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Mario Badescu Drying Lotion 1oz

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5 chloe
Cannot recommend this product enough! I have always struggled with my skin and have tried endless products from high and low end companies, this has by far been the best. My skin cleared up within days by applying overnight, an amazing product.
1 Yasmin
This product didn't work for me at all, i've placed it on numerous spots big ones, small ones, new ones etc. and I saw no change. The spots didn't leave my skin any faster than they usually would without using any spot products. This is annoying as the product is slightly pricey especially for the size.
5 Mollie
This product is a life saver! I wouldn't know what I would do without it.. If you get blemishes that are under the skin this would get rid of them over night!! This stuff lasts forever as you only need a small amount just on the blemish. This drys out any blemish that has come to a head in a matter of days. I have been using this product for months and I can definately say this is my holy grail when it comes to acne!
4 Anika M
I have been using this product for just under 6 months now and I have to say it does work in terms of reducing the massive pimples. But I was honestly expecting much more. It's okay.
5 Julia
I bough it because I saw Zoe use it. My skin type is definitely dry, but I don't have any skin problems like acne or massive breakouts, but I do get some pimples when I'm before period or I don't watch what I'm eating.The Drying Lotion really helps to turn the redness and swelling down, it truly dries the problem out, without being tooooo drying.Definitely would recommend if you struggle with cystic acne or any problems that leaves discoloration on the skin, because it also helps with that.
4 Ellie
This stuff is amazing! Whenever I have any spots I just put this on and they're gone within 3-4 days! Lately I've had the confidence to not wear any foundation because of this. The only complaint I have is the bottle is quite small for the prize but other than that it is incredible.
2 Sana
After reading all the good reviews of this product, i persuaded my mom to buy it for me. The product came in 1/2 days which was good considering it was over the course of good friday/bank holiday monday.I put the product on my face and let it work overnight, however, when i woke up in the morning and washed my face, my skin was left with dry, red peeling skin. We couldnt even tell if the spots had gone.i dont think well be ordering from here again, not if the other products produce the same results.
5 Rachael
Words cannot do this product justice. Does exactly what it promises. Very strong fumey smell but looking at the list of ingredients you can see why. I have acne and I only use this range of products, after exhausting most other brands with minimal success I cannot recommend this product or brand highly enough.
4 Heerim
It definitely aids with reducing redness and inflammation of any spots (whitehead galores and under-the-skin lurkers) overnight. As for spot clearing, it takes around two to three days for me to completely fall off. I feel like it's most effective used when the actual whitehead is present/under-the-skin is of a significant size. I am unsure as to whether this prevents spots but it definitely does its job in 'drawing out' all the gunk. It arrived in a timely manner and shrouded in plenty of paper to ensure the protection of the glass bottle which I was relieved by. The scent is a little surprising at first but it is easy to get used to.
5 emma
this stuff is a god send!!! put it only any spot literally gone the next morning as well as any redness, honestly don't know how i survived so long without it
2 Anja
I was very hyped about this product, i wanted to order it for a while. Me and my friend ordered it but it was a total miss for me. It doesn't do anything, I hadn't noticed any difference, but on the other hand my friend is very very pleased with it. I just don't know why it doesn't work for me.
3 louisea
i bought this product not long ago and it really is drying lotion. cant say anything negative about the product itself, its fantastic! the smell isnt great, although ive had it for just over a week now and for some reason it has all complely dryed up. Overall great but it most certainly is a drying lotion!!! such a shame it doesnt last that long.
5 Sophie
At first this product was amazing! I had really bad breakouts and they were gone within two days. I feel like my skin has got used to this and it does nothing my skin now. But in all, the product was one of the best things i have found for my skin
3 Claire
Haven't really used the product yet but when it arrived in such a big package I could not believe how small the bottle was especially for £14 bit disappointed
5 Svetlana
It's the best product that I ever used for my skin, I put the lotion to the pimpls at night and in the morning they very reduced or disappeared. I will order another bottle of this amazing lotion! Thank you Mario Badescu!
1 Sipho
The lotion ddnt work on me. I started developing more severe spots than the ones I already had a day after using it. Now I am still stuck with those spots and blemishes two weeks on. I believe it depends on the skin type. For me, it did not work and I have discontinued use.
5 Erin
Absolute God send! I bought a range of MB products in November and have only just ran out. Will be repurchasing. I suffered with mild/moderate acne at times, influenced by hormones. My skin completely cleared using these products and this dries your spots pretty much overnight.
3 Emma
After one use the lotion reduced the size of my spots a little bit but the redness stayed the same. It took a good few days for the spots to dry up. I wouldn't say it just works over night however it does help with continuous use
5 jordan crystal
been using this for a couple days now along side my buffer lotion, and it seems to be working well not one stop in sight hoping this will carry on!
5 Dinah
love love, i had really bad breakout, but in a week all my spots are gone ! This is a true life safer !!
5 Emily
Really impressed with this. Dries out acne, helping it to disappear quicker. You don't need much product, so although it's a small container I can see it lasting a while.
5 Amy
This really is amazing for reducing the size of spots! For spots already there this wont completely get rid of them in one night but after a couple of continuous uses bam it's gone. Will definitely repurchase!!
5 Elizabeth
This thing is amazing! I am so happy that I ordered 2bottles from it! I am very happy with the BeautyBay site because I am from country where we don't have 90% of the brands. I will order more for sure! I am very happy from the service!
5 Chloe
This stuff is AMAZING!I've tried everything for a sudden burst of adult acne which I've struggled with for the past 3/4 months. Before that I only ever got the odd blemish & had good skin.I've used everything! Clinique, Dermologica & a whole other mix of expensive stuff. This has been the only thing to put the spots at bay & actually got rid of them as well as sorting out my skin tone & marks left by other spots. Can't rate it highly enough!!!!
5 Monica
I am 47 and having sudden breakouts on my nose, probably hormonal. I have used this just one night and I can see a significant difference so im sure using it for a few more nights will clear things up.I would highly recommend.
5 Viki
This product is incredible! I could see a difference in my skin after one use as it made my spots less red and easier to get rid of. The package came very quickly and it was very durable packing. The product is a really good size and the delivery was a great price!
5 Amy
Love this product, it works really well! Delivery was very quick and good packaging.
5 Madeleine
This product really works! I sometimes get big blemishes that stays for weeks and with this they disappeared in a couple of days. You can't even tell that they were there! I'll definitely purchase this again.
this product came just in time, and i've only been using it for 4 days but i can definitely say it works. i use on my blemishes and scars, for scaring i haven't seen a much difference yet but for blemishes it tomes down the redness which is great!! i would definitely recommend this product. i dont know now how long it last but i will be sure to update.
5 Erin
I love this stuff so much, the word drying threw me off because I thought the skin around my blemishes would go dry and flakey and my skins already dry enough but it doesn't do that at all.
5 Anna Radford
I am 29 and have had bad acne breakouts consistently since the age of around 14. I've tried all sorts of over the counter products and have visited the doctors repeatedly for various prescriptions, including the pill with little to no success. I bought this drying lotion on a whim and haven't looked back since. My skin has improved significantly, I no longer seem to get large breakouts like I used to. If I do get the odd spot now and then, the lotion minimises it after a day. It's been an absolute lifesaver, I was really beginning to lose hope that I would ever get rid of them but I'm so pleased. It's definitely improved my confidence significantly and I would recommend it to anyone!
5 grace
I had a massive breakout on different parts of my space leaving dark spots, which take forever to fade and my skin to heal, and it was a non stop cycle i couldnt keep up nothing i put on worked, but this stuff have actually made my acne look mild then moderate, over one use.... I actually have a bit of confidence leaving the house now
1 Kristin
I don't know what's wrong with my skin. Everybody seems so impressed by this product but it doesn't have any results on me!! The night it arrived I was excited to try it, because I've had read many beautiful reviews on here. The morning after, though, I was disappointed because my pimples were still there!! I let it go and tried the night after and the night after that but nothing happened!! I hope someone from the costumer services contacts me to help me solve this out! I was relying on this product to save my skin D:
5 Maddie
Love this it's the only thing that has sorted my hormonal skin out. Plus spots have not returned.
