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Mario Badescu Drying Mask 2oz

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4 Rohan
The smell is awful. However, used 3 times already and my face feels amazing. My oiliness has improved and ive noticed any discolouration on my face gradually disappear!
3 Charlotte
I only recently bought this mask so can't really say if it works or not but if you are funny about really strong smells I wouldn't buy this , it smells like really strong burning tar and makes me feel sick when it is on my face
5 Avi
Ok first things first: the smell. It's like if a cat got dipped in cement and then chemically dipped to get the cement off. BUT!!!! It works literal miracles. I have acne prone oily skin and this clears up any blemishes I have overnight, even giving the oiliest areas a clear out. This is totally worth the money!!
5 Harriett
This product is literally amazing! I broke out a few months ago and have tried so many different products to try and fight my acne (on my cheeks) and this mask has worked wonders soooo quickly! I've only used it 3 times and can already see a huge difference. I also use the acne facial wash, which again is a really good product. Its crazy how much of a difference I've seen in only 3 days of using it. I wish I knew about it before! If you suffer from acne this is what you need. These products are pricey but they are worth every penny.
5 Teresa
I've totally changed my skincare routine and I've only been using Mario Badescu products for about 2 months now... and my skin has gotten so much better. This mask has helped a lot, the smell is a little off putting and makes me gag every time I wear it but the results are so worth it! If you're having a bad skin day or feel a breakout coming this mask is the one for you, along with the drying lotion and cream. I gave it 5 stars because it works miracles!
5 Imogen
This is honestly amazing. I am 19 and have had bad acne for a few years and have tried everything. I bought this on a whim and I am so glad. Notices instant results on my active acne after one use and after more uses my acne has reduced the point where I barely have any spots any more, it has changed my life I will never stop buying. Also is amazing for getting rid of black heads, smell isn't great but honestly I'm used to it now and if that's what it takes to make a product like this it something very insignificant compared to the results it gives. Love. Also recommend the whitening mask for acne scars.
5 Niomi Stenson
I wish i had read reviews first because the smell is horendous!!! I enjoy a good relaxing soak in the bath when i use a face mask but i couldnt because of the really bad smell...although we do daft stuff for beauty so i use it all the time...try and disregard the smell because it really works its an amazing brand that seem to have gone back to basics and instead of wasting money on presentation and making the product attracive by scent and texture it dose wxactly what it says on the tin which i know i prefer!!!
5 Queency
This mask is the besttt specially for congested skin it makes my skin softer n controls face oil... I use it once a weeks would recommend it for oily to combination skin must try..
1 Edward johnston
Do not buy this product. I ordered it and when it arrived the smell of it made me very unwell. It smells of the inside of plastic childrens toys, it gave me a headache. Also the smell lingers around after you have used it. Do not waste your money on this horrific product. I would rather have bad skin than have to put this on my face 3 times a week.
5 Laura
Wow! Really good mask. A little goes a long way and the effects are amazing! Does vanish pimples and cysts!
5 Georgia Terry
Years and years I've struggled with my oily problem skin! I've tryed endless amounts of treatments and medications and nothing seemed to work like this mask! I have been using it for just over two weeks now in conjunction MB healing and soothing mask and my skin looks amazing, nearly all my acne is gone, my pores look 10x smaller and my face is no longer red or overly oily! I recommend you use it on opposite days to the healing and soothing mask because as the product name states it is drying (like most acne treatment masks). This has become one of my holy grail skincare products, I love it that much I've just ordered a whole heap of his other products!
4 GG
It does not smell nice, at all. But it works and It is the main part, you will find your acne dry quicker and the oily would be controlled significantly, the combination of drying mask and buffering lotion is great for under-pimple skin !! Don't leave it more that 15' on your skin 'cuz it may dry out.
5 Charlotte
The smell is really strong. It reminds me of petrol, however, once you've applied it the smell wears off. I wouldn't recommend this product if you are sensitive to strong smells. This product is amazing though - it does dry your skin out and when you put it on and leave it to dry, you can't move your face. Such a great product will be buying again!
4 Elodie
Love this product,it makes spots and painful bumps reduce in size and helps with redness!As someone with acne prone skin this has improved my skin so much.I have to give it 4 stars however because the smell is vile,it smells like the inside of an old leather boot it is terrible!But the smell does not change the fact that this is a wonderful mask,just be cautious if you are sensitive to smell :)
5 Holly
This is great, you can feel your skin drying out so I would recommend moisturizer after using! The smell isn't great but it does work wonders!
