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Mario Badescu Drying Cream 0.5oz

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Mario Badescu Drying Cream Zoom
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3 Sim
Really in two minds about this product. But to be honest, wouldn't use it again so abit of a waste of money for me.When I first applied this overnight, I was so happy and ready to come on here and give it a 5* review! It made my skin a bit clearer, so I continued to use it for 2 more nights. On the 2nd night, I woke up with painfully dry skin. Like sandpaper, If not worse! It's been a few days and my skin is still recovering- even after I had an emergency facial! My skin isn't even actually that much clearer than before I used this either now. I may use it again if I break out in spots, but only because if I don't I completely wasted my money, but I would seriously only use this again as a last resort. Very disappointed.
5 Laura
My favorite of the drying products from Mario Badescu! Gets whiteheads and cysts disappearing over night.
4 Naomi
It's a small jar but a little goes a long way. Smells a bit weird but it's not overpowering. I bought it to get rid of my subclinical ance, I apply every night before I go to bed which I've been doing for about a week, they are slowly getting smaller so I'm happy. If you're looking for something instant you may not get that but depends on the person. Does make my skin a little dry and peely but I just exfoliate that off and moisturise and then it's back to normal
5 Kels
I have mild rosacea and I found that in the winter it makes my face really red but with lots of little pimples on it. I never get spots either. I decided to buy this as it would cover a larger area of my face as opposed to one or two spots. Its so good and really does work! My skin is flat again, however if I dont use it one night you can notice the next day. Ps. moisturise first or you will have V dry skin!!
5 Amelia
I have suffered from lots of acne, especially with many raised bumps across my forehead. I had tried literally everything, and bought this in hope it would help. And it really has! It reduces the size of bumps so quickly, and is extremely effective at calming redness and the healing process. Also, lasts such a long time but I'm currently running out so a definite repurchase is in need!
5 Louise
5 Anonymous
I have a lot of acne but my forehead is usually completely clear, however for the past 6/8 months I had a million closed commedones all over my forehead, it felt hard and very bumpy to the touch and very very obvious with or without makeup. I tried around 5 different products/spot creams and none worked apart from this! with two uses the spots on my forehead has decreased dramatically and become MUCH less noticeable. After that even with more use they didnt get even smaller but the initial results were amazing! To be honest I didn't feel like this cream was strong at all, it didn't dry my skin at all, although my skin is a bit on the sensitive side. it just felt like quite a nice treatment.I've tried this on other areas of my face but havent seen it work very greatly, i would definitely reccommend this to those suffering with closed commedones, those annoying under the skin bumps you can't squeeze or treat! You also get A LOT of product in the tub so it is worth the price!
5 Hayley
This is amazing, it reduces the size of blemishes quicker than any other spot treatment I've tried (and that's a lot!). Also helps get rid of those under the skin bumps. The smell is not great, but it does what it claims so I cant complain. The tub lasts ages. The only warning I would give is that when I leave it on overnight, it tends to leave a red mark on my skin that looks a bit like a rash. It can take a few days to go away, but this only happens on my more sensitive areas such as my cheek. So if you have sensitive skin, be careful and only apply directly on the spot, not on the surrounding skin.
1 Anh
Why are all ingredients not listed on the website? On the package, it says the product contains paraben which is really harmful to your health. I think I will not use it anymore.
5 Suze
I had a whole cluster of whiteheads and some cystic acne too. Because my Drying Lotion got all shaken up by travelling and I didn't have the time or patients too let the pink sediment setlle down, I put the drying cream on those areas instead. I woke up with less blemishes and less redness. I don't really like this product as a concealer under make up but on it's own it's amazing. What also works well for me, during the day is use this as a spot treatment, like a concealer and then put the Special Healing Powder, also by MB, on top of it. So to clarify, I kind of use it as a concealer but not under a liquid foundation. The price of this stuff is great too because you only need a very tiny amount so the jar will last you for a very long time. Oh, and the smell of sulphur is very prominent but you get used to it very fast, at least I did.
1 Ahad
I bought this cream 2 weeks ago and ive been using it day and night on some spots i have, does not make a difference at all. In fact, ive gotten more spots by using it. Also im so stupid, i bought this because i thought it fades spot marks because on my forehead and cheeks i have spot marks which are so stubborn they wont go away. So ive been using this on them and it doesnt work but i guess its for spots only not marks. Also it says helps to clear & under the surface bumps & no it doesnt. I have under surface bumps and it doesnt work. Im so dissapointed, i had high expectations. I just want these fricking spot marks to go!!!!!
5 Kateryna
It is the most amazing drying products I ever found! I get large painful pimples sometimes, after applying this cream for 1-2 nights they disappear very fast!
5 Dia
It worked very good! the smell is very strong but you can use with it. The cream is very strong. My skin become very dry but all the pimples had disappeared.
