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Mario Badescu Glycolic Acid Toner

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5 Delia
This product is excellent it really does what it says
3 Jan
I have dry acne prone skin and I use this daily. It feels a bit drying for me after I applied it. It does cleanse my face well but I don't know about improving texture and pigmentation for me personally. I will continue to use til I run out to see if it makes that much difference.
5 Erin
Absolutely love this cleaner. Leaves your skin so bright and tight. I used this with the MB acne cleanser and hylaronic acid moisturiser and my mild/moderate acne has almost completely gone. I really wouldn't use anything else. Great value for money, 1 bottle lasted around 3 months. Have repurchased.
5 Sophmxoxo
I've only just started using this product but already I've seen a difference. I will put on at night and my spots will be gone or significantly decreased by the time I wake up. It's really good too after the gym because that's when I usually find my skin gets worse. Surprisingly unlike most acne control products it hasn't made my skin bone dry.I'm really happy I bought this product but sad that it's taken me this long to buy and as a result I have scarring. My advice is buy this product before you ruin your face !!!! X
5 Marie
I have oily/combination skin and I've wanted to try a new toner. I've been using the Glycolic Acid toner for 2/3 weeks and the first thing I noticed was it started to burn but I wasn't giving up that easily so continued using it and I'm so glad I did as I really like it. My skin is a lot brighter. I have noticed some peeling but that to me means it's working. I use it twice a day everyday I try not to miss a day as consistency is key.
1 zarina
4 Lois
Really like this stuff and have definitely noticed an improvement in my skin, however the product is quite intense and it has dried up the skin around my nose so have to limit myself to using it maximum twice a week. Wouldn't recommend if you already have dry skin.
5 Lauren
I wouldn't use another toner now after using this for just under a year, it really does make the world of difference to get that glow and wake up your skin
5 Bethan
SKIN MIRACLE I have extremely dehydrated, dry, acne prone skin which is also very dull. I also get eczema around my nose. This has been the best thing for my skin. It reduces (and keeps at bay) any acne, I haven't had any white head since twice a day use. It has also smoothed out my skin texture tremendously, brightened it up and has tightened and reduced my pore size. It's just honestly the best thing I have ever used for my skin and I've used literally EVERY high end brand there is.F 21
5 vanessa
My skin type is dehydrated/combination and I suffer from partial discolourations and dull areas. I use it every night and must say that it definitely made my skin appear brighter - along with a very eager skin care regimen. I like the smell and the fact that it doesn't irritate the eye area when getting closer to it. Definitely recommend it!
5 Nikki
I am so pleased with this toner. I bought it because I had acne scarring under my jawline from stress, and decided to give it a go after reading other reviews. It's cleared up the scarring and redness under my jaw, as well as been an effective toner for my dry/sensitive face.
5 Georgie
My sister and I often play a game of heads or tails when it comes to picking new skincare products. We have exactly the same skin type, tone, texture etc (really weird but kinda awesome) and pick two really hyped products and then flip off to see who gets what so we can both get an idea of what product works for our skin type without having to buy and test a million products each. We're each other's guinea-pigs in a sense. The last time we did this was a flip between MB's Glycolic Acid Toner and Pixi Glow tonic. BOY am I glad I got this magic elixir, it's improved; the oily in my combination-leaning-to-slightly-more-oily skin, hormonal breakouts and it has also been wonderful at providing that extra little kick of acid exfoliation to leave my face looking brighter and my pores and blackheads teeny-tiny. My sister on the other hand has had an absolute nightmare with the Glow Tonic, skin cracks/raw patches around the corners of her mouth, nose and eyes and what looks like contact dermatitis on her chin. I hit the acid-toner-lottery, she landed face first into the steaming depths of Hades....Moral of the story? MB's Glycolic Toner, works like a dream!
4 Rosie Parr
Very good! I have very oily skin and sometimes it does sting when it goes. Also smells a little sulphur like, so will probably change toners!
5 Zaina
My skin type is oily to normal .I was getting some breakouts on my chin and at first when I got a sample size of this toner and cleanser with my other purchase , I thought let me try it. I fell in love with its results on my skin. I have now got the full size of both and I can see the results getting better each day.
1 Sara
I have tried great products from Mario Badescu but honestly this toner did not work out for me.
5 Shagufta
Its really good i use first time and its smooths my skin. I would recommend this for normal and oily combination skin with slightly clear skin. Glad I gave this product a try and I love this.
