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Mario Badescu Eye Make Up Remover Gel Non Oily 2oz

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Mario Badescu Eye Make Up Remover Gel Non Oily Zoom
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3 Felicia
I've definitely had better products from Mario Badescu. I has surprised at how oily the product seemed. It was a nice texture to it but when applied to the eyes it just pushes the makeup residue around. It might be due to the amount of makeup that i wear around my eyes. I find that the remover just mixes with the eyeliner and mascara and makes it cling to my face. I can't simply wash it off, i have to use a towel or cottonpad to wipe my face clean before i can continue washing my face. It gets everything off eventually but it's a bit of a hassle.
5 Aura
Best. Makeup. Remover. EVER. Seriously lasts long - I've had mine for almost 4 months and I have at least 2 months left. It doesn't get in your eyes and you don't have that gross oily feeling as with any other makeup remover. This is my great love and I will buy it over and over again
5 Sasa
This product is amazing and efficient!
5 Natalie
So in love with MB products, removes make up with one to two swipes! Thanks MB and Beauty Bay!
5 Emily
Love this stuff, this is my 5th or 6th bottle & now I won't use anything else!
5 Kathryn Mitchell
I have sensitive skin and often find myself allergic to a lot of the big brands but this eye makeup remover is AMAZING! It doesn’t leave my eyes red and sore like other makeup removers and there’s no nasty oil residue left on your eyelids which then run into your eyes and make them sore and irritated- my eyes are left completely makeup free and soft and irritation free. Wish I found out about this product sooner than now but I will definitely recommend and re-purchase in the future.
5 Victoria
This stuff is so amazing!! Removes eye makeup so easily and the bottle lasts a long time! Highly recommend
5 RT666
Amazingly effective - one small swipe of this across the lashes, give them a little bit of a rub and all mascara (even waterproof) comes off easily. fantastic buy, gentle on eyes, and no unplesant oily residue after. Highly recommended.
5 Punchy
The best makeup remover ever. I'm doing order my fourth bottle right now
5 Katlap
Highly recommend this product. Lasts a long time, doesn't sting and removes make-up a treat. Agree with other reviewer that it is hard to get the remaining last bit out; a tube would be better.
5 Josefine Sapire
A very good makeup remover. It doesn't sting in my eyes and doesn't leave residue. I would prefer to have it in a soft tube container instead of a bottle though. A bit hard to get the last drops out.
5 Gaelle
A good makeup remover, it doesn't leave any residue. It looks small but it will last a long time.

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