difficult to apply because of its liquid consistency. Nevertheless it does fastens the healing process for cystic acne, but I would appreciate if Mario Badescu developed the formula with a different base or disposal method.
4 Yuliya Strutinskaya
5 Anna Yanaeva
One more must have from my favorite Mario. Really helpful for huge painful pimples both on the face and body. Smells awfully, and seems like it is really harsh, but turns out it even has a little moistening effect. Great product for its price, I will definitely repurchase it and recommend it to everyone with problem skin.
5 Kiranr
I love this product so much, it does exactly what it says.
5 Amy
The BEST THING I have used to relieve the bumps on my chin!!!! Have been suffering with cystic acne for months due to stress/hormonal issues. This product is nice and light and can be worn under make up. I use it once a day though before bed and some disappear after one application and there are others which take a little longer but still works its magic to reduce redness/size. MUST HAVE if you suffer from cystic acne or big pimples.
3 Ebba
I dunno, did nothing for my blemishes, but dried the whiteheads. Which is good I guess, but wanted something for blemishes
5 Louise
Great for those painful, red spots. I had been suffering with what could be described as hormonal breakouts. I was getting spots at a rate of one a day which were leaving dark marks. I had previously purchased the Dry lotion which was helping to dry the spots out but I needed something extra. This really packs a punch. I have been applying this under drying lotion overnight. Spots went down in no. I have been using this in small amounts and can see that it will last me for a long while. I can't say that this stopped my breakouts altogether, it did help to manage them until I found a solution. Another winner by MB.
5 Bella
I have used this product for the last 4 years and I would never stray. The trick is to use this as soon as you realise there is a pimple and this lotion stops it, eliminates redness and in three days there is no sign of it! If I don't use this, dreaded pimple will grow in size and redness, I then have to pop it. That will leave a huge mark that will take 6 months or more to fade! Use this, you won't regret it! It's amazing...
I had really bad hormonal breakouts that weren't disappearing with the normal acne treatments, so I was desperate. With this lotion I have it finally under control, it really is my holly grail! So happy that I purchased!
3 amy
doesnt work very fast like i thought it would... but does help
5 Lin Marie
The smell is terrible, but the product is my HOLY GRAIL-miracle-product. I can't live without it!
5 Emma-Louise
I use this treatment once daily, i have really noticed a difference in my skin, after suffering with acne for over 10 years my cystic acne hasn't gone but it's a lot better. This treatment doesn't dry skin and reduces spot size very quickly. Ive used hundreds of different products and this is one of the best, a must have.
5 Sunraine
This works on close acne - cystic acne quite well. It will last for a long time.
5 Imsurenla Longkumer
I really like the texture of this lotion. Doesn't dry out the skin at all. I'm yet to comment on it's effectiveness, although after one week of using it, my breakouts have slowed down. I should hope that it prevents any more cystic acne from forming.
5 Shannon
I use this nightly before any other serums/treatments I apply to my skin. It instantly became an absolute 'must have'- I have not had a serious breakout since using this product (a miracle). My fav Mario product so far.
5 malin
Smells really bad, but it works! No more pimples for me! :)
5 Ziyuan wang
this is the second time that I bought it, i love it.awesome!
5 M.T Cheng
This product really works! It will take a few days for cystic acne to go away but the buffering lotion definitely speeds up the process. I'm thinking of trying the drying mask as well now...
5 Gaelle
This one's a good one! It helps to prevent cystic acne. It doesn't dry out my skin. Not all of my spots are gone, but it really helps to keep spots at bay!
5 Hilda
I have this product and i like it very very much. It is super light and dissapiers in the skin very fast. It doesnt dry the skin. I use it even in the morning.Very nice product. No breakouts or dry skin.
5 Rachael Pickering
I am really impressed with this product. It comes in a handy size plastic screw top container and you shake before applying with fingertips. I find it easier to put some in the palm of my hand then use other hand to apply. I put this on after cleansing and before moisturising. I had a lot of congestion and white heads under my skin and also suffer from those horrible blind spots under the skin that you can't do anything with, this product definiely reduces and elimiates! Very impressed with all the Mario Badescu products I bought!
