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Mario Badescu Kiwi Face Scrub 4oz

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Mario Badescu Kiwi Face Scrub Zoom
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3 Autumn
Definitely not a scrub! However, it did brighten my face, but I wasn't a fan of the smell
2 hoory karnik
I wanted to love this product so much but its NOT A SCRUB! I think the ingredients are amazing and beneficial but it does not exfoliate.
4 Georgiana
This 'scrub' was definitely not what I was expecting. Considering the fact that it is recommended this be used just 2-3 times weekly, and that one of the reviewers called it 'quite harsh', I was under the impression it would be quite a gritty scrub - the sort of scrub that you you can really feel exfoliating your skin. I've been using this scrub for six weeks now, and the one thing it seems to definitely not be is 'scrubby'. It is a LOT gentler than the exfoliator I use twice daily (Neutrogena Blackhead Eliminating Daily Scrub). However, it somehow does the job: I always notice after using it how much clearer my skin looks. Every time. I think, though, that this might be more down to the active ingredients, like the stearic acid or algae extract, than the kiwi seeds, which always get caught between my fingers, hardly even make it onto my face and basically don't do anything. Overall, this is a great face wash with impressive results, but not much of a 'scrub', so if you like gritty exfoliators, this probably isn't the product for you.
5 Jessica
This is a really lovely product. I've used quite a few Mario Basescu and found them all to be really good for my skin. This scrub is lovely and fresh and leaves my skin lovely and soft. My skin is oily/combination and I think the kiwi scrub works well for my skin and the tub will last you ages.
5 Jo Dawson
I must admit i kind of thought "Ah well, try another exfoliating face wash, bet it doesnt work",but i am happy to admit i was wrong! after just a minute of massaging the cream into my face i found little black beads really going for it! I washed it off and straight away was complimented on my "healthy look", and they couldn't put their finger on it< great buy, and dont panic if you use it in the shower, you will find little black seeds on the floor, but they work well!
4 Laura
This scrub is quite harsh so you have to be gentle when using it but it leaves your skin amazingly smooth and soft after! Smells fresh and clean!

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