5 Zoe Skelton
Got this as a tester, I had very dry dull late 20's skin.. Omg I honesty have tried so many moisturisers.. Foundations.. Everything to try and make myself happy with my skin.. I genuinely can't believe the difference this has made! Sounds like I'm exaggerating.. But I'm Not one for reviews.. Life changing!!
5 Lavanya
This is amazing! It really does go hand in hand with the glycolic foaming cleanser. I got these as samples in my last order (amazing delivery service by the way). Hi, the toner cleared out my pores leaving my skin feeling really clean, refreshed and tight. I use this after the cleanser and will definitely be repurchasing the full size! The best part is that this brand doesn't test on our animal friends! I love love love this stuff! Thank you for the introduction Beauty Bay!
5 Russol
Really good toner! Leaves my skin radiant and I highly recommend it!
1 Amos
it is not that useful tbh
4 Nunnu
I've been using the product now for several weeks and my skin is much better. The product feels nice and a bit tingly on the skin. It also feels effective and it makes pores less visible. I also started using my Clarisonic face brush more often which may have improved my skin as well. In the package it says Not recommended for acne-erupted skin - which it doesn't say in the product description on the webpage, so I was a bit suspicious if it will be good on my skin.
4 hayley
i really like this toner. its good for my spots when i get them. i put this on a cotton bud and leave it on the spot. it does sting after a while but kills of the spot. i wouldnt use as a normal toner because its drying, doesnt smell the best either but its not the smell i want from it. its getting rid of the spots. i use this on my back and chest to when i get spots there. works brilliantly
5 Deanna
This has changed my skin! My skin is much smoother every morning because of it and I swear it has reduced my breakouts. Amazing product, just repurchased another bottle!
5 Kelly
I really love this product! You won't need to exfoliate your skin harshly with this product. I still use a gentle exfoliator once in a while. A few days before I used this for the first time i exfoliated my skin really good because i was having some texture next to my nose. I didn't think about it and used this for the first time next to my nose where I had the texture. I went over that spot a few times until it started burning. It felt like I exfoliated too much off of my skin. I was really red on that place a few days but it healed good. I still like this product but my skin had to get used to it. I had a little break out in de first days I tried it on my chin but now it works perfectly and I don't break out anymore from this product. This really gets all the left over dirt and the dead skin cells off of your face. I really recommend this product and if you buy it, don't get scared if you break out in the first days!
5 Kateryna
Amazing product! It cleans pores very well, after using it for 3 weeks I almost don't get pimples anymore.
5 Tatiana
I received this toner in a tester version as my free gift here and oh boy wasn't it a happy day! I do have some skin issues and I have been struggling with hormonal disbalance so I have no idea how this little guy got to the bottom of the problem but my skin loved it from the first try!!! My skin is glowing, what more do I need!
3 Emily
After reading such great reviews about this product, I wasn't overly impressed when using this. The bottle is a good size and very easy to apply a decent amount onto a cotton pad! I have acne prone skin, usually with oily skin however now its winter its combination. I've used this a few times a week for a while now and haven't seen the improvement in my skin that everyone was hyping about. I would recommend this for normal/combination skin with slightly clear skin as it did make my skin a little sensitive being an acid toner. Glad I gave this product a try and I may grow to love it in the future.
5 Elisabetta
Amazing! I LOVE this toner. It smooths the skin after the very first use, leaving it soft and with a nice and even texture! When used everyday, it takes away my blackheads and my pores look tighter. I think a little bit on a cotton pad is enough for one use.
5 Julie
A truly great toner! the only one I have found to be effective on my bumpy congested skin, without being too harsh! It is really a great product, especially used with strawberry tonic mask and glycolic gel! It has done wonders for me indeed!
5 Y.
My favorite toner ever! I have a sensitive combination/dry skin and this toner definitely leaves my skin feeling clean and less flaky. You really feel that the product is being absorbed into the skin and does its work. It calms my skin and also helps with hyperpigmentation in the long run. I am so happy there is a 16 oz bottle now.
4 Sharifa
This product initially left my face looking very radiant and definitely smoother, however after continued use morning and evening, assuming it would help my dry skin, it only made it drier. I have minimised usage to evenings, twice or thrice a week, and I think this has helped with the addition of a hydrating serum. I would recommend this product for oilier skin types.