5 Amy
I was sceptical at 1st when using this product. After many years of constant break outs and many different lotions and potions. After the 1st application I can see my breakouts are visibly reduced. Definitely a great purchase. Quick and efficient delivery also.
3 Roxanne
Burns a little when applying, not to sure if I would buy this product again. It only reduces particular types of spots. Product does last a long time , a little bit goes a very long way !!
5 Angela
this stuff is amazing, works so well would 100% reccomend!
5 Elisha
It really does work, at first i wasnt sure because of the price, however i tried it as the reviews all were positive and it works, it defiantly drys the spots out, only wish it was a bigger bottle as it is tiny!
5 Kim
Miracle in a bottle, my spots disappeared dramatically within a few hours. Absolutely love it, I shall definitely be purchasing this again. Only criticism is that the bottle is rather small and I expected it to be a little bigger for the price...but a little goes a long way and also as something works I don't mind paying the price.
5 KD
Fast delivery. Love Mario badescu drying lotion
5 Josie
Life changing product. After one use you can really see the difference and immediately reduces inflammation. After a couple of uses spots completely disappear and you're left with a clear complexion. Definitely will repurchase again and again.
5 Sam
Amazing! Clears up a spot so much faster than any other spot cream. I found that other spot creams made my spots more inflamed, but this one calms the spots! Making my second repurchase right now!
5 Rachel
This is the best product I have bought, I suffer from breakouts and when I leave this product on my spots overnight I wake up with nearly clear skin, it also lasts ages because you only need a tiny bit on each spot. Definitely buying again when I run out!
5 Sabrina
If I need a spot to dry up ASAP then this is my go to product!!
5 Agathe vallat
My skin has really got better since I've brought the product. I would really consider buying it. I have normal to combination skin and it worked wonders on me. Delivery was very quick Parcel was very professional and thick to stop breakage.
5 Oria
This stuff just works!! I can get really bad spots that take ages to come to a head and often scar, and I had taken to using really strong creams that badly affected my skin because they were the only thing to sort out my spots. However, the lotion totally works and actually dries out the spots so when you wake up in the morning they aren't even there. And you only need a tiny amount so the pot will last for ages!!
5 shannon
This product is a life saver, no more blemishes for me.
4 Jessica
Cleared up my skin a bit. I hope it clears it completely that would be amazing.
5 Liv
Forever repurchasing this holy grail product! I tried everything for my skin. I was about to give up and go to a doctor until I discovered this little bottle of perfection. Thank you Mario Badescu for creating something so amazing
3 soph
so I really needed a product for my spots, I have literally tried everything ! I read the reviews and thought I have to purchase this, however .. whilst a lot of people say that this works over night and gets rid of your spots instantly it didn't for me.. my spots were still there in the morning but it does get rid of the redness I must say, I feel it is more effective when you use it everyday to really reduce the spots, but overnight hmmm not really. BUT saying all this it is still a great product it works more on smaller spots by drying them out (like whiteheads) Everyone has different skin and different reactions to products what might not work for me might work for you!
5 P
When used overnight your blemish is significantly decreased in size and redness. The formula dries up and can crumble and/or rub off on the pillows, but it still keeps the oils at bay preventing the bacteria to continue growing. This will save you from growing a second head!
1 J
I really hoped that this would be holy grail product for me. It did nothing for me on the first day of use. I tried it for a few days in a row. I can't say that I've noticed much of a difference in terms of shrinking spots. I am not sure if this is due to me having very oily skin and suffering from mild acne.What it did do was make my spots bigger by allowing the spot to turn into a white head quicker than normal. Definitely no soothing there.
5 Katie
Amazing, clears up my cystic acne right away! I used to have such bad breakouts now I only get 1 or 2 and this gets rid of them so quick
5 M
Can't live without Mario Badescu products - especially this drying lotion. Reduces my large spots to a tiny size and they're gone in a few days. I use it overnight as you can't really use it under make up. I wake up with a spot that it almost invisible and completely dried out. BEST SPOT TREATMENT on the market
This stuff is amazing ive been suffering with a bit of acne recently and it has either got rid of spots or nearly got rid of them i would deffinatly recomend to anyone
5 Krista
I don't usually leave reviews but I am so impressed with this product I just had to say.I'm 30 weeks pregnant and really suffering with my skin lately. I read reviews on this and thought I would give it a go. So glad I did. After applying it once my spots were noticely reduced to near enough gone. I would 100% buy this product again and looking at what other products I can get to help with my skin.
5 Zoë
This product is amazing !! My skin has cleared up so much
1 imaan
this is so crap it's so hard to take off and it makes my skin red when it comes off i see no difference no idea what the rave is about
5 Rai
Omg this product is absolutely insane. I was a bit skeptical in the beginning as i have tried multiple products to dry my pimples and sometimes end of popping them (i know it's wrong, but I can't help it). This product has completely dried out a small pimple overnight and shrank a big one i had for a week. After 3 continued uses my bugging pimple is dry. I love this as you can see immediate result plus it avoids you from picking your zits. However, i find the scent overpowering. But it's a little price to pay for such an effective product. Now i am a believer.
5 Cecilie
The smell is bad, but it works and makes my acne a lot more invisible over the night!
2 Leah
Ive been using this product for 2-3 weeks now, it's not really helping me to be honest. Its like the spots that the lotion is on have had growth spurts throughout the night! But could be my skin type as it's helped my friends!!
3 J
I'm not usually one to put reviews on anything but after seeing all the reviews on this product I just had to get it. The majority of people were saying it was a miracle worker, working overnight etc. Now I'm not saying it doesn't work, I've only had it 3 days and used it every night but I don't have acne, I get 1 spot every month but this month my skin was a little bit worse with literally about 6 spots so I said I'd try it and it hasn't done anything so far. I'm not completely bashing this product as I'm still going to use it and see how it works over a week or something but if you're buying it because you think it's going to work miracles I think you may be bit disappointed as I was.
5 Bebe
My go to to treat minor pimples and stubborn blackheads
5 Phuloc
Good result. Pretty happy with the product
5 Chloe
I never ever write reviews, so if you're on the fence about buying this product then take the leap! I have tried everything for breakouts and I've finally found something that works. Well worth the price and great delivery service.
5 Za
Amazing product. I just wish there was more. I didn't expect it to be so small
5 Megan
I ordered this last week and omg it's actually amazing! My spots disappeared within a matter of days!! Definitely repurchasing when I run out!!
2 Clare
this worked amazing the first 2 times, however for some reason no longer works even when i put on the tiniest of pimples, relatively disappointed with this produce especially due to all the hype surrounding it
5 Leigh Dunkley
Amazing best spot cream I've ever bought!
3 tam
not an overnight treatment. just used it last night. my whiteheads have only reduced in regards of redness. This is by no means is a miracle treatment as it is advertised to be.
5 El
I never review products but I have had this for a few days now and I love it!! I was a bit sceptical because I had never really heard of the brand other than through Kylie Jenner and Beauty Bay but I thought I would give it a try. Once I apply this to a spot it's virtually gone by the morning and it doesn't dry up the affected area leaving your make up looking dry! I can't recommend this enough!!
5 Sash
BEST spot treatment product! If you have normal ish skin like myself but have the odd breakout, this is well worth the money, for the price it's so worth it! I haven't looked back. Amazing x
4 Laura
Very good but I prefer the Drying Cream as it does the job a little faster!
5 Jess
I bought this product after reading the great reviews, I don't suffer with acne but i do get a few break outs. After just one night of applying this lotion, I noticed a massive difference in the morning. Love this, will buy again!
5 MM
Really like this product. It helped me with my pimple rash that came out of nowhere after I was really ill. Good results after my first use!
5 Amy
I have applied this on my spots twice now - I dab it on before bed and by the morning my spots are practically flat! They also feel and look less harsh and red so I have no doubt that with continued use it will work wonders.
