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Mario Badescu Seaweed Cleansing Lotion 8oz

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Mario Badescu Seaweed Cleansing Lotion Zoom
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5 Elena
Adore this! Gentle on my extremely sensitive acne prone skin, I can even use it to remove the last remnants of mascara
5 Erin
Product must have! My skin has never felt more clean after using this product! Best cleanser I have ever used. I always use this at night time before bed to ensure that any oil and dirts are removed and I really have seen an improvement in my skin. Refreshing smell also which isn't too over powering.
3 Maria
I am not sure if this is a good toner or not, as I did not get to use it. I did not notiec when I ordered, that it contains perfume, and I do NOT like applying scented products to my skin, as I have very sensitive skin. I do not understand why so many of Mario Badescu's products need to contain perfume...
5 Steph
Ordered this on a whim having used up my usual toner and it has worked miracles on my skin! I have very dry and red sensitive skin that is prone to reactions to a lot of products but this toner is soothing yet makes my skin feel smooth and perfectly clean after cleansing. Since using this product my redness has all but disappeared and I am seeing less and less spots to the point where I have barely any anymore. Good size too so I'm hoping it will last a while with daily use.
5 Morgan
I can't rate this product enough!!! My oily acne prone skin has been so much better after using this toner,the smell is amazing and you can really feel the difference!my skin is glowing and pores have reduced hugely!would 100% recommend!
5 Agnieszka
This smells soooo good and skin feels really clean and refreshed after!! My oily clogged skin has been so much better after start using these products: I use every other day Glycolic acid toner and every other day Seaweed.
5 Gwynneth
I got this as a sample size with an order and I just love it! I have now ordered the full sized bottle along with the seaweed cleansing soap which is also fabulous. I just love this set, it is completely calming and non-irritant and smells absolutely divine!
5 Dimi
Incredible!!! The best toner I have ever tried! And I have tried so many! Really makes your skin super soft and it actually feels clean!!
5 Nicole
I have only just started using this as a trial size product however I am in LOVE. I didn't realise what the ingredients were when I picked up a travel collection but I'm so happy to learn it has witch hazel and sea minerals without the alcohol! I would recommend keeping one of these on hand even if you are using another MB cleanser/toner because it is so calming. I'm currently using the special cucumber lotion but will be getting these both in my next order.
5 Eve
I got a mini seaweed cleansing lotion (and the seaweed cleansing soap) as freebies after a large order. Two days later, I bought the full sizes of both products. I have dry and *extremely* sensitive skin which can be aggravated with anything that doesn't agree with it. I've used toners before that dry my skin out even more and make it red and blotchy but this cools, soothes and cleanses the skin. After washing my face with Mario Badescu's cleansing soaps, this is the perfect way to get that last bit of dirt and residue off just before applying your moisturiser before bed or your makeup routine. I use this twice a day, everyday for the last few weeks and I've barely made a dent! This bottle will last you ages and at such an affordable price! The bottle has a handy spout that can be pulled up and pushed back down again when you're not using it. This is great for travel or if you knock it over because nothing will come out. This smells great too - not too strong but it smells fresh and clean.
5 Rachael
This toner is the best I've tried in a long while. It feels refreshing and gentle, yet it is powerful enough to remove any last scraps of grime. I have sensitive combination skin and this hasn't broken me out or caused any aggravation. The bottle is quite large so will last you a while too! This is now my favorite toner and also a plus is that the ingredients list is simple and all good for your skin!
5 Jay
After using the sample I will have to get the full size of this product, the best thing about this is that when I put some on a cotton pad I can see all the dirt that's left behind from my facial cleanser, my pores are less evident and my skins feel soo smooth I've stopped using foundation primer.
5 Anisa
There is not one ingredient in this that is bad for your skin, this is a great cleansing lotion. I have combination skin and this does not dry nor irritate. I use this everyday!
5 sofia
I like this one. It made my pores smaller :)
5 mand
I love this product. I recieved some samples of this with my order through beauty bay. It smells really fresh and leaves my skin looking bright and clear. I will most definitely be purchasing a full size bottle of this on pay day.
1 Eszter
I didn't like it at all. I've got spots all over my face.
5 Siobhan
Since using this product for a week, my skin is so much more cleaner and clearer and really has done wonders for keeping spots away! Brilliant stuff, worth the money. You will not be disappointed
5 Sean
After half an hour of applying this product my skin felt smoother than its ever felt before. Miricle lotion !
5 Gina
Its the best! It is mild and really cleans at the same time, I have used lots of products and this is the best so far, have used it for 3years now and love it!
5 Jayne Roscoe
Gentle soothing lotion that leaves your skin feeling clean and refreshed.

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