5 Justine
I love this toner! When I bought this a few months ago I was really suffering with hyper pigmentation from spots and nothing was getting rid of them. So I found this toner which claimed to reduce acne marks and the reviews were all really positive so I bought it. Immediately it made my skin super soft and smooth so I continued using it (I don't even need to use an exfoliator any more). It wasn't until about 2 weeks of use that I suddenly noticed my hyper pigmentation dramatically reduced, and now my skin is really clear and my skin tone is even. I know some reviews said that they could only use it every other day because it was too drying for them, but on my combination skin I can happily use it day and night. I will definitely repurchase this.
5 Sofie Hess
Perfect! The best toner I have ever tried!
5 Tereza
Wow, i have to say this is the best toner i've ever used. Have very oily skin and problem with blackheads and this product really works. It elliminates blackheads and skin is very soft after using. I use it every morning and evening and from first day of using i can really see results. With this product you can't go wrong!
5 Fraulein Styla
I've been using the Mario Badescu Glycolic Acid Toner for the past 5months. I'm halfway my second bottle now because I love this product so much! and yes, I use about 2-3drops of toner every night that's why I've stretched the use of a full bottle to almost 3months! Well I assume the results would vary for different skin types, but I think the initial effect would be the same for anyone who tried this product for the first time. I only use it a night time before I sleep and the first time I tried it, I noticed the stinging... then there was flaking and drying of skin for the next few days. After 2-3 weeks though, I noticed my face clearing up and it looked more supple, fresh and vibrant. My friends noticed the difference as they know I've suffered with acne, uneven skin tone, oily and just darn problematic skin for the longest time! I've used sooo many products, not to mention spending so much money on derma procedures. Nothing helped!! But recently, even my dermatologist noticed the change of my skin on my last facial session with her! After 3-5months of continuous use, I've been applying it as a regular toner and I don't feel any stinging or peeling of skin anymore. It prevents breakouts and makes my skin moisturised and free of stubborn acne. My skin has never been this good. No joke. The peeling and stinging will bother you for the first few days, but keep on using it, you will see better results after a while. I will continue using this product as it has been very helpful to my skin. I would recommend it to you and anyone who has been suffering with problematic skin. Just try it and be patient with it, you will see the difference. :) I did!
5 Tari
Just made my third purchase of this toner and honestly, this is the BEST toner i have ever used and for me, it is worth every penny! I use this everyday, works fine. Has significantly helped in reducing hyperpigmentation, acne and has given me a bit of a glow. Love!
5 Cassandra
I have combination oily, skin and have been using this twice a day for a month now. My skin is clearer and no longer dull looking. My t-zone is less oily. The appearance of both black and whiteheads on my nose has decreased significantly. I do find that this does dry out my skin, especially around my cheeks but this is nothing a good night cream and moisturiser can't deal with. My skin is soft, smooth and even in tone, so much so that all I need for work are mascara and lip gloss!
5 Preeti
I had read so many reviews praising this toner that I wanted to try it out, and having used it for quite a while now I find those reviews to be completely true. I use it every night as part of my skincare routine and can already see a huge difference in my skin. My old acne scars have started to fade. There is a massive reduction in the number of whiteheads and blackheads on my face. Additionally the odd hormonal zit that does pop up seems to vanish much faster without leaving any scar. I also find that my skin has become smoother and has a nice glow to it. This is now on my permanent skincare list.
5 Neda
I have very dry and sensitive skin. I was looking for a product that would even my skin texture and reduce acne scars and my GOD this has done it!This is my holy grail skincare item and I will never ever be without it!!my skin is smoother and brighter!results are amazing!if I could drink it I would!haha its a must!
5 Anna
This stuff is magic. However, a word of caution, it's much too harsh to be used twice a day on dry and/or sensitive skin. That's what I did initially and my skin became red raw. I now use it once a day, after I've cleansed in the evening and followed by some serious moisturising, and I swear that this little bottle of magic is all that is standing between me and full blown acne. It leaves my skin so smooth, helps clear up and prevent acne, and I would like to think it does a decent jobs at fading the scarring. I can really tell a difference between when I use this and when I've used other acid toners. It seemed to have helped many people clear up their blackheads, but that has not been the case for me at all. Then again, I have blackheads of pure unmovable steel. So I am happy to say that this is the only toner I have ever repurchased!
