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Mario Badescu Enzyme Cleansing Gel 8oz

4.5 63 Reviews
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5 Sofia
I got a free sample of this and tried it out yesterday. I've only used it once but wow! It's actually the only cleanser I've tried that gets all the make up off my face. The foundation around the hair line, waterproof mascara - everything.
5 Kimberly
LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS! This non-foaming cleansing gel is the best cleanser I have had!I have partly oily partly (really) dry patches and usually have issues with blemishes and spots. This cleanser keeps my spots away without drying my skin out. This will definitely be my new go-to cleanser!
5 Raluca
This product made me fall in love with the Mario Badescu products. It has cleared my face within the last few weeks like nothing else I have tried so far.My skin is very oily and so I use this product every evening with my Magnitone brush.I will be repurchasing it all the time. I definitely recommend it.
5 Holly
The best cleanser I've ever used! Started using it around a year ago and I'd never change. It helped clear my skin up and my skin has improved so much! I've recommened this to all my friends and family. Mario badescu is the best skin care around and it's affordable. All of his range is amazing!
5 Martina
This is really AMAZING. Got recommendation for this on the Mario Badescu website, along with Seaweed Cleansing Lotion, in a sensitive-but-blemish-prone skin type and it was no disappointment. Effective yet so gentle. My search for a cleanser has come to an end.
5 Kerri
I've suffered from acne for longer than I care to remember and for the last year I'd been using the acne cleanser and recommended toner and unfortunately for me it only helped my skin marginally. I got a sample of the enzyme gel and loved the texture and how it left my skin feeling (clean and not stripped of every ounce of moisture) so I bought the full size bottle. I've been using this for four weeks now alongside the glycolic acid toner. My skin (blemishes and scars) have cleared up massively and of the very few new spots I've had, they've been tiny and disappear in a matter of days!! It's also not as dry as it used to be either. I'd really recommend giving these products a go alongside each other if like me you've tried a range of products including prescribed medication (including RoAccutane) and not had any luck, because I tried these on a whim and couldn't be happier with the results!
5 GG
smells great, feels great after using, leave your skin soft and smooth, but hey you need to remove your make-up firs or double cleansing, only the cleanser won't wash your eye makeup away !! If you are looking for a cleanser which does its job but still remain the moisture on your skin then this is the one !!
5 Megan
I got this as a free sample with the cucumber cleansing lotion. I had never used Mario Badescu products before but I'm totally in love. It's cleared my skin and given me a smoother more healthy complexion. I can't rave enough about his products because they are great. I have purchased the drying lotion and silver powder which I am smitten with, great product and highly recommend.
5 charlie
this makes my skin clean, calm and soft. it has a very pleasant, gentle aroma.. you can feel it working and it has lasting effects. I definitely think that you can buy a small bottle of this and a large one of the toner/astringent because you really dont need much of this at all (i am about 1cm in by the time my toner is 1/3 empty).. i would recommend this product to anyone
3 Molly
I love the look of the product and it feels good on my skin, but I have to say, it really stings my eyes. I like using a facial cleanser in the shower to take off my eye make-up in addition to my face make-up and you can't really do that with this because it stings too much!
5 Courtney
Without a doubt the very best cleanser I've ever used. Is it possible to give it more than five stars?? I have dry combo skin, hubby has oily. It works better for my skin than his. Love the smell, usually I hate anything with fragrance but this stuff is great. I put it on and leave it for a few minutes. We have since ordered more of Mario's products. This stuff really is amazing.
2 Zak
made my face extremely spotty
2 Nicole
This product has parabens in it, so I am really disappointed. I'm sure many companies are changing to paraben alternatives and I'm surprised MB still use them in their products.
5 Joni Jackson
This is the best cleansing cream I have ever used - and at 65 years old, I have used a lot of both expensive as well as 'dime store' products. In my experience, it cleaned pores better than any mask or strip-type product I have used. Mario Badescu is my 'forever' product line!
3 Conor
I had come to learn that a non-foaming cleanser is best as it doesn't strip the skins PH, and it took a while. I came across this and it sounded great. Fragrance is something I avoid but because it is being washed off my face and it wasn't high in the ingredients list I thought i'd be fine. Unfortunately it was so strong, even after washing it off my face I could still smell in and my eyes stung. I don' have sensitive skin/eyes. This is fine if you don't mind strong fragrance in your skincare, but be careful around your eyes.
