Mario Badescu Seaweed Night Cream 1oz

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Mario Badescu Seaweed Night Cream 1oz

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5 Stacie
In love!! You only need a tiny amount and it does wonders to my skin. I have an oily T-Zone and dry cheeks and this product is perfect for combination skin. Doesn't leave me oily at all but it hydrates my skin so amazingly! I wake up and my face feels incredible. Making a huge difference to my skin. Best part too it smells DIVINE!
5 SB
If you have oily skin, and you go to bed and wake up with very shiny face and oil build up from just applying regular moisturiser.. THIS IS FOR YOU!! You don't need to use a lot but apply to your face and night, and in the morning you don't wake up nearly as shiny! I think it works in making sure the skin hydrates over night so that your skin doesn't feel the need to produce more oils!!! Leaves skin feeling SO soft and nourished, but not greasy or heavy at all. I've literally never left a review for a product before, but for this I just had to!
5 Jessica
This product is amazing for combination skin! I have oily/ combination skin, that tends to have dry patches during winter. This cream moisturises my skin without leaving it too oily. As you put it on there is a subtle soft scent that is beautiful. There are tiny reflective particles that just instantly make your skin glow. You may go to bed feeling a little oily, but the results the morning after are definitely worth it. Helps clear acne scarring over time and didn't make me break out. Product cost doesn't break the bank either. I will definitely be repurchasing This item for the rest of my life.
5 Rachael
I love this night cream, my skin is sensitive combination and it doesn't break it out! It feels thick and moisturizing without feeling too heavy. I have never been able to find a night cream i like until i tried this one. It leaves no residue and skin looks glowing in the morning, a little goes a long way. I will continue to use this in combination with the MB Seaweed toner which is also a favourite of mine :)
5 CP
Received this as a sample and I am so amazed at how great this works! my skin really soaks it all in and I am left with the softest smoothest skin in the morning. Not as heavy as other night creams out there, there is no oily residues left on the skin. LOVE this! Give it a try even if you have oily/acne prone skin.
5 Floriane
Best night cream ever!! Not geasy at all.. my skin feels hydratate.. great product!!!
5 Cortney
This is one of my favorite night creams. I love the way it feels going on and my skin looks and feels AMAZING when I wake up!
5 Petra
Best ever. Feels good on the skin and if it wasn't for this i woudn't use anything on the night :) love love love!
5 jessica
I love this night cream! Im in my late 20s, and have normal-ish skin (sometimes dehydrated but not dry, and in the summer a slight oily t-zone), i don't like heavy night creams, but i do like night creams that give good moisture and feel so smooth on the skin. which this does. a little product goes a long way, smells great, and my skin looks glowy and nice in the morning. love it! will continue to purchase this, and im going to try other seaweed products from mario badescu.
5 AB
This is the only review I have ever bothered to leave. I would never consider using another night cream. Plumping, hydrating, and smoothing, this has a limited list of ingredients that really work, without any oils. Perfect for my red, sensitive, combination skin, this is my desert island product. never stop selling this.
5 Stacey
I tried this after reading the reviews and wanted a luxurious overnight cream that softened my skin without feeling oily. This truly delivers! I live in Australia and have freckles and fair skin. I have been using this cream through summer. This cream is great and I highly recommend it.
5 Anntine
I just love this one, smells so nice and it gives my skin a lift-up, just like Cliniques anti-gravity cream (as they don't sell anymore) i'm very satisfied and glad to have found a substitute to the anti-gravity cream
5 Claire
This stuff is amazing!!! I love it so much <3 it works really good and helps my skin to stay clear :)
3 Clar
Feels a bit oily but doesn't break my skin out.Not sure if I would get it again. Smell okay.
5 Phoebe
Love this moisturizer, it's one of my must have for winter. It's so rich and soothing for my dry and sensitive skin.
4 Caitlin
Such a beautiful night cream! Its very hydrating and leaves skin feeling really soft and moisturised. It can feel a bit greasy at first, but it sinks in quite quickly. I have combination oily skin and this has never broken me out or anything like that. It smells beautiful and you use so little product at a time that its quite good value.
5 Sunraine
This is such a good night cream. Quite moisturising, but it doesn't block the pores, wake up with a bright complexion. Excellent product!
4 Katarina Lindell
I like this night cream. I feels smooth on my skin and smells nice.
5 Lauren
This stuff is AMAZING if you have dry skin! My skin feels plumper (is that a word?) when I wake up in the morning. Also it smells really good. I live in Canada, and tried to order this from the MB website and they charged more for shipping than what the product is worth!! Thanks BeautyBay!
4 Emmy
Awesome product but I'm not sure if I would buy it again because I think it would work better on dry skin and I have combo skin. But it leaves your skin moisturized and supersoft
3 Hilda
it is greasy cream. i broke out. but i am still using it. some times skin has to get used to a cream.feels nice, smells nice and moisturize the skin. not subtable for oily skin
5 Adriana
This cream saved me! I'm 27 with normal-dry skin. I had been suffering with a case or perioral dermatitis which no amount of "miracle cream" or "medically perscribed cream" or "healthy eating and lifestyle" would clear up. This cream used at night combined with the Hyaluronic Moisturizer in the mornings worked wonders!
5 Gaelle
A good night cream which I really like using: the smell is nice, the texture feels great, it sinks in rapidly. A real keeper! My skin is hydrated in the morning, so it does the job. The only possible backside is that it leaves my skin shiny after application. Well, it's to wear at night, so it really doesn't matter much.
3 joanna
i have a combo skin, i'm 32, and i was disappointed with this cream. i am using it almost every evening for 2 weeks now and i can say that it moisturizes and leaves the skin soft, but also a bit greasy, although it is advertized as a non greasy night cream. i have the impression it also clogs the pores a bit. it could work for dry skin though. would not buy it again, but go for something lighter.
5 Elvire
My favorite night cream ever! It does contain lots of smoothing ingredients and moisturizes my skin without any oil like lots of other night creams. The container is quite small but you need just a tiny bit of product and it does last a really long time!
5 eleni
this smells of the seaside! it also takes a little while to sink in but is totally worth it for the results when you wake up. much lighter than most other night creams while giving the same results. this brand is a total winner!

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