5 Anna
This is once again a great product from Mario Badescu! Amazing quality of product at an affordable price compared to competitors. The skin looks more smooth with a nice glow from the first application. It does clear out very well pores, blackheads and impurities. Only use one or two times a week, in addition with Glycolic foaming cleanser, it is great.
5 Vesna
I like this combo toner even more than I liked just glycolic one. Seems gentler but with same powerful acid effect. Leaves skin soft, smooth and clean and it does not dry out my normal/dry skin. It defenitely helps holding back spot outbursts.
5 Alice
Amazing acid toner with great, clean ingredients at an amazing price point! As so many beauty gurus recommend acid toning instead of manual exfoliants, I started searching for a product with clean ingredients and that preferably wouldn't break the bank. Am very happy with the Mario Badescu Glycolic Acid Toner as it os gentle enough to use every night or every other night, but gave my my teenager skin back!!! My skin hasn't been this smooth and radiant in years! Word of advice for the sensitive skinned girls out there : to avoid redness or dried out skin use it every other night or 3 times a week instead.
5 Rebecca
Wow! I usually dont write reviews, but this is just that good. Makes my skin soft and prevents blackheads and acne. I have very sensitive skin so I use this every other night. I have tried to use it every night as well but then it irritates/dries my skin and thus cancels out the good effects. So if you are not getting the results you want, try using it a little less often. Also, skip all manual exfoliation!
5 Aye Thiri
Great product to try it out and heard a lot of good compliments especially to treat blackheads, whiteheads and milia...Good and fast response of BeautyBay Team customer service.Received the item in good condition with nicely packed and thanks for good product with best price. Will order more things from BeautyBay soon....
5 Danaila Adriana
Another great product by Mario Badescu! After each use you wake up with a new complexion every day, a brighter, healthier one. I use it alongside Mario Badescu Enzyme Cleansing Gel and it has done wonders for me,
5 Anastasia
Got this as a compliment with a purchase, and I must admit that it really makes the skin luminous and even. I am definitely going to order a full version.
5 Natalie
I chose this product because it was the most gentle glycolic acid product that I could find. The fact that it contains minimal ingredients and no harmful chemicals was also appealing. The toner is indeed gentle and I only experience a subtle tingling sensation from it. In the beginning I was using it all over my face each day, and I think that was too much for my dry skin. Now I use it less often, and usually just on my t-zone. If you are new to glycolic acid products, I think this is a wonderful product to start with.
5 Dollie
This toner has really helped in improving my skin; it had reduced the black heads, helped heal the existing acne faster, prevented new acne breakouts and make my skin look radiant. All this without drying out my skin. However, I would advice new users to start with this slowly, alternate nights first, then every night. I still don't use this in the mornings as it makes skin more sensitive to the UV rays. Overall, I love it and love seeing my skin improve day after day.
2 Ria
Definitely NOT for dry and sensitive skin. It makes my skin dry and itchy. But it might do for oily (and thick) skin. Also the package is odd.
3 Marta
This is not the best toner for me. Even though the tag says ;for all skin types this toner is too harsh for my skin, which is sensitive (but not too much) and combination. This toner makes my face really itchy and after putting it some parts of my face become red because of the irritation. This passes after a while, but I think there are other toners that work well without the need of this feeling. I really like the MB Alpha Grapefruit Cleansing Lotion, which exfoliates the skin too.
5 Brooke
Perfect! I have oily skin with acne scars, I have noticed a difference in the 'prominence' of the scars! I have also been using this in lieu of a psychical exfoliant.
2 Ebba
I do not know what yo make of this product. It is really harsh, makes my skin all itchy and sore afterwards. And I cannot really tell if it does anything for my skin... I the ingredients list is what drew me to it, but I am not sure. I do not use it everyday, as I did with the Pixi Glow tonic - way to harsh for me! But I have sensitive, blemish, oily skin.
5 Sonia
I absolutly love this toner, totally natural and clears my combanation skin like no other toner i've tried
5 Natalie
Best product ever. I got a tester of it with a past beauty bay order, and used the whole thing just to give it a go. Thought it was entirely unremarkable, until after I stopped using it and my skin got quite bad. I have always had bad skin, but it was dying down when I started with this toner. As soon as I stopped, my some little spots started to appear. And quite badly around that time of the month. So I got the full size, my skin is now totally clear and I will never look back ;) also does wonders for my past acne scars from old breakouts (which were so bad they had to be treated with medication)
5 Juana
I have normal skin, and I use it all over my face and it doesn't dry my cheeks. And I like the package.