5 Liv
I love this face wash! Although it hasn't completely stopped spots from appearing, the spots that do appear are incredibly small and tend to disappear the next day. It isn't at all drying, but my skin feels clean and fresh after using - with no residue. It also has quite a pleasant smell. I wish it came with a pump, as the dispenser can be quite annoying, but that is a very small problem. I'd certainly recommend trying this out!
5 Elizabeth
Love this product, I recently got a sample size with my beauty bay order and absolutely love it so I had to purchase the large bottle. This products is amazing. For years u have suffered with acne and have loads of acne scars and this is the only product I have used that has stopped me from breaking out and has reduced my acne scar redness. I use this with the rose water and it is the best combination for dry acne prone skin, both products give me a wonderful glow and make my skin look bright and fresh. Highly recommend.
3 Kate
I received a sample of this product and really enjoyed the benefits it provided! None foaming, gentle but effective cleanser that leaves me skin feeling totally clean & refereshed
5 Bilge kartal
This has stopped my skin from getting spots, my skin is dry and prone to immense amount of break outs. I break out every single day even without make up. This came to me travel size for free when I bought other products. And I can seriously and honesty say this has completely stopped my skin from getting breakouts. I have used so many products and this is the most effective on my skin. I'm so amazed this has improved my spot prone skin. After wetting my skin I massage this gel into my skin making sure it gets into my skin, it is so light and relaxing to put on I just love it. I am so so happy with this product and will purchase the full size.
5 Sarah Moore
I was worried about using this face wash because I had recently struggled with ezcema as well as acne and very dry skin. Finding something that suits me is not easy but this product has been my saviour! Feels very nice to use and takes off makeup effectively. Completely non-drying and just leaves your skin feeling fresh and clean. I have never repurchased any face products until I started to use Mario Badescu and I never plan to turn back. I was almost sceptical because of all the great reviews but their products are great. The only negative I have is that you have to keep it well away from your eyes as it irritates the eyes. So always take off eye makeup with another product.
4 Julie
A very good cleanser! I have used several of Mario Badescu's cleansers but have found this to be the most effective one to get rid of a dull complexion and minimise pores!
5 Andrea
I love this cleanser. It doesn't foam but leaves face clean and refreshed. Before using this cleanser my skin was congested, a lot of hormonal acne on jawline and clogged pores on my lower cheeks. I've tried everything for my skin, drugstore and all natural but nothing has worked quite well as this. It helped clear out my skin very quickly, my pores are not clogged anymore. It has a very mild scent but very pleasant. I really recommend this as a MUST HAVE. It also removes makeup residue.
5 Laura
Leave my very very fresh and clean skin and dry anything. Deep clean my pores and noticeable action. I've always used foam cleaners but I like this format.
4 Diane
Wonderful product. I have combination skin and have paired this with the cucumber lotion also - together, they work very effectively to clear dirt and impurities from this skin, but on it's own, I prefer a foaming cleanser.
4 Abee England
Since I have sensitive skin I have struggled with over drying/irritating cleansers over the years. However, the Mario Badescu cleanser doesn't contain any irritating ingredients and has helped to clear up my skin. Since the ingredients are pretty basic, I do have to use other spot treatments in conjunction with the cleanser but that being said I really don't think its possible for a cleanser to both fight acne and be gentle enough to use everyday on sensitive skin. These products are definitely underrated and I hope more retailers begin stocking them!
5 CP
Great product, even for my sensitive/very dry skin. After I use this, my skin is left feeling so refreshed, smooth and clean. Highly recommend this!
5 Lucy
I really like this cleanser, it smells lovely and gets makeup off no problem. The texture is really nice too. I feel nice and refreshed after using but not dry and tight which I love. I have cystic acne on my jaw and neck and upper back and these products are helping to control this better than any others I have used... And that's a lot!