1 Alexandra
Em it does actually nothing....Now from time to time I use it hoping it would help but nothing happens at all
5 Megan
This stuff is amazing..... I suffer with adult acne and I am prone to small and larger spots on my face. I apply this before bed and I can see a difference in the morning with the appearance of my spots. Works wonders for white head spots too, it brings the nasties out. Reccomend!!
5 Akacia Sharma
I love this product! Will be purchasing again, MUST have product
5 Boedi Andriani
this is a good product! it would not work in a night. it took me 2 days to see the good result. However, it makes my skin completely dry, especially in this kind of winter weather. thank you beauty bay!
3 Nicole
Purchased this after reading great reviews, and wasn't very impressed! i applied this pimples and it didn't do a thing. So disappointed!
5 bettina
I asked to get rid of my acne overnight and twas' given! xxx #magicinabottle
5 Amber
Love this, I ordered this at 11:00pm and paid the extra for delivery and came in 2 days! Overall very good, even up to kylie Jenners standards??!!
5 Emilia Sone
This is amazing!!! I have combination skin that is acne prone and sensitive. I have tried so many products for my spots and skin and this works miracles! I have never seen my skin look so good and healthy! Totally worth the money, if not more
5 Mel
I love this product but my only problem is that the clear liquid is running out quite quick whereas the sediment isn't. Can I put water in to refill or will that ruin the sediment?
5 Beth
I tried this upon recommendation from a friend and it did not disappoint! I put it on old and new spots before bed and leave it on overnight and by morning they're just about gone! I seen noticeable improvements from the first use and my skin has never been so clear! Love it! Definitely a must have for spot prone skin!
5 Tayla
This stuff is seriously amazing, it dries out the pimples within 2 days of applying the lotion, and leaves the skin as if nothing was ever there. I love this bad boy.
5 ajay
It is awesome! Received in bubble wrapping, fully guarded. It deliver it safely to India.
5 Nida
Its really good can see instant result after 1 use a must try product for those who have bad acne issues
5 Naomi
This is a must have product! Thankfully I don't get many breakouts, but when I do this is my saviour! A drop on a spot and it's disappeared the next morning! ????????????
2 Rania
Bought this and tried it several times ( 2months), honestly, this did nothing to my skin, i don't have acne , i just get pimples from time to time especially on that period of the month. White toothpaste (not in gel form) works for me better and in a short amount of time,cheaper, and it's multipurpose. i don't get the hype about this, i won't repurchase this again.
5 Somiya
This product is fantastic! It does as it says, I have mild acne it appears now and then however if this is applied the night before, this size of the spot reduces significantly! However, the only reason as to why I gave it 4 rather than 5 is due to the fact I felt like it worked less on my skin after frequent use, so it didn't have much of an effect as it did when I first started using it.
5 India
This is so AMAZING!!!!!!!!!
5 Lauren
This little bottle is amazing, as soon as I see a little lump starting to grow I pop this on, wake up the next morning and its either gone or half the size& it lasts so long! Definitely worth the money
5 Elvira
Dries out your pimples completely just after 1-2 nights! Though I have dry skin & it does get dry on the spot after the blemish is gone but that's nothing a moisturizer can't fix!
5 Lucy
I love this stuff so much, definetly worth the hype! It is super comfortable to sleep in unlike many overnight masks/creams I have tried
5 J
Just about to order a new bottle of this. This is the best product I've found so far and I've suffered with moderate breakouts for 6 years.
4 F400
THIS IS NOT TO BE USED SO FREQUENTLY. I don't have the worse case of acne but the crap growing on my face As I have my periods is pretty annoying and extremely visible. I will admit when I first started using this product I loved it. It does get rid of SOME spots usually if they are white head- like. However if you notice it isn't working on a spot even after two separate applications I would highly advise to stop. Over use of prOducts contains the acids this does can irritate your skin further which has happened to me. One or two of my breakouts turned 5 times worse when I repeatedly used this on it thinking it would go away after having an effect. I have stopped using it completely personally because my skin is just too sensitive for this stuff but it should work fine on someone with little skin issues.
5 Anna
This stuff is amazing! I used it for 4 nights and all my spots were practically gone! Don't give up on it if it doesn't work the first time that you use it, it does work!
5 Jess
I love this product! I have using it for about 3 weeks now! I completely dries up the spot! Personally on my skin it left a little red mark but that went after a few days. I have suffered from acne for a few years and this by far is the best treatment! Defiantly buy if you're acne prone skin! Defiantly buy again!
5 Gabrielle
After trying nearly every acne recommended product out there this is by far the most effective and least damaging. Works wonders on spots and even acne scars -I've found- without drying out your skin like most acne products. This has become a holy grail in my night time skin care regime.
5 Lisa
I never write a review on anything but this is genuinely the best spot treatment I have ever used!! Even better than prescribed spot treatment from the doctor. If your hesitant to buy this product then I can assure you that you will not be disappointed. Superb!!
5 Patricia
Love it! The pimples dont disappear (its not magic) but it dries them out and in a few days your skin is perfect! Best product I've ever had!!
5 Sara
Amazing!!!! It works... finally a product that really works! recommend!
5 Laura
This is absolutely amazing!! I've been suffering with really bad acne for months and as soon as I started using this it cleared up within two days - so so good!
5 Stefania
This product is a jewel in a little pink bottle! It dries out my pimples in the night, when I wake up my skin is different.Love it.
5 Pam
I don't suffer from acne but as soon as I get a spot, I put this on it that night and by the time I wake up it'll always be either gone or almost gone, amazing!
5 Megan
What a gem this is! It dries out pimples quickly and it's just an all round great product.
5 charlie
completely clears up any spots within 24h!
5 Edyta
So previously I didn't react well to MB products, but really needed something to fight with my acne and lots of people recommended this product to me. I must say I was a bit pessimistic about this buy, but after trying it out over night for the first time I woke up to clear skin!! This product is amazing!! I cannot praise it enough. Leaves my skin spotless. Ohh and another thing I must mention is that if you are like me - moving in bed a lot while sleeping; the product may leave a bit of mess, a pink residue on your sheets. I don't mind that myself, since the product does an amazing job, clearing up my skin, but some people may want to know about it before splurging on this product. Cheers. :)
5 eleni
I've been using this for a while and it's a miracle worker!I also love the fact that it dries complete, not making a mess on pillows while sleepingThe delivery was super fast!!
5 Serena
I 100% recommend this product, i had an acne breakout and within 2 days of using it I saw a massive improvement. Nothing has been more fast and effective in improving my skin, I'm so pleased!
4 Victoriz
Good product, helps to dry my spots without touching them, usually in 3 nights its gone !
5 Holly
Definitely one of the fastest working spot lotion I've ever tried. You put a little on before you go to bed and when you wake up the spot is gone. It won't really get rid of the redness on the skin but the actual bump will disappear!Love it!!
1 Nikki
Didnt help my skin at all but i can see how it would be good for some people
5 Kira
I'm in love with this stuff!!! I have tried so many spot treatments and waisted so much money but nothing has ever worked as good as this! I put it on last night and my pimples dramatically shrunk overnight. The redness went down as well. It does have a strong scent but that doesn't bother me. That you beautybay for getting me my goods safe and sound
5 laura
So happy with the drying lotion! It arrived yesterday, but it was a repurchase, so happy am i with it!! It works miracles for your skin, i love it!!
5 Daisy
Brilliant product, effortlessly clears up breakouts. Worth the money and hype.
5 Ebony
I never ever leave reviews but this has very quickly and understandably became my holy grail product. Its so easy and practical; simply dip a cotton bud into the bottle and dot on affected areas. Skin is literally transformed over night! One thing I will say is, don't worry if the drying lotion has been mixed, just let it settle and split again. It's basically a lot thicker and adheres to the area better once split and is obviouslymore concentrated.
5 Renée
I've tried loads of different products to help improve my skin. This drying lotion has by far been the most effective. LOVE IT!!!
5 amy
LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS!I used to have rather bad acne and although my skin cleared up with a combination of good products and a good diet I would always still gets those few annoying pimples that would take forever to go away and by the time one would go down, another would come up! Ordered this and all I have to say is it is amazing! Whenever i feel those annoying spots coming on, I use this and it stops them right there and then. People have been commenting on how clear my skin is. Very happy customer :)
5 JMaja
Love, love!! It dries out my not so few pimples and I like it for that!