4 Katie
Okay so I have literally just started using this and the first thing I have noticed is the smell which is making me feel unwell. However the affects of using the mask is just amazing!!! works well with using the drying lotion and the famous facial spray to add moisture back into your skin and you're golden! acne prone skin no more!!! Only when the smell is improved I will be able to give this 5 stars
5 hayley
Love this, i get spots on my chin, chest and back. got this because anything the doctors recommend didnt work. this product can be used on the body as well as the face, and you can see results almost right away. its not the best smelling thing in the world and i found it did sting abit when first put on, then becomes abit itchy but my skin is sensitive. i dont use when i havent got spots because it sucks the moisture out of your skin, perfect for when i need it.
5 Suzanne
This mask was the first product I ever bought from Mario Badescu and remains my favourite. Yes, it can seem expensive at first, but you really do get what you pay for. It's very easy to apply. It may smell a little strange, but not unpleasantly so, and you leave it to dry before removing. I usually wash it off with warm water and a flannel. I always notice that after using it my skin is much calmer, with spots appearing less red. It's not going to solve your acne single-handed but it does a very good job of calming everything down if you're having a bad skin day.
1 AC
Tried this after wanting it for ages but it's brought my skin out in so many spots!!! I was so excited to use it but regretted it the next day when it had made my skin even worse. Also smells absolutely horrible and the fumes make me feel a bit sick
5 Ida
I noticed such dramatic results in only 3days, using it each day! My skin is pretty much completely clear! However do moisturise afterwards as on the third day I was extremely dry (I'm normal really oily) but will start to now use only 2-3 times a week
5 Nikki
Wow fantastic product! Only need a tiny amount which is good because the pot is smaller than you expect. Smells weird but after 20 mins it washes off so easily and use a moisturiser afterwards and skin feels amazing. Really noticed a massive improvement. Didn't use the drying lotion as well that night, and was still really impressed with how my skin looked the next day. Don't hesitate just get this if you have problem skin, it really works
5 Stacey
As the name suggests it is drying but with a good moisturizer you'll be sweet but this mask has dramatically changed the appearance of my face. All signs of acne have vanished and my skin is smooth. It can also be used as a spot treatment, put it on at night then wake up and the spots gone! Amazing stuff!
5 Mateus Augusto
The Drying Mask is one of the best products for acne-prone skin from Mario Badescu. I bought it along with drying and buffering lotion, drying cream and healing soothing mask and I can say it was most likely my favorite. The smell is not the best and when it dries it falls apart from your face, but it really controls face oils and fastens the healing process (reducing redness at the same time).
5 Karla Turner
The best mask Ive ever used for breakouts and acne. Calms everything down and dries in one go. Use and night and can see a real difference in the morning.
5 kateryna
Lifesaving product! Makes your pimples and redness disappear. I use it with buffering lotion 2-3 times a week in summer and it helps my face stay clean! Highly recommended
4 Maria
As other reviewers said, the smell is odd, but that's due to the natural ingredients. However, it does suck the 'bad' oil on your skin and you feel it less oily the next day.
4 Sandra
I love this mask, it dries out every drop of oil in my skin.I would give it five stars if it din't smell so bad.
4 Tanya Gayle
This is an amazing product that I would recommend. The smell is not the best but the results are amazing. You can dab it on the areas that you need. I noticed a difference after the first use the next morning my skin felt fantastic.
Really love it!!! it does work, spots are reduced and controlled.
4 Stacey
This product very effectivlty eliminates oil and makes your skin feel clean and fresh. It can be a little harsh as an all-over face mask if used too often (use only once or twice a week) but is a brilliant spot treatment.
4 Hedwig Horner
Very good, applied it four times now. skin does look better but i recommend to use MB´s Healing and Soothing mask on alternating days as advised :) Really recovers my skin afterwards.
5 Iman
Excellent product that does it's job. I could see the results after the first use. Your spots and bumps are significantly reduced.
4 Martha
I love this mask! It helps to dry my acne eruptions!! Just have a problem it smells really bad!!
5 meghan
After one use, I definitely can see the results of the mask - on face and shoulders. Seems to be doing the job - but the smell is truly horrific!
5 Suzanne
Arrived today - after one application I can already see that the bumps under my skin have got smaller - FAB. Also bought the drying cream. Can't wait to see results :)
5 abe
strongly recommend this product, you can see results after only one use.

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