2 Tari
This is meh...it makes my skin feel soft and is a gentle cleanser after a deep pore face mask for instance and i don't wish to strip my skin anymore than I should. However, I still like that squeaky clean feel and I noticed that after using my toner, a lot of dirt and oil was being left behind by this. Would try another cleanser
5 Brianna
I use this as my day and night cleanser which keeps my oily / combination skin under control. I pair it with the glycolic acid toner and buttermilk moisturiser. The fact that the company is cruelty free and affordable is also a reason I will continue to use these products, I don't think I'll find anything that works better for me!
4 Ash
This is a good cleanser but because I have oily skin and use a cleansing oil to clean my face before I wash it with cleanser, this left a film on my skin. I bought it to stop the breaout on my chin as I felt I was using too many harsh products, I think It did help.
Love this! Its very subtle soft and refreshing. I love Mario Badecu range as it no fuss, reasonably price products. I have the spf factor moisturiser and i bought this. Very happy
5 Zoe
I adore this product, I have dry acne prone skin and I noticed a huge improvement after the first
5 Corinne
I bought this while I was having huge adult acne problems. I noticed a huge difference almost right away! I've never had a cleanser that felt so nice! Doesn't dry out my skin and smells great!
4 Yuliya Strutinskaya
5 Danaila Adriana
Excellent! After using it regularly for two weeks I already noticed a big difference in my skin appearance. I had some red spots alongside my chin, which disappeared only by using this product.
5 Regina
This is a great cleanser! I have combination acne-prone skin and this is perfect. It really does remove all the makeup from my face while being gentle. I will be repurchasing!
5 holly
Best face wash for acne or problem skin must buy - all Mario products are a great investment
5 Ivana
Since I've started taking better care of my skin, I've been experimenting with a lot of facial cleansers (a few of them were Badescu, by the way), and a gotta say: this is the one that worked perfectly with my skin type (combination, with a few areas that tend to get really oily but at the same time with other areas that dry out as hell). It removes the greasiness but it also does not make me run looking for a moisturizer.
5 Kamélia
J'ai aimé ce nettoyant qui donne une vrai sensation de frais par son odeur et sa texture inhabituelle qui ne mousse pratiquement pas! Il laisse vraiment la peau propre comme assainie et il enlève aussi bien le reste de maquillage.. J'ai vraiment apprécié l'utiliser sur ma peau mixte a grasse à tendance acnéique! Translation: I liked this cleanser that gives a true feeling fresh by smell and that virtually no foam unusual texture! It really leaves the skin clean and sanitized as it removes the rest of makeup as well .. I really enjoyed using it on my combination skin is oily acne prone!
5 Marie
I love this cleanser, and I generally love Mario Badescu's products, they have really helped my acne-prone skin. This cleanser is gentle, doesn't strip the skin of moisture, and leaves it feeling really clean, but still soft and moisturized. Can definitely recommend for acne-prone skin, but I'm sure it would work for all skin types too.
5 Lindana
Excellent cleanser. First tried it when I had 'adult acne' outbreaks last year. My old cleansers were not working anymore and I was desperate to try anything. I rarely purchase something like this online but after reading so many positive reviews I decided to take the plunge and give it a go. The first time I used it, I noticed that it helped my acne seem less angry and red. I'm not sure if it was a combination of the antibiotics I was taking and using this cleanser but my skin started clearing up and I soon ditched the antibiotics and solely used the cleanser. Touch wood my acne problem has cleared up and I'm half way through my 2nd bottle now. Love it.
4 linnéa
I have been using this for the last 4 months and have been rather pleased with it. My bad acne-days are pretty much over (knock on wood) but I still get a few pimples from time to time (hormonal) so for me this hasn't been a miracle worker. But my skin feels clean, it doesn't make my skin worse and used with the glycolic toner I do feel that my post acne marks have faded a bit.
3 Tatiana
The cleanser has rather a strange scent which I personally do not like. It is true that it removes make-up and does not over-dry my face. I used to use more expensive enzyme cleansers and I know how it feels when you wash your face with a good enzyme cleanser. However, this cleanser fails to do the work.All in all, a good basic cleanser, overpriced though.
5 Hilda
Oh, it is so lovely cleanser. Smells wonderful, feels soft and clean.It is must have for everyone. No break outs ... or dry skin. Just the finest cleanser ever!