1 Jennafer
Massive waste of money. Stings when you put it on but that's about it. I've been using it on and off for months and it's never so much as reduced redness or swelling, never mind an actual spot.
5 Nabeela
I LOVE this product after trying so many other methods of clearing away my acne the Mario Badescu products have significantly helped within days and weeks my skin is so clear and fresh looking! I'm using Acne Cleansing wash, glycolic toner, drying mask, anti acne serum, rose water facial spray and going to get more products on pay day, money well spent!!!!
5 Caro
Best product I've ever used. Not really sexy when applied on but SOOO GOOD. A must have!!!!!!!!!!
5 Clare
I've tried loads of treatments for my ache. Iv used this for two weeks and see a massive change in my breakouts. Very pleased with it
5 Gab
Not really one to put reviews however I couldn't not for this product! I have mild acne which over the last couple of months has got so much worse! I have tried every product out there even dermalogica, everything good for acne however nothing works! I decided to give this ago after seeing all the good reviews and I already love it! After 4 days people are already commenting how clear my skin looks! I don't think it's going to keep acne away, however for clearing up soar spots or for girls who get the occasional breakout it's a must have! Will be purchasing the starter kit very soon.
5 Roisin
First product i used from MB - i have combination skin and the product lasted all night on my skin and really worked. Even used before work in the mornings and redness had disappeared in an hour. Honestly, one of the best products i have used to reduce blemishes and clear my skin - took around 1-3 days to clear up.
5 Kelsey
Amazing product. This product dries your spots over night and gets rid of them fast. It's better then any other drying lotions I have tried from the drug stores!!!
5 Gabriella
I have had acne for 6 years and have honestly tried everything , this product is amazing ! Honestly the best product ever , you put it on a spot over night and it is gone when you wake up , so happy to finally have something that works !
5 Anna Johnson
This stuff is absolutely amazing for anybody suffering from acne! Clears mine up so well
5 Maisie
I am completely in love with this drying lotion! I've suffered from acne for 3 years; I've been on 3 acne medications and soon to go on roaccautane but this little bottle of magic has managed to dimish and control my acne! Amazing stuff! Definitely would recommend to anyone suffering from acne!
5 Georgia
This is AMAZING! I suffer from cystic acne and this really helps bring down the swelling and redness of any spots. As the name suggests it does dry the area out so you may need to use a more intense moisturiser if you use this product over large areas of the face. I can't recommend this enough, especially when applied overnight.
5 Jess
This is the only product that will actually dry up my acne spots overnight! This truly works wonders for my skin, thanks to this and the Mario Badescu acne facial wash, my skin has never looked better. I'm not over exaggerating, this stuff is like MAGIC!!
5 Sophie Leach
This drying lotion is amazing. I have never used a product which I see the difference in my skin overnight. It by no means makes all of your pimples disappear like magic, however they are dramatically less obvious, smaller and are much less red. Would highly recommend!
5 Heather
I've heard great reviews for this as celebs use it. I like the look of the packaging, I've used it twice and one spot went over night I am impressed and glad I bought it. Also I am SOOOO impressed by beauty bay, thank you bb x
2 Petra
I've been using this product for about a week, but unfortunately it did nothing but further irritate my cystic acne. I'm giving it a two stars, instead of one, because it's effective on small spots - alas I don't have many of those, mostly just huge cystic bumps.
1 Lea
Doesn't work effectively at all
2 Sophie
While this lotion worked well on smaller spots and helped to dry up the white heads on them much quicker than anything else I've ever used , this stuff literally scarred my skin. I'm slightly sensitive and prone to a few spots on my chin area as its oily , and while my spots are gone I have huge red marks like acne scars where the spots originally were almost 2 months later which has never happened to me before with any other spot cream or treatment and had to be treated by a dermatologist ! Not a bad product just a warning to those who can have sensitive skin to patch test this product on a small spot before using all over the face.
5 Lylah
After looking at the rating of this product I had thought it must be good so I decided to try it out. I must say this product is amazing and has really worked on my skin. I do not have acne but I do get spots time to time and once I use this lotion I can already tell it is going down and then sometimes it disappears over night. I will carry on buying this product as it is the only one I found that works on my skin and is affordable too.
2 Lauren
Not very impressed, I purchased this after reading amazing reviews and I have very problematic skin, this does not get rid or reduce my spots, all it does is sting a little and that's it, I wouldn't recommend this product
5 Georgia
Amazing product, dries out your spots in order to get rid of them and works better than any prescribed treatments i've tried!!
4 Rachel
I use the drying lotion on big under the skin spots and whiteheads. I use the drying cream though if the spot has a head as it seems to work better on these then the lotion. Overall trying to manage my face without the drying lotion is a pain. It's great at helping to reduce spots, even on my chest. It's a staple product.
5 Katie
The power of this lotion in a teeny tiny bottle is immense! I absolutely love using this on my problem skin! Not only do I use this for just on spots themselves I regularly cover my most problematic areas (even if not spots) in order to prevent breakouts and oily skin. I thoroughly recommend anyone with problem skin to add this into their skin routine NOW!!
5 Ellie
THE best spot treatment I have tried! I couldn't recommend it enough! Do not hesitate to buy it for yourself!Beautybay were also very quick with delivering this item, very happy :)
5 Patrizia
I bought this product a week ago. It works really well on spots. Love it
1 Mimi
Didn't do anything for me unfortunately.
5 Hannah
By far one of the best products I have used for my acne!!! Never thought I would have clear skin but using this along with the acne facial wash my skin is completely acne free! I have used both of those products for about a month an I have seen amazing results, would defiantly recommend.
4 Kylie
It didn't take away the spots overnight (they are mainly from hormones and come at one time of the month) but it did take away the redness straight away and dried them up over 2-3 days without leaving the usual dark mark. I have yet to try this on any massive spots but it's pretty good overall.
4 Shania
I've really enjoyed using this product so far, from what i've seen its cleared my pimples and i can also really feel like it's working on my skin.
5 Dannielle
I brought this after hearing such good reviews for this product. I've suffer acne ever since I was a teenager and there's nothing that works. This stuff is amazing! I saw results immediately after using it. It does sting when you first applied but it's an indication that its working. Product worth trying.
1 Aos
Not impressed. At all. Not only did it not clear my spots (whiteheads) but it actually made them worse and last a lot longer. It also made me breakout in the surrounding areas. I actually do think it scarred me. I have spots that are still there from when I first started using the product (whereas in other areas I had not used it, my skin is clear, i.e. It cleared by itself- I did this as a test of the product). I honestly believe the product made the areas of my skin where I used it, worse. NEVER AGAIN. I wish I could submit pictures.
5 Amy
Such an amazing product, on my 7th bottle of this and have been using it since I was 12, I'm now 17 and I hardly ever get any spots and as soon as I do I put this straight on at night and the spot will be gone when I wake up in the morning. So glad I found this product, does exactly what it says! I was skeptical about this product before I started buying it but honestly don't hesitate it's amazing!!
1 Husna
I have very mild acne and was so looking forward to this to 'immediately vanish' the spots but it's done nothing But made it worse and dry my skin out. Unsatisfied
4 Nina
I was so excited about this products when I was reading the reviews, but I'm not as impressed as I thought I'd be. It burns, and it does make your pimples a little smaller, but you can't get rid of them completely.
5 A'biya
Amazing product to instantly reduce spots overnight!
4 Jenna
I LOVE THIS TREATMENT! It does help shrink my spots down so much, even a stubborn one, which had been present for over a month! There was one small problem, the bottle had been shaken arriving here, and the neighbours it was left with also accidentally shook it. So the acid was slightly neutralised by the alkaline calamine. They eventually separated but the acid hasn't really been that strong, which I suppose is good for people with sensitive skin but not really good for me. It does shrink them down a lot, but I find it doesn't really work for me unless I sleep in it and wear it the majority of the day. The lotion itself is slightly difficult to wash off, but at least then you know it's working underneath the spot as well. I've tried many many other spot treatments: freederm, clean and clear, Neutrogena, tea tree oil, paracetamol tablets, apple cider vinegar, turmeric, clay, neem, aloe vera. All sorts! This has certainly helped a bunch, however I just wish my product came how it's supposed to be and not a slightly neutralised version as it's not exactly a cheap product. But it definitely is worth the investment, so I do recommend it to anyone, who hasn't found that any of the drugstore brands are working.
