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Mario Badescu Silver Powder 1oz

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Mario Badescu Silver Powder Zoom
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5 Carla
I love Mario Badescu products and knew I would love this but it has definitely exceeded my expectations! My pores have become way less visible and the product does an amazing job of banishing oils. I have dry skin and thought this would be a problem for me, however it is easy to apple a cream after and it will not effect the overall outcome. Amazing value for money!! thanks bb x
5 Manpreet
Got mine today let's see how it works !! Excited
5 Ellen
Blackheads are a huge problem for me. I've spend years and a lot of money finding a skincare routine that makes my skin glow but blackheads are the one thing I couldn't fix. I've used so many deep cleansing masks, that mostly just dry my skin without getting rid of blackheads, scrubs that make my skin sore and break out (I've got very sensitive skin), and those godawful charcoal peel masks, which do work a little but the pain and mess is honestly not worth it. I so wish I'd known about this product sooner, it's non-abrasive which is what I need and reasonably easy to use (it took me two tries to realise I need to rub it on as if it's a paste) and voila, every blackhead gone, every pore disappeared! Cannot recommend enough. And to think I've spend up to three times this amount on blackhead products! The rest of the range is equally incredible, I'm a Badescu convert.
5 Shaz
I'm very pleased with this product and very happy I've purchased it. I have blackheads on my nose and cheeks and have tried many products to get rid of them without success however this product had reduced my pores and blackheads massively. I do not use the recommended method of using cotton to apply it to my face, I use a small spatula to get the powder then place it on my palms with a little water which saves you a lot of the product. Overall will purchase this product again happily.
5 Carrie
this stuff is amazing, after one usei can feel and see a difference in the texture and removal of blak/white heads, the only thing I will say is, I used a cotton pad as I seen many suggestions on YouTube, but it wastes a lot of product and felt like the cotton pad was absorbing it, I find it easier squeeze some water off the pad and mix the solution then apply with clean ring finger to problematic areas :)
5 Jessica
Amazing! I apply a thick layer and it works wonders to my skin. I am quite oily and this compacts this problem if I use it twice a week.
5 Katie
I was a bit hestitant to try at first due to some reviews! However this product is actually incredible! I have deep blackheads and clogged pores, tried once and it got rid of 90% of them! You do have to pack on the product for it to work but it's amazing!
5 jing
me gusta mucho el producto, el funciona muy bien ,muy eficaz,se quita los pores blancos ,me voy a repetir mas, es muy recommandable
5 Magdalena
This is a miracle product! I have been trying everything to get rid of my blackheads and I felt like nothing was working! Since I love MB in general I thought I would give it a go, and oh boy am I glad I did so. Since use one I saw the results and I was staring at myself in the mirror to make sure I was not imagining it! My pored were tighter and the blackheads were almost all gone! My skin has never looked more clear
4 Clare
i find this product does not do much for my blackheads but it is amazing for battling oily skin! I suffer from relatively dry skin but recently by t zone has been super shiny and so rather than use a cotton pad i tend to mix the powder with a bit of water into a paste and place on my nose, forehead and chin and find this has done an amazing job after only 2 uses! will continue to use and perhaps apply thicker to help with my blackheads
3 Laura
Sadly, I couldn't see any effects when using this.
4 GG
The powder helps to control the oil in the T-zone and does clear blackheads about 75%. It will work better if you steam the skin first.
5 India
this is amazing! It doesn't dry out your skin at all and the first time I used this I could see a difference!! Amazing for getting rid of blackheads !!!
5 Gel
I've always had large pores but since I've hit a certain age the ones on my nose can be seen from outer space and they are full of gunge. The egg white and tissue trick does work but it's too messy and takes ages. I decided to try this.OMG it's fab! Tried the damp cotton wool ball and dab it on way for the first time and it was a bit hit and miss getting it on. The results were obvious - clean, small pores.For my second do I mixed 1/4 teaspoom with 4-5 drops of water in an egg cup and smeared on with my finger. It went on brilliantly. The results were even better.Be warned the second go did bring up deep seated gunk on the end of my nose that I couldn't resist squeezing out. I did go out with a bit of a red nose. So I say avoid using in your big night out prep unless you can resist getting any little worms out that surface.I think it'll take a few more goes to totally clean my nose up but I am so happy with the results so far - my pores are cleaner and a bit smaller after just two applications.I think the pot will last a good few months, after which I'll be buying more.