5 Marte
I really enjoy this cleanser, it cleans my face very good and the skin feels so soft after every use!
5 Rachael Pickering
This is a lovely wash and gets my skin clean but not too dry. It feels comforting and healing. I would definitely recommend and I have enjoyed all my Mario Badescu products that I bought only a week ago and already have virtually clear, congestion free skin! I also think the products are quite fairly priced. I can't wait to add to my collection! Finally products that do actually work on spots! :)
4 Linda
My skin is a bit dry and this cleaner leaves it dry, so I really need to moisturize afterwards. Will be interesting to see if it will be different in the summer. I like it anyway, it feels as if my skin is more clear, even if all blackheads are still there.
5 Eliza
I love it!I've been using it about 2 weeks now and I totally see a difference!I don't think I'll change it and I'm sure I'll try some other MB products!Highly recommended! :)
3 Thu
Excellent cleanser and removed practically all my make up. Foamy which is nice too. It's sort of drying considering my skin is naturally dry and sensitive, but nothing a good moisturiser after cant fix.
5 monique
great cleanser..smells fresh and doesn't stripe your face...my skins feels so clean after this! use it morning and night...good amount of product too!
5 Roxana
I'm a very big fun of this cleanser, so much that I find it difficult to replace it with another product of its type and I keep re-purchasing (currently on my 3rd bottle)... I have a combo skin with associated redness and this does wonders to my skin. I also support it with the AHA toner in the morning and with the Glycolic toner in the evening and it's perfect for my skin!
5 Caroline
Kan verkligen rekomendera! Den &#228;r mild mot huden men tar bort smink utan att torka ut huden. Det var toppen!<br><br>Can really recommend! It is gentle on the skin but removes makeup without drying out the skin. It was great!
5 Stacey
I think this is a great gentle cleanser, it removes oil and make up but dosent leave your skin feeling tight or dry. i can wash my face a couple of times a day when i need to reaply makeup and my skin doesnt get dry and flaky like some cleanser can leave your skin!
5 June T
Very gentle and calming cleanser. Love the simplicity of the ingredients and packaging!
5 Kirsty
Ive been using this cleanser for two months now and am so glad I found it! My skin was having very bad breakouts on my forehead and cheeks. I'm now pleased to say I am spot free! Leaves my skin lovely and soft and doesn't dry it out at all, which other cleansers have done in the past. Would definitely recommend!
5 Meera
I adore this. It took me a while to get used to a non-foaming cleanser, but after regular use my skin looked more polished and clear than ever before. Now I use it every morning and can't live without it, I'm just about to buy my third bottle and don't think I'll ever switch to another daily cleanser.
5 Hil
I have(Had)very temperamental skin: oily/dry/sensitive with exzema. I have tried everything from premium to chemist brand products. 6 years ago i dicovered Mario Badescu & have used nothing else ever since as it keeps my skin happy!. I can't fault a single product. Affordable, long lasting and most importanly effective. Very happy customer!
5 Amanda
I love the Mario Badescu range. I have tried pretty much every over the counter product and none of them have worked. Finally after 10 years of trying to find the right product that suits me and can clear my spots I have finally found it! It's great to find something that's kind to skin and full of natural ingredients!!
I found this about 2-3 months ago and absolutely love it.I have oily/combination skin which is still prone to breakouts even at 54! I take a lot of tablets as I have had breast cancer 3 times and these play havoc with my skin but this has sorted it out a treat
5 James
GREAT cleanser, smells really good, keeps your face really clean and spot free. I have dry (used to be oily) skin and suffer from acne scarring (as I'm currently at the end of using 5 months on roaccutane) and I use this in conjunction with other mario badescu products and its fantastic! and great for the price too.
4 Naomi C
Just bought this and so far really like. Super gentle and super clean feeling. Assuming I still like this in a few months time I will def be repurchasing
5 Dee-licious!
My holy grail cleanser... I have been using this product for over 3 years now & it is the only cleanser that removes all my mineral make-up & leaves my face squeaky clean without over-drying. Plus it only has a few ingredients & with its fresh scent & gel-like texture is a pleasure to use. Highly recommended!
5 Jayne Roscoe
Lovely gentle cleanser that leaves your face feeling super clean.

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