5 Fazina
This drying lotion Does help to reduce the size of zit. Good product
1 Angelika
I bought this after seeing Kylie Jenner swearing by it, and reading the reviews it seemed like a good product. I used to have a bad acne, but now I have a couple of random spots, that usually disappear in a day with some benzoperoxide. I wanted to try something else and bought this. Well I had high hopes.. It did nothing to my pimples besides making the skin dry around it and some pimples were in a state of 'I will pop out when you least expect it' so it only made my skin worse. I used this for over a month as I really wanted to give it a good go, or I wanted this to work but I eventually gave up. I have no idea how this can work for others but not for me :( Anyway, waste of money, and regret going ahead with something Kylie swore by it.. I mean I could have known it was a product placement kind of thing..
5 Bumbu
From all The products I ordered this is absolutely my favorite. It dries overnight The pimples and reduces The Redness. For now i am very glad of discovering this brand.
4 Emma
Very pleased with this. Although the bottle is small, it will last for ages. Whilst it isn't entirely a miracle product and sometimes it doesn't defeat stubborn spots overnight, it definitely does stop them in their tracks and make them come through far less angry and sore. I will re-buy.
for every spot i put it on it doubled the next day!!! says its good for sensitive skin but just literally reacted on mine. i would not buy this again!!!!
4 Georgia
Pretty good. I suffer from pretty bad acne and just get an ear bud and pop it on every night to an open spot. It stings for a while and I wake up the next morning and it has pretty much all gone down and dried out!
5 Sharon
I've been using the drying lotion for quite some time now and I think that it is absolutely brilliant. My spots and redness reduced in size and colour overnight. I would definitely recommend to anyone with a few spots here and there and in need of overnight recovery.
1 Emily
I am so disappointed with this product, I wouldn't have bad skin but occasional spots here and there.. This lotion has done nothing for them. My fiancé is now trying it out and he has had no real results either. I honestly think you can't go wrong with a bit of sudocrem on a spot, it definitely heals them faster!
5 Sasa
This product is amazing and efficient!
5 Priya
My skin is combi and I do get spots now and then and have some red patches on my face. I have definitely seen an improvement in my skin with using this. It has cleared up my skin and it now looks more even. When I have put it on overnight to get rid of spots, depending on the type of spot, they will either reduce or disappear so, I can't really complain about that! The only slight negative which is the only bad thing I can think of, is when washing off in the morning my skin smells like burning, which isn't great! But, with a bit of moisturiser and cleanser, it soon goes.There is also no pain or stinging, etc. when applying this.One last point, no one mentions that you should let the bottle completely settle before applying or it won't work. So there should be a pink strip at the bottom of the bottle and the rest clear solution.
4 katrina
Great product it do reduces the size of the pimple and helps it to heal; only negative point is that it dries out my skin a bit, but acceptable.
1 Lauren
Just smells like TCP, made my skin really dry and flaky and didn't do anything to help minimise my spots.
1 AC
Didn't do anything to my spots, made no difference whatsoever. I am so disappointed after wanting to use it for ages! Regret spending so much money on this and the drying mask
2 Duong
I like the product as it's effective. I just order another after running out my first bottle. However I'm very disapointed with the new packaging. They change from glass bottle to cheap plastic bottle. And I still have to pay same price as the old one. Very unhappy!
5 Ida
I would highly recommend this, I started off having quite bad acne and within a few days only have a few spots left and have only had this product for 3 days!!
5 Owen
This stuff is amazing!!!! I was a little unsure about it at first, but after a week of using it has worked wonders for me. I had a massive spot and put this on for 2 nights in a row and the spot was virtually completely dried up.
5 Demi stuart
I cannot commend this stuff enough! I used to have such bad chest acne and had been dealing with it for weeks recently and could not get rid of it - this took it away in days. No joke. Days. Love the stuff. The smell isn't anything to be worried about, the serum is strong so the smell is guaranteed to be as well. Give it a try!
5 Rachel
Best spot treatment I have used. I suffer with breakouts particularly when stressed so I will try anything to combat spots. This is amazing stuff and has cleared up my skin after just a couple of uses. It beats other treatments I have tried such as microdermabrasions. Definitely worth a try, it works a dream for me. Looking to purchase more products.
5 San
Yet again another amazing Product by Mario Badescu!! This works wonders. I literally apply on the effected areas (pimples and pimples which are underneath the skin) before going to bed and wake up and noticing that the pimple has de-sized. I feel so much more confident now than I did before well worth buying!!
3 ria
After seeing the reviews for this product and seeing Kylie Jenner talk about how good it was i decided to purchase. i dont have very bad skin - just spots appear time to time depending on my diet. But ill be honest, im not overly impressed and cant particularly say it has stopped or got rid of any one spot since ive been using it. it seems to work well on small pimples but not actual spots, however going to keep trying with this product.
3 Onvie
I'm not overly impressed with this. I've put it on a spot and it stings and that seems to be about it really. It hasn't diminished any spots for me or lessened the redness of them. I'll keep trying because it seems to work wonderfully well for some people here but I wouldn't buy it again.
4 Nicole
This bottle is small but does a lot! You literally put a small amount of product on a cotton bud, dab it right on the spot (even ones under the skin) and shrinks the bump over night. The smell isn't too bad and you get used it.
5 Nikki
Amazing! Used first day I got it and the improvement overnight was fantastic. You use a tiny amount, put on all your spots as directed with a cotton bud, leave overnight. It leaves pink on your skin but washes off in the morning and the result was amazing. Don't hesitate just buy it.
5 Karina
WOW!! Just wow... I have suffered with acne since the age of 12 - now 26! This stuff is the only thing that can stop a spot in its tracks. As soon as you see or feel any sort of spot brewing dab this on and watch it disappear by the morning. A must have acne treatment :)
5 Kelly
I put this on in the evening and I let it sit on my face the whole night. I look like a crazy person when I put this on on all my spots (my boyfriend must really love me for still kissing me when I have this on). This dries out my pimples a lot faster then when I put nothing on them. I really recommend this.
5 Diyaah
It's a miracle in a bottle! Don't think twice before buying it - it does what it says: excellent spot treatment!
5 Nassima
What a fab product! Literally erases the sign of a spot overnight. Word of advice, if the skin around your spot is broken, do NOT apply this. It tends to harden and get stuck in the morning and also I feel contributes to scaring. Also, NEVER apply to an entire area - I learnt the hard way. Dots are your best friends. Will be repurchasing for sure. Genius stuff if you use it right!
5 Sudharshani
Thank you so much beauty bay for having mario badescu, , I just love this product so much . It's been 4 days and I can see my pimples have shrunk. Amazing Product.
5 Y.
I have been using Mario Badescu products for about 3-4 years now. It totally cleared up my sensitive acne prone skin! My favorites are the drying lotion and the glycolic acid toner. It's amazing and a must-try for every MB newbie! This product works best on smaller impurities. For blackheads I use MB's silver powder.
5 Jade
Long story short, I recently started using the pill and my skin did not react well. I'd never had a problem with spots until now and this amazing saviour has saved my skin. Alongside the drying mask, these two are my new HG spot treatments.
5 Lauren
Amazing! Really does clear up your skin! Spots disappear in days rather than weeks completely recommend!
5 Josie Micallef
This is simply a must have. Best spot treatment ever !