5 Crina
I bought this after months of trolling the internet reading reviews and it was the best decision I ever made.I suffer of acne and blackheads on my cheeks to the point where touching my face feels like a bumpy country side road ,for few years now and after buying every product under the sun I was starting to loose hope big time.I used this powder twice , two nights in a row, I know is only recommended twice a week but I have some big issues and want to speed up the process a bit??I am still to get the hang of putting this on my face using a cotton ball but I mix!a bit with water and apply it with a brush instead. Yes I did loose a bit and I am not finding it easy to reduce wastage , is flying everywhere as soon as you open the pot.Anyway , if you're skilled enough to get it onto your face you have to deal with the fact that as it starts drying is flaking away and then again the blooming things is flying everywhere.I take it off with a pad soaked in an astringent toner and I could immediately see that the pores on my nose and cheeks are much smaller and not black anymore, squeaky clean and all.I use the Mario Badescu Glycolic gel after so my face is a bit dry now but a good caviar cream in the morning sorts that out.I am over the moon with the product ! so ladies don't suffer in quiet anymore and try it out you won't regret it !!
4 annamei
nose and t-zone noticeably less oily and pores got smaller too! But became oily again if not used consistently
5 Roisin
I was hesitant to purchase this but as i trust this brand, i thought i would try it. First use didn't work well because i didn't apply thick enough or leave on long enough. When used again, it really worked - i was impressed! Can turn a little red which is a given as you're pushing your skin. I have used MB - drying lotion after this for killing anything left. Decent price for amount and the effectiveness, due to applications 1/2 a week.
5 Alice
Fab product. This gets really under your skin and cleans our your pores. Will definitly keep buying!!
5 Rosie
Does work!
5 Amy
This is honestly a miracle product! The first time I used it I noticed most of my blackheads were no longer there, and in combination with a pore strip it really gets everything out! A little really goes a long way as well, so it's really good value for money!
4 Cheryl
Helps clean pores - I like it.
5 Vivian
Such a great product. I use this after exfoliating with my clarisonic and almost all of the bumpy, visible blackheads on my nose and cheeks are gone, no physical extraction needed. Once a week will work wonders in keeping blackheads at bay!
5 Ida beer
I've had this product for quite a while but never really known how to use it I use to just wet the skin and pile it on and never noticed a difference and then I watched a video and applied it with a cotton wall pad/ball in a thin layer and wow! Around my nose I have the deepest pores and they were 80% gone and it's the first time I've applied it right!! My face also feels very firm and tightened, would HIGHLY recommend this to anyone!
5 Aisha
Only used the silver powder a couple of times so far and my skin already feels a lot softer and I can see a noticeable difference in the amount of blackheads on my nose and chin area. Great product, I would highly recommend this.
5 Natalie
AMAZING! My nose has virtually cleared overnight. Absolute savior for adult acne sufferers!
4 Veronique Hill
Decent product but it's a little expensive for the amount you get. Firstly, the pot was a lot smaller than I thought and you need quite a bit of product for it to actually come off on you skin so if you use it often, it will go very quickly. I've only used it three times so far and I've already used up about 1/4 of the pot. However, it's a good product in terms of removing/managing oil levels. If you have oily skin, this product is very good at getting rid of it. I have already seen improvements with my skin which is oily/combination usually but my t-zone has a lot less oil, especially around my nose. I have seen my pores get a little smaller as well since I started using the product. Overall, a good product but should get more for the price.
5 Emma
I have only tried this product for the first time today, I suffer with blackheads around my nose and cheeks and can never seem to get rid of them or prevent them. They end up turning into big red lumps which then I have no choice but to try and squeeze out leaving my face sore and red. I used this product this morning and a few hours later actually found the blackheads I had, had actually come through my skin and were practically out so I could just wipe them away!!!! Absolutely incredible product will defiantly carry on using, cant recommend enough!
