Mario Badescu Glycolic Gel 2oz

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Mario Badescu Glycolic Gel 2oz

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5 Rachel
I couldn't recommend this product enough. I'm 27 and had acne for years as a kid and still get the occasional spot, I lived in Australia and had sun damage also. This product (and whole range) is amazing, I've spent thousands on chemical peels and dermal pen treatments and this product combined with the glycolic foaming cleanser and seaweed night cream is up there with the same results. You won't be disappointed!!
5 Julie
Great great product! it really helped me when nothing else came even close! I have had a problem with bumpy skin due to blackheads, especially on my cheeks and chin! and within a week it has greatly improved the overall look of my skin! and though it says to only use it a couple of times a week, I use it every night, because my skin doesn't seem to be bothered by it, and that way I can really see a difference over a couple of days! I use it in combination with Mario Badescu glycolic skin toner and seaweed nightcream and a Jurlique deep cleansing gel with microbeads! and it seems to be the only thing which works for me!
5 Laura
My skin improved a lot since I started using this product. I use it once a week (for about a month now) and my acnee scars are less visible. Love it
5 kother
Ive been using this for 3 weeks now and i must say it has signifactly improved my skin. My spot scars are fading and my spots are minimising! I have oily skin and ive been using it everyday at night. Its done wonders for me. A must have!
5 Elle
I only use this about once a week because it's quite strong but it's working to help get rid of acne scars… Slowly, in combination with a few other products. In my experience, the Mario Badescu skincare line is always reliably good and this product is no different.
5 See
Great product! It really works! My skin looks even, skin tone is better and my skin is less oily. =)
3 dee
I am expecting this product would minimize my pores. I did not see much differece until now (used half bottle). I feel my skin is tighten after apply it on. it is quite harsh.
5 Cath
Just tried this product and found it really good in both clearing and refining skin, especially when used with the Gycolic Foaming Cleanser. Much less harsh than many products but does the job better!

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