Mario Badescu Facial Spray With Aloe Herbs And Rosewater

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Mario Badescu Facial Spray With Aloe Herbs And Rosewater Zoom

Mario Badescu Facial Spray With Aloe Herbs And Rosewater

$10.60 - $15.60
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5 Fatema
I am completely in love with this spray! Refreshes my skin without feeling greasy or heavy, an instant favourite!
5 shannon
I really like the product it does exactly what it says it's going to do. It makes my hair feel nice and soft between washes, it keeps my skin hydrated which has helped keep my T-zone from over producing oil and it works great for setting makeup. I will 100% repurchase and I've even brought some for friends
5 Arlene
LOVE LOVE LOVE! It feels so good, and smells lovely. this product is an absolute bargain in my eyes. Please stock this forever and ever!
5 Debbie
I love this product! Normally I'd stay away from anything with rose scent but this is quite pleasant. Skin feels alive and refreshed. Will repurchase this. Absolutely worth the money.
5 Stacie
Absolutely love this spray! It's great to use on your face any time throughout the day when you feel it needs some extra hydration and leaving your skin feeling fresh!
5 Leigh-Ann
Use this every day and on my clients. Feels so refreshing great for coming into winter will 100% be buying again.
5 Maria Florencia
I love this product. I used it when I finish to clean my face, it works like a super light moisturizer, because I have oily skin and some blemish problems, so this is the only I need!! Buy the way, great smell!
5 Zoe
I just looooove this spray, it's absolutely amazing! Leaves skin feeling so refreshing, hydrates skin and makes it feel amazing! I normally get a few spots now and then and after I've cleansing routine I use this and i can feel the difference already! Lasts a long time too depending on how many sprays you use and how often you use it! Definitely recommend
5 Liv
I love this spray! I use it for everything - before and after I put on make up, before I put on moisturiser and sometimes just as a quick refresher during the day. It smells amazing and feels so light on the face. Definitely worth the money.
5 Steph
On my third bottle. This has long since replaced Mac fix+ spray. Light and refreshing. Only advice is not to spray too much (and spray from a distance) Personally used after make up.
4 Ellie
Love this stuff during the hot weather and on holiday as it really refreshes your face and has the loveliest, relaxing smell ever! Wouldn't recommend it as a setting spray though, it is more of a hydrating mist than anything else.
5 Katie
absolutely love this product! sets/finishes makeup, moisturises, refreshes, smells great! Also feel it is a good mattifier for oily skin. well worth the money... I've just bought more!!!
5 Nicole
Smells amazing! Leaves skin feeling so fresh and hydrated. Worth the buy.
5 Claudia
Absolutely love this spray! Smells amazing and is sooooo moisturising. I have dry skin and I find that spraying this before and after doing my makeup, really helps to make everything go on smoothly. I also like to spritz this on after a shower, when my skin feels a bit right and dry and it does an amazing job at hydrating. Can't wait to take this on holiday to see how it does when I need cooling or replenishing in a hot country. Love it! Even my buddy who hates facial sprays, bought a bottle! Love!!!
4 Nicola
Smells very nice, hydrating
5 Veronique
Great for setting makeup and one of the cheaper setting sprays out there. Better than the Urban Decay all nighter in my opinion. Also good when your skin needs a refresh or some hydration. Great smell too.
5 San
Amazing spray - spray after applying makeup and keeps your makeup from becoming cakey. Great for Oily skin too keeps the shine away.
5 Natasha
Amazing finishing spray. It's not a setting spay or a primer though so not sure why people are writing that in the reviews! Well worth a buy.
3 Amelia
Ive heard such good reviews about this and unfortunately im not a fan. The spritzer isnt fine enough so when i spray it on my face i get big dots of the product on my face, not like fix+ or the setting sprays from urban decay. after im done its like i just washed my face to make it all wet with the product.. It also makes my lips really dry. so it doesnt help my skin at all and im combo skin Xx
5 Aimee
Fantastic spray leaves my face feeling super moisturised and hydrated. Also works well as a setting spray (a replacement for fix+ so you can also use it for your pigments etc). Have ordered more Mario Badescu products and can't wait to use them!
5 Sumaiya
I LOVE this product. At first I was a bit hesitant to get it because I thought it would make no difference but it is safe to say that this is a dupe for the mac fix plus but in my opinion it is way better than the fix plus. I have normal/combination skin but like to think I have dry skin to make my face feel very hydrated and I can just spritz this all over my face and it just almost acts as a moisturiser. I would 100% recommend this to anybody and everybody it really refreshes your skin and I also use it as a setting spray which works wonders and also use it on my brush when applying foundation or on my Beauty Blender, both way it works absolute WONDERS! So in love with this product I first brought the 4 oz one which lasted a long long time and just ordered 2 bottles of the 8 oz one so I'm stocked up on one of my favourite all time Mario Badescu product.