5 Diana P
tengo poros obstruidos y este producto ayuda para realizar la extraccin de los puntos negros, primero aplico este producto y porltimo algn nose pack o tiritas para removerlos y funciona excelente. ya voy por mi 2 tarro.
5 Jen
Love it! Cleared up my blackheads amazingly and a pot lasts ages!
5 Jessica
So a while back I bought a ton of Mario Badescu products. This is one of my favourite! (Also the only 'mask' that didn't dry up since its powder hehe). I used it a lot and I just love how it's a powder and it really does clean the skin. My skin looks so clean and fresh after! I also use other Mario Badescu masks after. I didn't notice any pore size difference. But it's great for getting out build-up, dirt and oil.
4 Bx Lux
Bought it for my husband and he was not so impressed by the result but I definitely saw less big pores on his nose.
4 Harriet
I was a bit sceptical about this product but I'm really impressed so far. My black heads have not gone but they are a lot less noticeable and my skin is not as oily, plus my skin feels so much softer! The only down side is that it is hard to get used to when applying and is very messy! Other than that I would recommend.
4 Ariewennn
There was significant brightening, removal of excess oil and clearer pores after just one use. While it did not eliminate the stubborn blackheads I have on my nose and chin, it did draw them out to the surface which aided the peeling pore removal mask I used immediately after. For those with stubborn blackheads, try the steps I took at least once a week till clearer skin. Silver powder Apply pore strip immediately after removing silver powder with toner - More shrinking mask/splash cold water.
5 Madeleine
Finally a brand I can trust! This product does exactly what it says on the tin! After five minutes my nose was completely clear of blackheads! I seriously couldn't believe it so I tried to squeeze my nose as I usually do and NOTHING came out! It was all gone! I'm sure blackheads will build up again pretty soon but with constant toning it should be minimal. And who cares anyway when there is a sure way to remove them in ten minutes! Thank you MB!
3 Stacey
I could tell a difference with my skin texture after using it, felt more even and soft, do not leave on longer than 10 mins as it does dry the skin out. My pores were smaller but it hasn't removed any of my blackheads and my skin isn't noticeably better after prolonged use seems to go back to the same way the next day
4 Lisa
Not sure if it's the way I'm using it, but as soon as it dries after application (which only takes 2min), the powder just falls off, like heavy snowing with every breath or movement I make. It gets so messy, and I'm definitely breathing it in... hope it doesn't affect my health.... It says to keep it on for 10min, but i can never hold it on for that long! As for its affects, my pores are still the same size after about 5 uses, but I do notice less oiliness the next day.
5 Anna
Soothe and calm redness and inflammation cause by acne, remove excess of oil and clear out my pores very well. It works for me. Use regularly once a week and you will notice blackheads will be gone !
5 Inna
For the first time in my life I actually receive compliments on my skin's condition! My face is noticeably clearer and brighter, my usually enlarged pores are kept clear and tight. Great product, reasonable price.
4 Athena
It definitely shrank my pores 100% and reduced (not eliminated though) my nose blackheads. The redness around my nose was also gone after use. Good product.
5 Lauren
Add this to your bag right now, you need it in your life. I had majorly clogged pores and blackheads after switching moisturisers a few months ago and couldn't move them. I ordered this about 2 weeks ago, using it every second day and the difference is incredible. I can't stop looking at my nose. The blackheads are almost all gone and my pores are noticeably smaller. I didn't notice a difference straight away as some other people have so don't be dismayed if you don't get immediate results.
5 Hish
I ordered this and i have to say that I LOVE it! I'm Asian, i have oily skin,this really does help tighten pore, get rid of blackheads. After using it a couple of times, i noticed that the blackheads on my neck had actually come out more, and now they've reduced almost gone! This product can probably be used for ages too. Theres so much of it!
4 Gisela
This is GREAT for those with big pores, I can definitely see a difference before and after using it
5 Corinne
This is seriously a miracle worker! Gets rid of blackheads in no time!
