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Mario Badescu Seaweed Cleansing Soap 8oz

4.5 25 Reviews
Mario Badescu Seaweed Cleansing Soap Zoom
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5 Katie
Absolutely love this product it's prefect for my skin which is a combination of dry and oily. The cleanser leaves my skin feeling nourished and fresh and smells sooo good ( which is always a bonus.) I would definitely recommend!
5 Ellie
I got the travel size of this cleanser after a big order, and i repurchased the big bottle twice. I couldnt afford to repurchase again after christmas, so tried a cheaper alternative ; but it was the worst decision for my skin. Ive now got stubborn scars that won't go away and the dreaded acne on my cheeks has returned. Will be repurchasing next pay day and won't make the same mistake again. BEST DISCOVERY FOR MY SENSITIVE SKIN!!!!!! 100/10 recommend to everybody.
5 Magdalena
I received a lot of MB travel size products with my previous orders. I fell in love with this one and I decided to buy it in a full size. It always leaves my skin feeling baby soft and smooth!
4 TS
Super good cleansing soap but the cap is bad. The soap is hard to get out and the cap of the travel size bottle won't fit.
4 Isa
I like this more than the enzyme soap. A great face wash.
4 Sarah
This is really good product, and totally helped my skin but it smells very bad. if you aren't sensitive to smell then it's totally worth it.
5 Kate
this cleanser is amazing, it make the skin extremely soft and the face looks more fresh, I'm very happy with this product!
5 Rebecca
Received this in a travel size sample and absolutely love it, takes all my makeup off super easy and my oily skin always feels so soft and hydrated afterwards.
5 Nicole
I've just been through two travel size bottles of this cleanser and I'm not ready to buy! Definitely would recommend for dry and sensitive skin (however if you have issues with fragrance then maybe give a trial size a go first). My first impression was good however at the time my skin was playing up and I didn't need the extra moisture, however I've been using it again recently and I'm so happy with my skin!
5 Eve
I got a mini seaweed cleansing soap (and the seaweed cleansing lotion) as freebies after a large order. Two days later, I bought the full sizes of both products. I have dry and *extremely* sensitive skin which can be aggravated with anything that doesn't agree with it. I've used so many balm-like or cream cleansers as I feel these work best for me. This has small bits of seaweed in the formula that help exfoliate the skin in a non-abrasive way. I've used exfoliators before and again, due to my sensitive and dry skin, when they're abrasive, they just make my skin worse. This exfoliates, soothes, calms and cleans my skin. This cleanser can only be described to smell like hotel freebies. When you go to a swanky hotel and they leave little bottles, that is what this smells like. Or a luxurious spa. It's incredible. This bottle will last you ages and at such an affordable price! With the seaweed cleansing lotion on a small pad, I finish up on my morning or evening routine removing the last of the dirt off my face.
5 Aisha
Best for dry/combination skin. Gentle on the skin and makes skin feel soft. Buying this product again.
5 Stina
Great cleanser it takes away all makeup rests but still doesn't dry my skin. Feels really fresh as well!
5 Victoria
Very good, gently soap. product for oily skin.
2 Dimitra Gennaris
Was good (not drying, balancing) until it gave me allergies
5 Sunraine
I like this cleanser very much. Unfoaming, but cleanses well, not drying, leaves a bright complexion. Will buy again.
5 Harps
I had tried so many cleansers before this product, but never found one that was suitable enough for my oily - blemish prone skin. Having read the reviews about this product I thought I'd give it a try. I can honestly say its the best cleanser for my skin. It leaves my skin soft and calms the redness and has a unique texture.
5 Christin
Simply love it!! It`s a great product. The first thing the salesgirl said when I step in to the store your face is glowing and your foundation is perfect. Known her for a while, she tend to see my every different faces, and that was a first time compliment from her.. And I still feel the glow and I am loving it.. MB you saved my summer!!! Most definitely investing in your over the top products!! LOVE!!!
3 Laura
Its a pleasant cleanser but as someone who absolutely loves some of the other MB products, I expected more. There is nothing wrong with it but it didn't perform any better for me than anything else!
5 Michaela
I just love this one. I have never used MB-products... Now I will never use something else. It smells just right, cleans make up just right and it leaves the skin soooo soft.
5 LadyG
Another favourite from the MB range! Fab for sensitive, red or acne skin types. Gentle and calming cleanser for the skin. Love it!
5 Rebecca
I love this cleanser. Since using it I have noticed a significant change in my skin, it looks much brighter and I have much less blemishes and spots. I'm just about to order my second bottle.
5 Kelly Wood
I've been using this cleanser for a week now and I can already see a difference! It has reduced the small spots on my face and has also reduced the shine on my skin! I've been using sudocrem with this product and my skin is the best it's been in a long time! I will definitely be buying this again!
5 Robyn
I love this cleanser, after having my daughter my skin broke out in horrible spots around my jaw line and nothing worked for 6 months!I even considered harsh skin treatments i was so depressed about it. Then I recieved a free sample of this now i wont use anything else on my skin. After about 6 weeks use my skin is now completely clear! Highly recommended
5 Mimi
I always break out when using a new cleanser, how ever gentle they say they are. BUT... for once this has worked wonders on me. My skin is getting clear. I had these annoying little spots on my forehead for months, not noticeable to others but it bugged me a lot. Very pleasant to use. I am loving the Mario Badescu range!
5 eleni
this also smells of the seaside! slightly strange consistency but the results are worth it. my skin is pretty oily and this makes it soft and clear without stripping it. love it!

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