5 Autumn Rose
This product is a God send. I've been spotty since I was about 11, and I've tried everything you can imagine. I've been told about this product and I wasn't convinced it'd work, but it's amazing. It's cleared up my skin, face, neck and chest, in a matter of days. I have dry skin, so people with dry skin don't worry, it doesn't dry out your skin, which is a first for spot treatments. Not only will you be receiving an amazing product, which I'm surprised they aren't charging more for, because it's incredible, you'll receive amazing service from the Beauty Bay team, my product came literally the day after I ordered it, which I didn't expect, and it was posted in protective packaging, so don't worry about your products getting ruined. I'd suggest leaving the product stood for a couple of hours to ensure the two products separate again, as you can't use them mixed together. You won't regret buying this product from this website! I FINALLY have the skin I've wanted. Thank you Beauty Bay and Mario Badescu.
5 Tereza
I was litlle bit sceptical about this product but it is really the best spot treatment. Best for whiteheads and also blackheads. Use it overnight and the results are unbelievable. I'm really really surprised by this brand. I use also Glycolic acid toner by Mario Badescu and it also makes me really satisfied.
5 hayley
love this, it works really well on spots. i tend to put it on at right before i go to bed over a spot that has just come up and within two days the spot has gone :)
5 kristen
this product is a must have! i could see results in only a day which has never happened to me before and i have very acne proned skin and have been looking everywhere for something to help me. as everything is so expensive in australia, i decided to buy it from beauty bay as the prices are alot cheaper. would definitely recommend and will be buying again from this site
5 Lisa
This really does dry out those superficial pimples! and I'm obsessed with the colour! lol It has quite a strong smell, but just let it evaporate a bit on the cotton bud, then apply to affected area. The only real downside for me is that it rubs off too easily, probably spends more time on my pillow case and blanket than on my skin, cos it's always nowhere to be seen by morning time. lol
5 Carole
Kills spots. Drying Lotion applied immediately prevents the spot from breaking out, usually within a day or two, usually overnight . No more painful spots or scars. Thank you Mario Badescu.
5 Anna
Great product ! A must have. This is the best spot treatment I have ever tried. Dry out every pimples in 1-2 days.
5 Mateus
I consider it the best spot treatment I've used so far. It did not cleared pimples and whiteheads overnight as some might say, but it did fastened the process to a few days. It didn't irritate my skin and I find the smell ok (it's a strong camphor scent, but I think I got used to it). I use it everyday and it didn't cure my acne issues, but sure it helped to improve them.
5 Ellinor
Smells really strong, but it goes away after a while. Loving this in mys skincare at the moment. Made a huge difference on my nose.
5 Liudmila
Works! Ordered another! I advise everyone. The lotion is great.
5 zhangrui
It's amazing product. I will continue purchase it as it really does work for resisting breaking out.
5 Elle
This product is great- it actually does shrink pimples overnight! It does smell awful but the results are worth it. Don't bother using this on painful pimples that are under the skin, it doesn't do them much good. Anything else, though, and it will dry them up and shrink them in no time. This is a must have for me, and I wouldn't want to be without it.
5 Jeanie
Totally understand why this is a cult fav. It's great for emergencies, but tend to hurt. No pain no gain though!
5 Tang Xin Ying
It works great, but the smell is terrible! Fortunately it goes away quickly. Before using this product you need to apply toner to moisturize you skin first.
5 Janna
This awesome producte helped me to solve all acne problemes. I love it and recomend it to everyone!
5 Corinne
It works great, but the smell is terrible! Fortunately it goes away quickly. Otherwise, it really works :)
4 julia
the name tells what it is, really drying lotion. so better use it on white pimples
5 Anna Yanaeva
This is my must-have which has rescued me so many times. I do not use it for face - although my skin is rather oily, this is a harsh product. I use it for pimples that tend to appear of my back, as well as those appearing after wax depilation (ingrown hairs). It takes a night to make a pimple smaller and get rid of the painful feeling, and 2 nights to forget about the pimple. Great product for its price.
5 Simone
Really good! It really helps reducing acne without irritating sensitive skin. But it is essential to moisturize the skin before and after using it.
5 Phaedra
I have terrible skin and this is great for getting rid of stubborn areas, i use this with the buffering lotion and it has honestly made such a difference, i had cystic acne and now its gone! I use it every night I LOVE THIS STUFF
5 Sheri Ash
Don't expect miracles - this product is really effective and works about 80% of the time if you catch a spot in time. The best way to use it is to dab the potential spot with tea tree oil first, let the oil dry then repeat 2 more times then put the drying lotion on and leave on overnight. It dries in pink dots - not very attractive but if it kills the spot, its worth it!
5 Lior
Works better on small pimples than on the big scary ones, but would usually improve the condition of either kind. I've ordered it 3 times already and would highly recommend.
4 Beatriz
My skin is not acne prone but I get pimples now and then (that time of the month, you now). OMG this product kills pimples over night. It's not magic but it seems to, great product. Be careful it is really drying. SPANISH: no soy propensa a los granitos, solo de vez en cuando. Bueno, este producto es realmente fantástico seca los granitos en una noche, de verdad muy aconsejado. Pero debe usarse con cuidado y solo en los granos ya que seca de verdad la piel.
4 Blanca
It doesn't make a miracle, but helps!
It does working at the beginning but after 5times I used, it doesn't have any acne treatment effect any more.
5 Catherine
I have struggled with acne for a very long time, at 20, I'm still struggling with my skin and I feel like I have tried everything out there that says it will help. I stumbled upon the Mario Badescu products and I am so happy I did! I only decided to purchase the drying lotion and the acne cleanser to start off with in case, like all the other products I've tried, they didn't work and I'd be wasting my money, but with these two products I am so happy to say I am noticing a remarkable difference in my skin! I put the drying lotion on any breakouts or spots I have just before I go to bed. I must admit the smell isn't the most pleasant but after a few minutes it goes away so it doesn't put me off! It dries in super quick so there's no waiting around for it to dry before going to bed, and when I wake up any spot that I had has noticeably reduced in size or has completely gone. For me it definitely reduces those under the skin cystic spots in just one night! So amazing! I think this along with the acne facial cleanser has really helped my skin! I have now purchased a few more Mario Badescu products and I hope they work just as good!
5 Ioanna
2 Holly
Bought this because of all the amazing reviews, but was so disappointed. It just doesn't work for me, at all. I have hormonal acne on my chin and only my chin (not cystic, but I'd get like 1 or 2 pretty big spots every single week/two weeks or so. While my old ones heal I'd get new ones again which is so annoying.) and I put it on before I go to bed. At first I can feel a cooling sensation and it FEELS like it works, but after a while it dries up and the sensation is gone. I wake up and my spot's even worse. Doesn't dry it up at all. It's as if the lotion draws it out more quickly instead of calming it down. I'm not giving up on it but I've used it a few times now and I'm so sad about it not working. Gonna keep trying it though.
5 Anna
AMAZING! it is perfect, I am over the moon with it
5 Shula Chen
Really helpful
5 Mart
It works miracles! I use it every night and it makes a difference!
5 holly
5 iva
absolute life saver! just put it on, go to sleep and wake up beautiful! love love love
5 Loui
GOT THAT BIG NASTY BUMP? This works AMAZING. Helps to dry out your pimples real quick!
4 Fey
nice n it's work!
5 Cheryl
Hands down!!! I have never encountered a product which works as fast as this. I have cystic acne, and when i dab i on over night, it help calm the swelling down and it also quickens the healing time of the spot to 2-3 days. Amazing for me!
4 Louise
Excellent. Works well on whiteheads, will reduce size and inflamation in about 1-2. It does make that part of the skin pretty drying - hence the name! Smell isn't too offensive and texture is akin to Camomile lotion. I just dip a clean cotton bud all the way to the bottom of the bottle and apply. I have found this has no effect on under the skin spots unless they have come to the surface. Would recommend this, has been great for hormonal breakouts.
5 Petronela
This product is amazing and efficient! Totally worth the investment :D
5 Beny
No surprise anyone if I say that this product is great, if I get a pimple I put on the pink paste and the next day no longer exists, is almost magical. Yes it great because you don't want to have pimples. Buy yaaaaaaa. No descubro nada nuevo si digo que este producto es buenísimo , si me sale un granito le pongo la pasta rosa y al día siguiente ya no existe, es casi mágico . Sí tienes espinillas es porque quieres . Cómpralo yaaaaaaa.