5 Beatriz Maria
I love this product. It does a really good job at taking blackheads away. I apply it after shower because the pores are open and it's great!! My sister loves it too. SPANISH: Tanto a mi hermana como a mi nos encanta este producto. Por ahora es lo único que conozco que quite los puntos negros excepto una estecien, fantástico. Lo aplico después de la ducha de modo que los poros estén abiertos, y el resultado es genial.
5 Mart
I have a lot of blackheads on my nose, and this is the only product that make them disappears!
5 Karla Turner
Excellent for blackheads.
5 Liliana
Does what is promises!
1 Tatiana
It does whiten your skin as well as blackheads. It cleanses your pores in no way.
5 Sophie
Absolutely brilliant for removing blackheads and oily patches on the skin, I use twice as week as part of my skincare routine.
5 Alex
Like some other said, combined with a good skincare routine, this product does a really good job. Its exfoliate and make my skin really smooth without ever iritating. I have combination skin, use it 2times a week, and my skin has never been so blemish and oil free. Would def buy it again
5 Racheljit Kaur
Amazing product! I apply it on my nose to clean my pores, as a spot treatment for fast results & even as a full mask. No regrets!
5 Emma S
Really fantastic product. I have combination skin very prone to acne and although this product hasn't stopped the spots, it definitely makes the skin smoother, lighter and spots appear less red and angry. In terms of blackheads this mask definitely makes them look smaller but it doesn't get rid of them completely. Think of this mask drawing out impurities over time if you use it regularly. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone with oily/spot prone skin!
4 Sophie
Perfect for a quick fix and didn't irritate me but combine with a good skincare regimen, helps blackheads go away.
5 Amy
Removes all traces of oil from my skin,tightens pores and reduces the appearance of blackheads. Reasonable price for such an amazing product
4 Stephanie
Great product, really tightens your skin and you can feel the effect immediately! Bit of a pain to get off, however I will look at using a different toner next time round, even a cleanser like others have said. Really lifts the blackheads, even the stubborn ones. Found that it didn't remove the stubborn ones, however with an extraction tool they popped right on out after I had removed the powder! Definitely a good purchase!
5 kate
Great product! I have noticed dramatic difference after applying the product for the first time. My pores looked clear and lots of blackheads disappeared. Definitely a must have for me
4 Raquel M.
This product was a nice surprise... I've never been on good terms with the brand but I decided to try it anyway. It's like a mask that you remove with your toner... It will dissolve the blackheads on your nose very quickly (but mine do grow back, so continuous use is best). As to the most stubborn blackheads and all the whiteheads, it might not do its job very well at first, but if you use it regularly, they will get smaller and smaller until they disappear.For the price, it's worth it, I think everyone should give it a try!
2 Stela M. Z.
It dosn't work on black heads. It just leaves your skin reaally smoth and you can notice the difference. But just that. No diference on the blackheads, white heads or pimples.
4 Jessica
This stuff really worked for me! I have only used it a few times but it really tightens my pores and diminishes the look of blackheads. And it has made my skin super smooth and silky. It certainly hasn't gotten rid of all of my blackheads, but it helps far more than any other product I've tried, and at a great price too! Definitely a product you need to stick with and use twice a week to see results. A pain to get off, but worth it.
5 amanda
Wow, a product i wouldn't be without. My make up no longer slides off my face. It does what it says, tightens skin, eliminates oil and evens skin tone. My daughter said it looked like i'd had a chemical peel and had fresh new skin!
3 Echo
It works, but not very well. It can't clean white and blackheads entirely. And it is too dry for me.
3 Sonia Lin
when this product will be back in stock? have been waiting for weeks~:(
1 Live
This hasn't worked at all for me. :( I have used it for a few months now, twice a week, and I can't see any noticeable difference in the size of my enlarged pores. What's worse, it actually causes me to break out in acne-like pimples. D: All of the MB products I've tried does this to my skin. I suppose this is another brand that works for everyone but me...
5 elena
Amazing!it really works!I just love it and I can't leave with out it!!!
5 Ioana
One of the best product I've ever used for skin care. It makes your pores smaller and cleans your blackheads, leaving you with a perfect complexion.