4 Joanna
I have cystic acne all over my neck and BP treatments don't work with my skin. The smell of this is very strong with the sulphur but over 3 days this can take all of the redness and heat out of my cystic acne breakouts and helps the spot lay flat and avoid a big white head. This has been the most effective treatment I've used in years, including prescribed treatments. At first I was very concerned as it turned my skin so red and dry, almost like a chemical burn on my neck, but my skin is used to this now and I'll be sticking with this for a long time to come. Lasts ages as you only need the tiniest bit
4 Mateus Augusto
It helped me with small pimples, but for the bigger ones the drying lotion is better (don't doubt the company's instructions!). For me it was not an aggressive treatment, as it didn't cleared my skin overnight, but with some time (some days or weeks) you can see your skin clearer where it was mostly oily.
5 Daniel macknzie
I have been using this cream for a few years on a small area of psoriasis and it really does work. Takes away the redness and the itchyness. I use it all the time instead of nasty steroid creams. Not sure if was ever intended for psoriasis but it works so in happy and it lasts ages. Top marks from me.
4 amy
the spots dont disappear staight away but it does become less red and starts the drying process.. give it a couple days and it will go! i do love it.. i use moisturiser ontop of it.
5 Samantha
absolutely love this product! was very doubtful if it would work or not, but boy it did, after the first use my skin felt soooo soft. all my pimples had disappeared.. life saver
5 Aspa
I'm about to finish my second one and I think I want to keep buying this cream forever!! When I first got it I thought it was a tiny container for the price,but boy this thing lasts me for months and I use it almost every night! It calms my blemishes and it does make them disappear faster and also reduces redness.Although it feels a little heavy it never clogged my pores or broke me out.Love it!
4 Lucy
1 Angela
I have oily skin prone to blemishes and pores that like to be blocked so when I purchased this cream, I thought it would be a lifesaver. However, it made me break out in the areas I had applied the cream. I only applied it in the affected areas too. Overall, very disappointed. I find that Mario Badescu Drying Lotion has worked better on blemishes and those stubborn ;under the skin tones.
5 Liz Dao
Great product. Really see some improvement on my blemishes but I think It would to a while for all the blemishes to completely disappear. But anyway, it does work
5 Amy Barbi
This is the best blemish cream I have ever used in my life!! It exceeds all my expectations, it is so calming, non drying, not irritating to the skin and it really does heal and get rid of already popped pimples!! I am a bad squeezer so anything I see that looks like it can be squeezed - I squeeze.. So this really calms redness and pimples and stops them from nasty and heals them right up. I no longer really have anything to squeeze after using this along with the other things in the acne kit but I so won't lie, this is my favourite product out of the kit and I will be buying this until my pimples are gone for good!
5 Smilja
One of the best anti-blemish products I've ever tried. Goes to show that price sometimes (often?) has no correlation to quality!
4 Tania
I prefer this over the drying lotion for when breakouts are about to occur. Rather than use this as a cream I use it as a spot treatment; dotting over the pimples that are under the surface of the skin. The smell is a bit putting off but its bearable. Overall, a good product to purchase.
5 MN
I have to admit that I was kind of disapointed when it arrives. It is very small, and I thought the money wasn't worthy. However, I noticed that it's only needed a very small amout to cover a large area of the skin, and it works perfectly! I use it with the special powder, and I can tell changes already!
5 Emma
I never write reviews but I just had to take the time to write one for this product, it's amazing!!! I used to get spots constantly on my chin area, it was bumpy and unsightly. Now it's completely clear! My mum and my friends have commented on how good my skin looks. It's a great concealer and can be used under make up and I also use it before I go to bed if I need to. It dries and heals the skin wonderfully. A must buy!!
4 Robyn
Ok this stuff does actually work. I have really stubborn blemishes and blocked pores around my jaw line/chin and feeling them under the skin when I washed my face was kinda depressing. Anyway after using this for a couple of nights they have dried up and some have even gone, happy days :) My only warning is this stuff is pretty harsh on the skin and washing your face in the morning and using warm water you will feel the sensitivity of the skin afterwards. So I will recommend using a good moisturiser and maybe alternating nights between this and sudo cream
5 Caitlin
This stuff is amazing! I have combination/oily skin and have been getting breakouts on my chin for a good year. I've been using lots of other products and this cream is the only thing that has worked. I bought this not even a week ago and the acne on my chin is almost completely gone! I was going to by the drying lotion, which I've heard is very good, but the cream is better for pimples that are under the surface of the skin. Its not the nicest smelling product, and it can be quite drying to the skin but as long as you moisturise well its fine.Definitely worth the buy!
4 Sunraine
I use it as a day cream, it is quite drying though. It is quite white, so I don't even need much foundation on top of it. Not sure what it does for acne yet, still trying.