4 Sidsel Mellergaard
I own one and bought one for my boyfriend this is not a wonder product but it does work - it will not remove pimples, but it will make it smaller and help especially on does big sore ones that appears maybe twice a year
5 Maria
I love this product. It does depend on the type of pimple, but even when they pimple have gone down, you should keep using it, it will help make the pimple disappear even quicker. I got a pimple a friday and saturday it was almost gone. Don't expect a miracle, but expect a product that works :)
3 Aneesa Shahzad
I have severe acne. Didn't really think the product worked for me. So I've stopped using it. However id recommend the cucumber toner and acne facial cleanser for anyone with acne. It worked amazingly for me :)
5 Emma-Louise
I really enjoy this product, it's in the name 'drying' because it does, i tend to use this product when i have a spot coming up and the buffering lotion for more noticeable acne. I clean face then apply this lotion, to me not only does this lotion cover up and build a shield over the effected spot it keeps the spot clean not letting no bacteria/dirt into the skin. I would 100% reccommend Mario Badescu products, I will be repurchasing more products from the range and the products i already have when they run out. Most importantly i have noticed a difference in my acne, making me feel more confident so thanks Mario Badescu.
5 Kirsten
I only use this on larger spots or whiteheads as it is very drying, but it works well on them! It stops them from getting any worse. The pink patches seem to stay on my face all night, but I just wipe them off with a muslin cloth in the morning. It does smell a little but I don't notice the smell when I put it on my face.
5 maria
great product. if you use it when you feel the pimple coming out it may disapear in one night. Other times it takes more, but even so it is the strongest product I have ever used. The only problem, you sleep with pink "spots" on your face.
5 Bonnie
Brilliant!!!! I got all face with acne which is so annoying, and I've tried a lot of different products, but they weren't work!!! Once by a chance to see a youtuber review, and she recommended this Drying Lotion, so I think I'll give it a try, so.....I found....all my acne gone after few days I had used it!!! They were gone just like magic!!!^^ But the only thing I don't like is the's quite strong though.
5 Kelly
This is a good product. It's effectiveness depends on the type of pimple, but it does do the job eventually in any case. In some cases it will work overnight, in other cases it will need 2-3 nights.
5 Sunraine
This is Mario's star product and it really works on white heads. It is like a miracle overnight! Very drying. I'll definitely purchase it again and will recommend this to anyone.
5 Carina Clausen
I love this product! It doesn't smell good, but it works!
5 Sanna
It really works wonders. (All skeptics can stop doubting and start believing) I have had problem skin since my early 20s, so around 5 years, and my skin have never looked as good as since I started using Mario Badescu products. The drying lotion 'kills' it before it even erupts. I also use the Acne wash daily, and it really do work.
5 Gaby
I have only recently bought this product but absolutely love it already. It is unlike any other spot treatment I have used. After 2 days my spots have not completely gone but I can tell they have definitely reduced in size and are less red. There is a slight tingling sensation when I use it and expect to sleep with pink dots on your face. The only minor downside I have is that its quite drying which makes putting on make up a bit of a pain but its all worth it. Im finally on the road to spot free skin.
5 Ana
Brilliant product! As all other great reviews I would definitely recommend this product to everyone with any minor or major skin problems. I have been personally struggling with acne since age of 13 until now 21. I have tried many different treatments, spend way too much money on very unnecessary treatments.. I would just like to say thank you to beauty bay emails and suggestions what they would recommend me and than I came across this drying lotion! Its not a magic but does its job, and definitely see big results within 3 days. Had no problems applying it, easy to remove it(if you have normal/comb. skin like me) and best to use it overnight. My acne, pimples and blackheads nearly disappeared, small scarring is gone, only few bigger scars left! Thanks to this I don't have to wear any make up, but if I go out I use bb cream just to freshen up my look and cover any scarring left.Don't hesitate, buy it nowww :) I'm placing my next order on other products from Mario Badescu :)
5 Beni
This is an amazing product I've ever used! I love the results and I love the smell. It really works for me. This is my second bottle so no wonder how good it is.
3 Julie
So sad that this product didnt work for me. It irritated my skin more than it helped. Gave it to my friend and it worked Well for her acne!
5 clare gladstone
Brilliant...Never fails me! Not the nicest of smells but if its getting rid of zits by the morning who cares!
5 Yasmin
After just a couple of days of using this product. I am so impressed. It doesn't seem overly harsh on the skin yet it does the job. I have oily, acne prone skin and this product is wonderful. Dries up whiteheads overnight and dramatically reduces redness and size. It has also helped in my cystic acne, aiding it to heal faster and reduce the redness and the overall feel of a nasty bump emerging. I will definitely be repurchasing. I have just bought the buffering lotion. Looking forward to seeing how that works with deeper cystic acne. I was also very impressed with my next day free delivery!
5 Imsurenla Longkumer
Great product! It does dry out pimples overnight but you have to be careful of not picking on them once they start itching as they dry up.
3 phoebe
It works but make my skin extremely itchy.
2 Simone
Didn't really do anything for me. But can be drying if you use it the same place more than two times, not in a good way. Not what I expected. If you put a lot on one spot, it can be hard to get off in the morning.
5 Yang
When I received the product, I was surprised by the gift and very happy. After 1 week use, I thought it was really worked but not very efficiently. And there was a little pain when the product used on face.
4 Christa
This definitely is a miracle for upcoming pimples! What I love is that, if you feel a bump coming up and dab this on, it won't grow out to be one huge big pimple! It reduces it and makes it disappear before it completely errupts. I have to admit though that it does make the spots where I put this one slightly flaky if I put it on more than three times a week. Overall a definite favorite of mine!
3 Hb
Sorry guys - this was a no from me! After all the amazing reviews I expected more but have tried on several different kinds of spots but still no positive results.
5 Malin
Smells really bad, and it might sting a bit, but it works! No more pimples for me!! :)
5 Rachael Pickering
Amazing product! Comes in a little glass bottle, pink liquid/powder that settles at the bottom and clear at the top. I apply this by putting a cotton bud straight down into the pink part then straight out and onto any spots (after cleansing, applying buffering lotion and after moisturiser). If the skin is broken it does sting a little but if not broken skin then I dont feel anything. You do have to be prepared for the pink blobs all over your face but my husband has never commented on it, the cat gives be a funny look! Also it doesnt rub off when in bed so treats spots all night only prob is I get up early to go see to my horse and litterally wake up get dressed - I have been caught walking around yard with pink spots still on! I have been using Mario Badescu products for just over a week now and my congested skin is now virtually clear apart from one blind spot! I cant remember when I last had clear skin!! Totally recommend these products and am happy with all I bought!
4 Emma
Very good product! A bit ugly with the pink though but it's overcomeable!
4 Jo
This product is effective not only on pimples but on mosquito bites as well. I used it on my arms and legs to reduce the itching and swelling from the bites and the effect is immediate. The redness and scars are also visibly reduced in about four to five days. The only downside is that the pink hue of the product is difficult to wash off.
5 Elise
I have only used it for one night and it does wonders! :) Love it!!!
5 Holly
Sheer magic. Don't know why I ever bothered with anything else!
5 Su
this is amazing, really reduces signs of acne after a single use. Great for controlling outbreaks!
5 Tiffany
Does wonders on drying out my pimples but its not a miracle product. It definitely speeds up the acne process though
5 Sam
I wish I'd found this product earlier! Does a great job in shortening the life of spots (some bumps even disappear completely) and doesn't dry out my skin too much. Been using this for three weeks now, have used next to none of it and my skin looks better than it has for months!
4 Marti
I have a love/hate relationship with this product.It does the job most of the times, but be careful and moisturize your skin because it can be a bit too drying
4 Phyllis
Amazing product :) It dries up existing pimples and also help with exfoliation the next day. Sometimes I put a thin layer over a problem area with flaky skin and the next day a clarasonic will do the job. I just have a problem with the application, I feel like we're wasting so much product on the cottom bud!!!