5 Jas
Great for applying before or after makeup - I love how it reduces the cakey or powdery look on the skin when sprayed after makeup! Love this product! Holy grail!
5 Neve
Amaaaazing!! Love this for after my night time skin routine before bed, under makeup or over makeup. I feel it makes my makeup look even better after spraying this on my face. Really recommend it!!
5 Will
I love this product - I see the Kardashians using it in a couple of their online videos so thought id give it a go. I have oily/combination skin and find it refreshes my face without it looking like an oil slick, would repurchase again.
5 Demi
Great smelling product that can be greatly used as a primer before makeup or as a setting spray after applying makeup. Use it also to refresh my face during the day! Great product and arrived very fast.
5 Jessica
Great Mac fix plus alternative, can be used for priming the skin for makeup. Also I use it after makeup application which seems to miraculously help the makeup look more sleek and set into the skin better. Use throughout the day also to refresh skin. Fab product totally recommend for the price.
5 Fatma
I love using the aloe herbs and rosewater spray just as a moisturising spritz or after applying my makeup. Your makeup won't budge at all and it leaves your skin feeling fresh, dewy and moisturised. Great value for money too, since Mario Badescu is considered high-end!
5 Kim
I absolutely love this face mist! I use it for everything! To wake me up in the morning; to set my makeup and give me that dewy glow; after a workout to refresh and cool me down; and over the top of my moisturiser at night for extra moisture. It smells beautiful, feels light on the skin and absorbs straight away!
5 Nadine
Best thing to get a dewy looking skin. I spray it several times a day. Amazing for spraying onto a full face of makeup!! Love it
5 Raffaela
I use this spray as a makeup setting spray and a refresher during the day. It gives an extra hydrating boost for my skin. I love the smell and how it feels on my skin. For me this is the best facial spray I have ever used.
5 Laura
All my face cream seems to be working better after aplying this product... love it
4 Zuky
This product smells absolutely gorgeous! Feels great on the skin, really cools you down and can be used to set your makeup nicely. My only bug bear, and this might just be a fault in my spray lid, is that I feel the liquid comes out very heavy and in big splodges rather than it being a mist, which would be preferable. But other than that it's a fab product!
5 Rachael
I use this spray after toning my face, as a double tone. I love it! So refreshing and helps serums and moisturisers to sink in nicely. Perfect for hot days and also setting make up. Feels like an extra hydrating boost and something i feel i cannot be without! This is the best facial spray i have tried so far
5 xusantu
5 Nina
the best facial spray ive used, my all time favourite, i use it before moisturising, after ive applied makeup and Spitz during the day if need be and to on my brushes and i havent had any problems with it. for the price it is defo worth .
5 CP
Love this, so amazing for the price and so many uses for it! My skin is very dry and sensitive and the facial spray has really helped. I use it as a refresher when i'm warm, after I moisturized, after I put on my makeup or whenever I want that oh so fresh feeling. The smell makes me feel like i'm in paradise because its so fresh. A must have for every women!
5 Sandra
I'm so happy that I discovered Beauty Bay online shop . So good products and very fast shipping in Bosnia . Now I can find everything I want for my face . Btw. this facial spray is perfect for my dry/normal skin, I really like how it gives my skin glow ,perfect for set make up, even my clients likes and asks about this spray. I think I'm going to find some other MB products. 5 star for facial spray and 10 star for beauty bay :)
5 Cassandra
This is a very good pick me up that leaves my combination skin refreshed and moisturised. I also spritz it on my face after applying makeup to set everything and also to give a dewy finish. It's also a very good refresher for kinky curly hair, providing much needed moisture for my curls which the cold and central heating have been wreaking havoc on. The smell is light and subtle and gently on both skin and hair.
5 Adele
This is great for a perk-me-up during the day, as a moisturising toner after cleansing, or as a setting spray over makeup. The rose scent is lovely, and a 4 oz bottle can last half a year. Thumbs-up for value and quality!
5 Nadja
Love this ! Best thing to get a dewy looking skin. I spray it several times a day . Amazing for spraying onto a full face of makeup. If this ever gets discontinued it would be impossible to replace . No other toner/ spray gives these results. And I've tried a lot !
5 Athena
I would totally re-purchase this awesome spray. It sets my make up, it leaves a hydrating feeling, it even gives me that desired natural glow. It gets the job done and is based on natural and cruelty-free ingredients which is a huge plus for me. Love it!
5 Kartika
It really does help to set your make up, leaving your face feel refreshed and its definitely a hydrating boost!! it smells good!
5 Liisa
Great product! Easy to use moisturizes combination skin. Works very well to use over makeup for quick easy refreshment as well. Love it!
5 Julie
I love this product! and i LOVE the price!
5 Aye Thiri
Love this rose water and I heard a lot of good review from beauty guru....Parcel received with very good condition.Try it out the product and feel so nice and refreshing...thanks beautybay team for marvelous customer service with best price and quality
5 Iris
So much love for this! It's easy to use, has a nice diffuser, and is lovely moisturizing.