4 Enrichetta
To be honest I don't personally find this to be as quick and amazing as other people do (but I'm yet to find one that works like that), but it is good and quite effective, it just needs more time to work. What I like the most though is that it doesn't dry my skin out at all (and that's often the issue with this type of products) and it doesn't interfere with my foundations, it almost feels like a primer, which is great because it means you can use it during the day under your makeup as well as at night.
5 Laura Waumsley
I put this on before bed after washing my face and toning - after the first use it was like my spots had been "buffed" down and had dramatically decreased.
5 Holly
Perfect for ginormous horror cystic acne, or just a random big honking zit.
5 Elise
I get very sore cystic acne on my chin and after using this they have reduced in size and time that they are there - will keep buying!
5 Christine
Really works for me. My skin is going back to normal! Very satisfied with this product! I will keep using it.
4 Nikki Crane
I couldn't be without this now. After the first application, all redness was reduced and I felt much more confident that my skin would calm down again. It does take time for spots to completely disappear but purchasing this and the Drying Lotion has been a saviour.
5 Cat
I am currently 5 months pregnant and my left cheek had erupted with pregnancy acne and I had tried other harsher products and they did nothing for me. But this, coupled with the healing cream has gotten rid of the spots, the red, the underneath spots AND the scarring in just a week. I am so so impressed with this product. Worth every penny!
5 Jenni
I love this product. I have been using it for a few years, and it is the first product I have found that controls my hormonal acne (and I have tried many, many products over the years). And it's also gentle on my skin and doesn't cause any irritation. It's a staple for me.
3 alex
not as great as the other reviews have said i didnt find anything that AMAZING about it. it does control a lot of the pimples and ive noticed less pimples, i put it on before bed and dry up existing spots or erupted pimples tho i wouldnt say it cleared and dried up my pimple/s in one day.
4 amber k
Another fantastic product from mario. I have only been using this for two days and any cystic spots I did have are practically gone. can't stress how much I love mario's products, its the only thing that actually works.
4 Jas
This is very effective. I get cystic spots around my mouth and this reduces redness and dries them out. I actually prefer this to the drying lotion as it's more gentle and doesn't make your skin flake. I'm definitely buying this product again.
5 Rebecca H
I adore this product!The price here is the best you will find, plus I always manage to find a guilty smattering of other products I want! In addition to being invaluable for cystic(deep) spots,thrice-daily application on terrible skin days can take me from grotesque to dried up and healing in a day!As a sufferer of dread hormonal cystic spots I adore this!
5 Lisa
I have been using this product for a week and I have the most dramatic improvement in my skin. Even small, under the skin, stubborn spots on my forehead have gone. I have never used a skin product that I would rave about but the buffering lotion has changed that! Defiantly going to repurchased and have already recommended it to a friend!
4 Amy
Four words; It really does work! Anyone who suffers from acne should have one of these in hand.
5 naomi C
Just felt compelled to update as since december I have been using and I haven't yet had a big nasty cystic pimple. I usually break out once a month and before I started using it was becoming uncontrollable. I use every day as it seems to be working well as a preventative this way. It may not work for all but if you suffer with cystic acne pls give a it a go.
5 Lisa
This is the only treatment I've found that works on cystic acne - standard spot treatments have no effect at all. I've found it's most effective if I put it on as soon as a spot starts. Highly recommended.
4 Naomi C
After reading some good reviews of this product I decided to buy off Beauty Bay. The pricing was good and delivery excellent. The actual product has so far done a lot to reduce the chances of cystic breakouts. I have one on my face now but am almost positive that it would be a hell of a lot bigger and joined by others without this lotion. Will repurchase!
4 Caroline L
Great product! Worked well on my under-the-skin acne, the little bumps you get that don't actually turn into spots! Feels really clean on my face, and a good product to use in between my more rigorous facial routines when i want to give my skin a break.
4 Clare Reid
great product - worked great in reducing the redness of big lumps under my skin and perfect for clearing spots that don't come to anything!would recommend x
2 Tara Allen
Bought this because had heard good reviews on the net and also celebs seem to be raving about it. Sorry but can't say i was that impressed. It's meant to reduce painful blind spots that are like lumps under the skin but i didn't find it helped at all. However it earned 2 stars only because it is very soothing if your skin is stiniging. wont be repurchasing.
5 Yrh
Excellent product , very effective in treating cystic acne. It work wonders with my skin!

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