5 Isabel A
This actually works,I am so glad that I have found this,dont have acne anymore:))))
4 Shahar
I absolutely love it. I read a lot of reviews about it, and I decided to purchase it. Definitely a great product and you can see results after a few days. the product did not work like a magic and overnight the zit is gone! It took a several days... but definitely worth the money!
5 Laura
This product is amazing, helps get rid of whiteheads overnight and also aids in getting rid of other spots on the skin. Been using this product since I was 15 and have always come back to it. It may seem expensive but it lasts for a very long time so well worth the money!!
3 julie kristensen
i think this is a very nice product! though if it's just teen acne you deal with, wich is what i do, i wouldn't recommend this.. but my boyfriend who is a bit older than me used it and it really helped!
4 Stela M. Z.
It's really great to use when you just feel the pimple is starting to grow. It works if the pimple is still red, but if it has already turned to white the product doesn't work. For me it's the best product that I've tried, I can't live without it.
5 Vesna
As many others said, it's not magic, but it certanly get its job done and drys pimples faster and more efficient than anything else I've ever tried. If you don't expect miracle and you know that there is no such thing as "everything will be fixed overnight", you may be pretty impressed by Drying lotion.
5 John Simms
Amazing! Cannot believe how quickly and how well this worked. 5 stars!!!
5 Adriana
This is a brilliant blemish treatment it dries horrible whiteheads overnight and delivers quick relief from small bumps aswell. Have never used anything better.
5 senka
This product was amazing! I have a normal skintype but I can't help my self to touch small breakouts, so I need something that saves me after I've done that. I've never used something that works this good, dryes out the pimples over night!
1 Rebecca
I read so many good things about this product, but after trying it I feel really let down. It has actually made my skin break out even more than usual, as well as making my chin and jawline (where I get most of my spots) extremely itchy.
5 Elle
Ussaly I feel that spot treatments block more than treat. This is not magic but it do help to dry my spots out and their "life" becomes much shorter.
5 Ye Bai
This product is amazing, usually my spot matures in 7 days, with this lotion, it just matures over one night and no redness. And back to normal skin after three nights
5 LadyG
Fabulous! Where would i be without it! This is fantastic for putting on a spot before it comes to the surface, as it sometimes can stop them in their tracks. But it really works wonders at drying up a spot, makes sure you only dab it on the spot as it can be drying on normal skin.
4 Ceri
Excellent product. I have oily skin and get pimples as a result. This a great product for minimising them. a bit of a faff to put on having to use a cotton bud to dab it on. Doesn't work on very dry skin though.
3 Azusa
it works! but only if the zit is 'mature' enough, if it hasn't 'surface' to a head its doesn't do anything, but once it does this thing does do a fab job. for me its probably the best combat zit product, but then again, it doesn't always work.
1 Live
Unfortunately, this joins the long line of products that seem to work for everyone but me and my sensitive problem skin. If anything, I felt that it aggravated my skin and caused more pimples. :(
5 Ka Lai Cheung
Love this product!!!Every time when I feel that there is a pimple coming up I will put this on overnight for 2 nights as the pimple does not disappear in 1 night but I can really notice the difference.Normally my pimples will stay for more than 5 days but now they are almost gone within 3 days which is really great and I do not get an dried out skin from it!
1 Tash
This didn't work for me. Made no difference, and ended up with really dry sections on my face :(.
4 Ella
This definitely didn't get rid of my spots on it's own but it did bring them to the surface so that they could be, er, manually removed without leaving any scarring. I'm not sure if that's what it's meant to do but my skin does look clearer. Not exactly wonder stuff but better than anything else I've tried
1 Sandra
This didnt work for me :(
5 Caroline
Haven't ever found a better product that this for clearing up spots!
5 silvina
I love this stuff! At first I was hesitant because I saw how it was supposed to be used and thought it was too much effort just to apply it. Well, it works. It doesn't get rid of the pimple over night, but it does come pretty close. It depends on how big it is, but the next morning, it definitely swells down and gets less red. After a couple of days, it goe
5 Miropi
I love this <3
5 Lauren
This really does work! Don't have any problems with the pink residue as it has all pretty much worn off by the morning anyway.
5 Evelyn Kazan
After trying loads of products this actually works. This is truly a life saver! My skin is blemish free and I have been confidently continuing it's use for a very long period of time. My skin is glowing and being a model I really couldn't work with bad skin so I can thoroughly recommend this to anyone.
5 Saiirah
I would recommend Mario Badescu the drying lotion for anyone who is very self conscious about spots, because it really has made my skin 110% clearer than any prescribed creams, or natural spot relievers. I applied the cream every night normally 2hours before i go to sleep; and always notice a difference in the morning its like magic. I'm so satisfied.
5 Suzi
Excellent put it on the spot over night and it dries it out the sulphur in the product is the key.
4 anne
Been using this product long time now.Although I still get some blemishes I like using product, it keeps them at bay. I don't mind the pink colour, and find it washes off okay in morning, although most of it has gone by then anyway.
3 Jas
It does work, but it really does dry out your skin, so you can't use it every day. It's great for the odd spot though.
4 Victoria
This is one of the best spot treatments i've ever used. It significantly helped my spots overnight & reduced redness. The only negative is the pink is sometimes difficult to remove the next morning, even using a facial wash.
5 Nicole
I love love love this product. I tried it a while ago and it is the only thing that gets rid of my spots so ive started using it again and within literally a few days my skin looks clearer and i feel more confident :) would recommend to anyone
4 Elvire
This product did miracle on my boyfriend's back and chest, but the pink is hard to remove, even with a good soap.
5 By Emma me
Thiss is a miracle worker!
5 Michelle
It is my must have spot treatment that really works and does what it suppose to do. It got rid of my small pimples over a night and reduced the redness significantly. I have tried so many acne treatments and this is the best one so far, which i can always rely on when I have breakouts.
4 James
I've been using this drying lotion on my spots for about 2 months now and it really is the best spot treatment i've ever come across, however. It is bright pink so you can only use it when you go to bed or if your on your own and it takes quite a few hours to really kick in, so using it an hour before a party doesn't really do much. I still highly recommend!
5 Leanne Hewitt
I absolutely love this product and would buy nothing else to get rid of annoying spots. As long as you dont mind pink dots on your face when you go to bed, I dont think ive bought anything better and although the bottle is small it does last a long time as you dont need to use a lot.
4 Lily Camara
It's not a one-night-miracle, but after 2-3 nights, the pimple is as good as gone. Also, the pimples where you apply it, don't get larger, which is good. The only thing I don't like is the pink residue is a bit hard to get away at the end and it really dries out that area. So I recommend using it only where really necessary!
5 Alison E
both me and my husband swaer by this lotion. It really works, either by drawing the spot to a head or by getting rid of it altogether and sometimes it can get rid of a spot overnight! I haven't found it particularly drying, but I use a healing skin oil overnight so that probably helps! It does smell really strong though!
4 Denny .n.
I LOVE this product althought it dries out the pimples v.good the only disadvantage of this is that it leaves behind pink residue on the skin which takes alot of effort to take off and skin become v. dry
4 Ann
I found this product very useful. My only regret was that the liquid dried out near the end of my use, so I couldn´t use the product to it´s fullest. But it helped with my spots. But as it says it is a drying lotion, so be prepared of scabbing of the skin. But a very good product at removing blemishes fast and in a good way.
4 Caroline L
I use this product when I have big breakouts on my skin. It really helps with reducing the size of a large break out. But I wouldn't suggest using it everyday as it is quite harsh on the skin. But well worth the money!
5 E
I use this product every night, it helps clear my pimples super fast and I wouldn't know what to do without it :) If you have an unclear skin, it's worth trying! I use a good moisturizer before using this product and don't have any problems with the skin getting dry but this of course may be personal, you don't have to use this every day.
4 Tara Allen
I was very impressed with this product. it shrinks and drys pimples in half the time, drawing them up to a head. However too much use causes alot of scabbing and then it's hard to get moisture back into the affected area. My advice would be don't use it every night if your skin has dryer tendencies but alternate with something hydrating. Good product.

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