5 sarah
This product is amazing - it's the only product I've ever used which actually gets rid of blackheads. The effect is immediate too!
5 serra
I've been using this for a couple of weeks now and works for me! Visibly reduced white and blackheads. It is indeed hard to clean, perhaps need a better toner. I use the cheap one I abandoned a while ago. Worth the money. Just use once a week and see the improvement. I suppose though it wouldn't be a permanent solution.
5 Holly
Amazing product! It works really well at cleaning out your pores to get the the stuff underneath! I feel like it would work 110% if you combined it with steam and an extraction tool. On it's own however it works wonders, almost took away all my blackheads from my chin which i've never been able to get rid of! =] + will last FOREVER!
5 Mimi
You will not see an immediate effect of this, and you might think, bah it doesn't work. It did gave me a wow factor to see my pores shrink. I have been using this powder for 2 months now and it has cleared up my pores wonderfully. This little jar will last a long time and works out far cheaper then using strips and much kinder to your skin too.
4 Laura
Makes a bit of a mess and takes a bit of getting used to but when you do it really works! I now dont have any blackheads on my nose or cheeks :)
1 Stephanie
I did not like the product at all. I saw absolutly no difference on my blackheads. Moreover, the powder is not easy to use and very hard to remove !
5 Rebecca H
As a non-secular skin sceptic I have to admit this is a godsend!I have no issue removing it, I thoroughly recommend taking off with toner and cotton wool a la the suggestions on the pot!,Anyway, as well as minimising visible blackheads (after 2 uses!)milia and deep whiteheads are also coming out easily! Vile, I know but better out than in,eh?!Loving it!
4 Nicole
I am using it for several weeks now - the effects don't last long, so it's good to use before you are going out - pores will look tight and clear. the best thing is to wash it off after 10 min with a face srub.
4 Georgie Cassidy
I like the effect that this powder has, although I agree with others its a pain to remove! I use it in the bath so it doesn't go everywhere when it dries, then remove with water first followed by toner. Works better than pore strips for me.
1 miu
I have normal/dry skin and the pores are not big just some blackheads on my nose. I have been using the powder several times now, but can't really see big difference. It's so hard to take off too. I will try something else after finish this bottle.
5 James
definitely one of the best pore cleaners i've come across (and i've been through alot) there's alot of powder in the tub to last for a long time, and it does really clean stubborn pores but unfortunately the effects don't last so you have to use it regularly, but still a really good product, much better and safer than nose strips.
3 abe
not as good as the other products but still works really well.
5 emilia
I like it, you can mix to the consistency to what you like the best .. it actually helps to shrink pores, when mine is empty I'll buy a new one!
5 Nicole R
I think this product is fab! I've always had problems with stupidly large pores on my nose and this is the only product that keeps my pores consistently clean. I use this product 2-3 times per week and I've noticed a big difference in my skin. I'm really impressed because I'm actually alot happier with how my pores are now. Definite re-purchase.
5 Egle
I agree that it is not easy to take it off with just a toner; a cleanser works better. It's a nice product to keep your pores and blackheads as small as possible.
4 Kathiza
After using it several times, I have to correct my review a little bit. I still think it's a great product, BUT: It does not work wonders. Blackheads disappear right after use, but they come back within 12 hours. So it's great before a big event. And maybe long-term use shows long(er)-term results too.
5 Kathiza
Incredible! I just used it for the first time and the result is amazing. This powder literally made all my blackheads disappear. I'm not one who believes in cosmetic miracles, but this powder is really great. I can't wait to see long-term results and how long it takes until the blackheads come back. But after the first use I totally recommend this product!
5 Tash C
I have some pretty big pores on my nose, so I was excited to hear about this. I've been using this for a few weeks now and I'm really pleased- my pores do shrink after use and for a while after. I find it tough to get off with toner alone as it recommends, but also find that using a nose pore strip after removing most of it gives even better results.
5 Caroline L
I bought this a couple of months ago and I was really impressed with the results. You apply the powder with a warm, wet cotton ball and apply on your pores, leave for 10 minutes, and take it off with a cleanser. It's a really good product to tighten your skin too.

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