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Mario Badescu Carnation Eye Make Up Remover Oil 2oz

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Mario Badescu Carnation Eye Make Up Remover Oil Zoom
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1 Stephanie
I was so excited to try this makeup remover from Mario Badescu! But it is not good at all, it so oily and thick on the skin. Do not smell very good and taste very bad if you wanna remove lipstick/liquid lipstick. I am so disapointed. It do remove makeup/lipstick/mascara very well. But I just can not stand it on my skin!
5 Maria
Best ever! I will never use any other brand as long as this one exist:)
5 Corinne
Takes off my mascara and eye liner quickly and easily! My eyelids always feel so nice after using the oil. I love it!
2 Christine
I'm not loving this product at all ! It's not as effective as I would like . I have to "rub" the mascara off ,and it's messy takes and takes while for it to dissolve the mascara. I won't buy this again. ??
5 Ioanna
takes off any makeup easily, doesnt get into my eyes, very gentle also
2 Ekaterina
smears makeup. irritating to the eyes.
5 Amy
Great eye make up remover, works on even stubborn waterproof mascara, and feels really moisturising on my skin.
2 Cassie
I didn't think much of this eye makeup remover.It isn't great at getting off waterproof mascara, it makes my eyes go cloudy for about 10 minutes after using.
4 Roxana
This one is waay better than the other make-up remover from MB (the non-oily one). I have both, but this does not irritate my eyes at all and is also very gently with my eyes area. Is a little oily (the oil remains on the skin, it does not sink) so I sometimes replace my regular eye cream with it.
5 Sandra
I just LOVE this eye make up remover. It does exactly as it promises ... that is clear away stubborn, water proof eye makeup while leaving your skin smooth and soft.

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