Mario Badescu Ceramide Herbal Eye Cream 0.5oz

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Mario Badescu Ceramide Herbal Eye Cream Zoom

Mario Badescu Ceramide Herbal Eye Cream 0.5oz

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5 Yuliya Strutinskaya
5 Isabel
I love this eye cream. I find its the perfect amount of thickness/thin in an eye cream. it keeps the eye area moisturised very well and as a result my fine lines look diminished. I am always weary about trying new brands as my skin reacts so many brands but this cream was really nice on my skin, no reaction at all. I breakout easily(yes even eye area with wrong cream) but also VERY dry skin (combination) and this cream suited me well. I will be using again!
5 Mafalda
I like this eye cream for overnight use. Very hydrating. I don't think this is greasy, but It's too rich to put it in the morning because the skin doesn't absorve the all thing and you can always see it shining around your eyes. The size of the gallipot is huge, this will last "forever"!
1 astrid
It is too rich, stays on forever.result: you can't put it in the morning before your makeup (too greasy) and at night it just ends up in your eyes and you wakeup with puffy eyes. It does hydrates but it's downsides are too much for me.
5 Pernille Larsen
This is the best eye cream ever! I have tried many brands before, and going on 40 my eye area is starting to look tired and have those thin lines. I also tend to have puffy eyes in the morning. This eye cream relaxes the skin, you will feel the entire eye area is completely refreshed. Simply amazing!

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