I liked this spray. Refreshed in a mild skin and moisturized. Delivers what it promises in my oily skin, smells pleasant and pre level fair.
5 Veronica
Great customer service ,thumbs up !!! Thank you beautybay for my Mario Badescu facial spray #236 , Love it !!!
the best facial spray ever! don't put too much after makeup though.
5 Vesna
I love it, everything about it. I use it as a toner or just as refreshment. As a toner it does an amazing job as moisturiser - i spray it on and than work it in with my fingers as a massage. I love great ingredients and adore lovely rosy scent.
5 Maggie
I love this stuff! It smells so amazing, just like roses and it makes my skin feel hydrated and smooth. I am going to be trying more in the Mario Badescu range.
5 Lore
I use this spray as a light moisturizer throught the day, since I have been having issues for some months with my skin. I have combination-acne prone skin, and I use the Drying Lotion from Mario Badescu to battle the acne. I can only use a night moisturizing cream, since everything else I try for day moisturizing pretty much leaves my skin feeling tired and oily. However, I have purchased the Facial Spray together with the drying lotion, and I have started using it after morning cleansing and, then, throught the day, whenever I feel my skin fatigued. It has a lovely scent, it gives a light hydration, and it makes your skin feel fresh. The smaller bottle has also lasted me for a few months, even with multiple daily use. I will try some of Mario Badescu's moisturizers as well in the future, but for the moment I am happy with this lightweight, skin-softening spray.
5 Sarah
I always thought rosewater products were an overhyped thing until I really felt and saw the results with this spray. It makes my skin feel so smooth and moist. It smells really nice and fresh too, not an overpowering scent.
4 Sophie
Been using this for a few weeks, smells amazing and works very well as a toner. I have also been using to set my makeup and creates a nice dewy glow on the complexion.
3 Mafalda
I got this as a sample and I'm giving 3 stars just because this doesn't work on my skin, once that I have dry skin on my T Zone. I believe this should be great for oily skin, to set up makeup and to control oiliness throughout the day. The smell is pleasant like the Mario Badescu Alpha Grapefruit Cleansing Lotion.
5 Paola
Very good toner, gentle on the skin, as it contains no alcohol. Perfume is nice and subtle, never overwhelming. I usually spritz it in the morning, helps wake my skin up. This is my second purchase. Love love love it.
5 Antonia
Io amo questo spray per il viso, questa estate l'ho strautilizzato. é super rinfrescante e super confortevole...lascia una pelle ben idratata e poi ha un buonissimo profumo. Ne riacquisterò sicuramente un'altra appena finirà la mia ... I rossori si attenuano e la pelle resta morbida ed elastica. La consiglio vivamente a tutte voi . è SUPER !!! I love this spray for the face, this summer I used it. is super cool and super comfortable ... leaves your skin well hydrated and then a delicious perfume. The redness will fade and the skin remains soft and supple. I highly recommend it to all of you. is SUPER!
5 Maria
I've been using this for a few months and quite enjoying it. I did use this originally as a toner after washing my face but because it's summer time, it seems to be a little heavy so I will wait to do so in winter time. I currently use it as a setting spray after I'm done putting on make up. It leaves the face feeling hydrated through the day. However, if you spray too much, it might feel a bit greasy. I only spray 2 sprays on my face after I'm done. It smells very light and has not broken me out =)
5 Annika S Norgren
Just as previous reviewers have stated this spray is great as a toner and/or moisturizer in your skin regime, it really is, but in my honest opinion this products greatest selling point is how good of a setting spray it is! Used after powder if you use a liquid foundation or after your mineral foundation if that is what you use (I use switch it up and uses mineral on an everyday basis and liquid+powder on special occasions) it just gives the most perfect finish, skin looking, dewy, natural, healthy looking finish and appearance to your make up. The fact that it also smells great and is good for your skin just makes it even better. When it's hot or when I'm spending a lot of time in front of my computer I use it a couple of times during the day to to cool down and moisturize and it works lie a charm and keeps my makeup on, looking great all trough out the day. I'd recommend it to everyone who uses powder or mineral foundation that's striving for a natural and fresh looking skin finish!
5 Sarah
Addicted to this delightful facial spray. Full of benefitial ingredients to sooth skin and smells luscious. I use day/night after serum. Great for my combination/problematic skin, just the right level of moisture and won't break you out! x
5 Donna
I love this facial spray! Last year, I developed patches of eczema on my face and neck and this was the only thing I could put on my skin that didn't make it sting. The eczema has cleared up but I continue to use this product as a toner before moisturising. It smells fantastic and is really soothing.
5 Cecilia
Im addicted to this facial spray, its fantastic! I use it before and after day/night creme, instead of a toner, on dry hair etc. It moisturizes the skin, boosts your day/night creme and its smell really good!

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