5 Luigi
I love this product, it's perfect for my oily prone skin. I was using it only for three days and I could already see my face skin brighter and cleaner. Effective and unexpensive..very satisfied!
5 Maja
I really like this toner. I use it only for my T-zone, because I have normal, clear cheeks. It works great when I get out of the shower and my pores are open - I manually squeeze out the black heads, splash some cold water on my face, dry it off and use this toner. It seems to close and tighten the pores. Sometimes I can feel a little tingly sensation, but nothing unpleasant. It has a nice scent as well. :)
5 Sarah
My favourite product from MB. If you're looking to achieve skin clarity and refined pores then this is the toner for you. I have combination/acne prone skin and it neither causes dryness or break outs but promotes a happy balance to my skin. x
5 Jen
As Queen Caroline Hirons recommended using an exfoliating facial toner and the P50 she recommended wasnt available in my country, I decided to try this glycolic acid toner (very reasonably priced too!). I have dry and sensitive skin, so using this daily is too much. However, I find that using this every two days on my t-zone works amazing. Reduction in blackheads and flaky bits :)
5 Nataly
It is very good for T-zone, for dryer parts of face it can be too strong
5 Rachael Bensley
This stuff is so good! It's not too harsh, but has helped smooth out my skin and I've noticed a change in blackheads and decreased pore size. It also doesn't leave my skin dry or that 'tight' feeling.
5 Amanda
I got this as a sample with my Premier order and I love it! I sometimes feel a slight itch on my cheeks but it feels really fresh nor does not dry out my skin. I first use a facial cleanser, pat my face dry, then tone.
4 Georgie
I have combination skin, oily T zone but dry cheeks. This toner is very good for use on the T zone but at first I was using it on my whole face - my cheeks are much dryer now. That's my fault though for using a toner with glycolic acid on the dry parts of my face.
5 Hayley Jang
I got the sample size of it through Beautybay Premier order, and I loved it so much that I got the full size!It is huge, I think it will last me a good long time. The effects are almost instantaneous. Lit-from-within glow, reduced appearance of blackheads and moisturizers and makeup sit so well above it. Milder than Alpha H, I think this stuff is great for mild but effective daily toner!
4 Hilda
i use this lotion together with the enzyme cleanser!!!!Amazing!!!!!It is not harsh for the skin. It could stink a bit of you have open pimpel but that is good, that is the point.I was hoping this lotion to make my acne scars dissapier but i still havent notice that. But i will continue useing it coz it clears my skin. No breakouts at all. But still the cleanser is important.
5 Sara
This toner is terrific! It's the best product I ever tried on my 'complicated' skin (sensitive, dry, with some problematic areas with blackheads that usually developed into something bigger!).I use it after cleansing my face with the MB Enzyme Cleansing Gel, and since I started this routine my skin has not break out once! Blackheads are fewer, smaller and even the scars I have are slowly fading away, while my sensitive skin is kept soft and smooth and my face is not dried out.I'm finishing the second bottle and I can tell you that a little goes a looooong way!
5 Eve
Bought this to replace my Alpha H Liquid Gold - I find it works just as well and is half the price - I'll definitely repurchase! Very Happy!
5 Roxana
Great product! I'm on my second bottle, I use it only at night (in the morning I have the Alpha Grapefruit lotion) and is absolutely amazing. My blackheads are smaller, fewer, my face more glowing and is not irritating at all. Also it really helped in fading some of the old scars from previous acne, but I suspect the Glycolic Gel from the same range had also something to do with this ..
5 Amity
This product has really helped me by getting rid of most of my blackheads and by generally making my skin less congested. I have sensitive skin and this product does not irritate it or dry it out. It has also helped reduce some redness from previous spots. Overall a really great staple in my beauty regime. Would highly recommend this to everyone!
5 Jade
I was quite worried about using this on my easily-irritated skin, but this toner leaves my skin smooth, soft and spot free. It'll definitely be one of my staple products from now on, and it smells of cherry coke - result!
5 Egle
amazing. Broke out a little bit at first when I just started using this product but after 2 weeks of using, my skin has never felt better! Softer, calmer, there isn't as many bumps and the blackheads look smaller. the bottle will last for a long time! I couldn't be happier!

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