5 Adelle
Amazing product! Fastest acting I've ever used,love the fresh scent very clean smell the tub will last forever as the tiniest amount is needed I wear this over my bb cream in areas needed during the day and at night over my moisturiser it conceals as it works hiding telltale imperfections.ive used almost every other brand I'm now 33 I had another fav I'd been using since I was 14 but I'm now a devotee of this whole range,particularly this.it can dry the skin and make it flaky if used to often but it's best to just use only at night or during the day not both if signs of flakiness appear but I think this also help to heal the blemishes that would normally be left behind.I LOVE THIS..MY MAGIC CREAM :)
4 Yang
It really work, but not obviously, and used in daytime, after few hours, it peels a little of the skin.
4 Imsurenla Longkumer
It does its work of drying out spots, but it makes my skin very flaky if I use to all over my forehead. Hence, I'd much rather use it with moisturiser on.
5 Nicole
I don't have acne but this product is brilliant if you have small spots. It will dry them out overnight. This is a best stuff ever I have ever bought to treat spots and blemishes. I will defo buy another bottle of this magic cream as I'm seriously addictive to it now ;)
4 Gaelle
A pretty good product to get rid of already erupted whiteheads. I put it on at night, and during the day under makeup and it helps to get rid of everything faster. My spots don't disappear overnight, but it helps.
5 Rachael Pickering
A great product for drying out spots without drying out the skin! It is thick and light in colour and does help take cover the redness. I use this after cleansing and moisturing and before make up. Love it!
5 Gld
Love this product! Smoothes out my spots under make up and works well to dry them up. I use this in the day and buffering lotion at night and it is clearing up my hormonal break outs well. Will definitely buy again, a little goes a long way so it will be a while till i do!
2 Rozeena
I love Mario Badescu products but this product in particular was very disappointing. I found that after 2-3weeks of using it my spots did get smaller but left scars of purple blemishes which is not usual for my skin. Did not work for me and the smell is really bad.
5 Adriana
Really great product for use on under the skin blemishes which are the most rotten of all afflictions! Just a few days with this and the bump is dried out and starting to fade away.
5 LadyG
Fab! Another must have product from the range. It dries out spots and soothes the skin, and is great for covering up a bit of redness before applying make up. Great for rosacea and sensitive skin!
5 Ye
amazing~~ i am 23 yrs old. being in trouble of small but many spots for more than a year. It's the best product I have tried. my skin does looks smooth, clean, less oily and with no obvious spots and no new spots after a week, very small amount works. I used the drying lotion and cucumber Toners together. Don't worry about the smell, not that bad.
5 amiskha
Been only a days i got this product and i am in love with it.The results are super amazing and quick. Would recommend it to others.
4 Jevanie
It really works.. But only smells soo much the sulfur... My husband and i doest like the smell...:( what do u think guys about the smells of this? But yeah it works....
3 alex
Not as great as other reviews led me to believe. Cons: -It doesnt blend in that great because its a bit thick so i use it at night. - I dont think it speeds up the healing of a pimple that much tho, mines still 'healing' after 4 days. Pros: -doesnt dry out the rest of my skin. - noticed a few less pimples. didnt do that much for me
5 Wendy
At 41 years old I've spent many years and lots of money on different 'cures' for my oily, congested skin. This is by far the most effective product. it does exactly what it claims. i moisturise before applying a very small amount. i was a wee bit flaky at first, but it's fine now. Thank you so much! i've never been so happy in my own skin!
5 Helen
Great product that dries out "under skin bumps" - only thing I've tried that gets rid of these and it has a mattifying & concealing effect - great layered with a creamy concealer. Can dry your skin a little but use a good oil free moisturiser or used just every other day & should be fine.
4 Carmen
Good product, does what it's meant to do - dry out potential/existing spots. I would say it takes around 2 - 3 days for the bump to go down, if you're lucky maybe even 1 day! I personally don't find that it makes my skin flaky though.
5 abe
I was dubious about trying this product since a vast majority claim to clear blackheads etc but this actually works, after one use i noticed a huge improvement, I had a raised spot that was coming through which has now gone.
5 Razia M
Total and utter life saver - totally eliminates the most aggressive of acne breakouts. Drying of the skin is an issue but i find if you moisturise really well after cleansing (even with something as rich as Nivea which is what I use) and then apply the drying cream it is just as effective. Can't recommend this product enough!
5 Jodi B
I love this! It's specifically a drying product for problem spots, not overall use. I suffer from cystic acne and this is the only product I've found – and I've tried lots – that actually works. It heals quickly and prevents scarring. You can also get a lot of mileage out of one pot so its good for your purse and confidence. Thanks beautybay for stocking it.
4 Alison E
I really like this. You do have to be careful that you only put in on the problem area, otherwise it does dry out your skin, but it does halve the time it takes spots to heal and it does reduce redness in the meantime. It's also really mattifying and quite good at reducing 'shiny nose' in the summer!
2 Jamster
Caution this really will dry your skin out. Yes it will get rid of acne pretty well but at the cost of having a flaky face. Not one of their best products.
4 Keira Macleod
I liked this product because it got rid of some of my acne and reduced the oil on my skin, but what i didnt like was that it made my skin flaky and dry in some areas.

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